Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 739

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Chapter 739: Bell Rings

In the palace.

The little White Moon is wearing a beautiful dress that fits her body perfectly.

Unlike the black wedding dress used to block the influence of the sun in the past, White Moon's wedding dress is pure white, with only a dark red gem inlaid on her chest.

The skirt is slightly opened, and White Moon's body is wrapped by layers of lace, making her look like a fairy from a fairy tale.

"Princess, you must be the most beautiful bride in the world today." The palace official made heartfelt praise.

Prince, it seems that I can understand why you are fascinated by her. She is like a fairy.

"Haha, my little sister is so beautiful." Wearing a slightly smaller dress, only the ornament on the chest was replaced by a silver gemstone, Mumu was joy around White Moon like a wagging little puppy.

"Um... I like this dress." The young Queen of Assyria looked at her white wedding dress with longing eyes.

She looks forward to the wedding with the prince, and the moment when the prince takes off the wedding dress by himself.

With the help of Mumu, she graduated with full marks from the lessons called the wedding.

She has practiced everything with Mumu. What she should do, what she should endure, and what she should face on the wedding night... she has known everything.

Today is the day when she put the knowledge to use.




Seventy-two consecutive cannons exploded in the sky, and the king's bell rang loudly.

It was the bell of blessing, the wedding bell that would ring only once in one king's life.

The bells echoed, and through the set sequence, they passed from the palace to the farthest border of the kingdom.

In the light of dawn, almost all the people of the kingdom knew the sacred news.

Their prince, who has grown up, is about to marry the legendary beautiful bride, ascend his throne and become the strongest knight to guard the kingdom.

Today, he will be the strongest king.

On the bell tower, Yun Xi put down the hammer of the bell, took a deep breath, and his eyes became stable.

The wedding is about to start.

In the residence of the Starwing Knights, the eyes of the girl knights were burning with flames.

"The wedding is about to begin."

In the palace, White Moon combed her long, soft hair and smiled happily.

"To get married? It's like a dream!"

The two Zakas stood in the crowded street, looking at the cannon shots exploding in the sky with different expressions.

"Humph, it's just a marriage. Three days later, it will be a funeral." Desert Dragon Zaka is in a bad mood.

"That's right. This kingdom is ours. The prince will have to count down for his life when he becomes king." Ice Dragon Zaka put her white fingertips on her lips and blew a chilling wind of ice and snow, which lowered the temperature of the whole street by ten degrees.

In the distant Forgotten Ruins.

In the cold underground lake.

The bloody adult queen wearing a white wedding dress.

The young queen who slept on the huge stupid spider's web, intoxicated with happiness.

The blood moon is hanging high.

The dawn is coming.

"Ka ra! Ka ra!" A pumpkin-shaped carriage drives into the gate of the royal palace. Green gems are engraved on the rolling body. The whole frame is composed of green vines. The closed pumpkin shell slowly opens to reveal the seats inside.

"Let's go." Yun Xi reaches out to his young bride and smiles at her, who is a little shy and uneasy.

"Um." White Moon bowed her head and let Yun Xi take her to the pumpkin carriage.

The carriage is one of the heritages that the current kingdom inherited from Assyria, and a magic treasure that every generation of king and queen will use when they marry.

It wasn't someone else who made the pumpkin carriage. It was the Queen of Assyria herself.

It was a pure handmade carriage that she imagined in her teenage fantasy. She was eager to go dancing with the prince in a carriage full of fairy tales.

Although the appearance is a carriage, it doesn't need a horse to pull it, but it is driven by the strange magic spirits in the shape of the pumpkin.

This is a magical creation that can freely drive on the earth, sea, and desert.

"Wow, what a lovely carriage!" Mumu, as the bridesmaid, followed White Moon and jumped into the pumpkin carriage. She curiously touched left and right.

"Mumu, don't be naughty." Yun Xi gently knocks on Mumu's small head with a gentle look.

Bridesmaid, it's something that has never happened to a king's wedding in the past. Because of the special identity of the Queen, she can't let others get too close to her.

In the past, the young queen could only use the poor puppets, put on the airtight black wedding dress and veil that no one could see her face clearly, and sat in the pumpkin carriage with the king to watch the crowd around.

No one knows what the queen looks like, and no one can really contact her. That's the secret of the king and the Queen of Assyria.

Only this time, the Queen of Assyria did not need any props to hide her true face.

She can walk in the sunshine, show her true appearance, and enjoy all the blessings and praise.

All the people who saw the appearance of the young queen, whether they were knights from afar or servants who had been working in the royal palace for a long time, could not help but exclaim.

"What a beautiful bride."

"The prince is so happy to marry such a bride."

"God, bless the couple. Bless them."

"The queen is really a peerless little beauty."

The queen had also received numerous such praises, but none of them is more sincere than at this moment.

"Thank you..." Holding Yun Xi's hand, the little bride lowers her head and feels her heart beating faster and faster.

"That's what I should do." It's the obligation of the engagement person to send the most perfect puppet to his bride. Yun Xi doesn't feel that he has done anything shocking.

It's just a little gift from a boy to a girl.

In the crowd, in addition to praise, there are other thoughts.

"The prince used to like this type."

"Oh, my daughter has just turned 12 this year. The prince may like her."

"No, after today, we shouldn't call him 'prince'. It's his majesty."

"Then, my nine-year-old daughter seems to have hope too..."

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