Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 738

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Chapter 738: Dawn of Terror (5)

On the tower, the dawn between the prince and the augur is sweet and hot.

In the Starwing Knights, the dawn belonging to the young knights is vigorous, symbolizing the arrival of a revolution.

In the forgotten ruins away from the crowd, or even forgotten by people, the dawn has not yet arrived.

Wearing a white wedding dress, the queen held the wedding bouquet in her hand, standing quietly in the Forgotten Ruins.

In the underground lake, the young Queen of Assyria sleeps on the throne of the giant stupid spider with a sweet smile.

They are all waiting for a certain moment.

Blood moon, hanging on the two one Queen of Assyria, as always exudes a palpitating breath.




The whispers of the ancient gods echoed in the ears of the two Assyria queens. The young Queen of Assyria who was immersed in happiness completely ignored these whispers.

On behalf of "happiness", she is choosing a new path, and she is gaining her own hope.

In contrast, the queen standing under the blood moon was unable to leave the Forgotten Ruins. She had more and more vivid bloodstains on her abdomen. The time that had been frozen is coming back to her.

Even the original silent Forgotten Ruins was also changed little by little.

The old ruins began to emerge.

It is a memory that has long been lost in the long river of time. The remains of this great kingdom once carved brilliance.

The memory that has long disappeared in the dust of history is recovering.

The first mural depicts the birth of the queen.

The priests in golden robes sprinkled the golden gravel for the queen, and the ancient rituals of Assyria detected her unprecedented magic bloodline with a wild smile.

The former queen gently stroked her child, placed the crown on her, which represented the successor of the Queen of Assyria, and announced that the child of Assyria's destiny had come to the world.

The second mural depicts the queen's girlhood.

The princess who had just grown up to half of her mother's height had been able to suspend herself with her huge magic power. She was surrounded by spirits of fire and ice and snow, which symbolizes that she is the darling of the elements of the world.

The queen who had begun to grow old looked at the princess with doting eyes, and her spirit deteriorated day by day.

Compared with the vigorous princess, the queen, like the sunset, had gone to the last time of her life.

In the third mural, the princess finally inherited the throne of the queen, took the crown representing the queen, held the magic wand of seven colors, and vowed to all ancestors to lead the kingdom of Assyria to glory.

Beside her, there wasn't the old queen, only knights kneeling in front of her and swearing allegiance to her.

They looked at the queen with enthusiasm as if there were burning flames in their eyes.

The priests in golden robes stood beside the queen and showed some unusual expressions for some unknown reason.

In the fourth mural, the queen became the most dazzling light. The Knights united with her as the center, cleared all the obstacles of the mainland, and really completed the great cause of unifying the mainland.

Even the mighty dragon made an agreement with the queen to leave the continent.

This is the most glorious age of the kingdom of Assyria. The millennium queen is invincible. People firmly believed that the queen is the embodiment of the goddess of victory. Under her leadership, the prosperity of the kingdom will continue forever.

The priests in golden robes looked at the greatest queen with complicated eyes. For some reason, there are bloodstains on their robes. Something invisible seems to be born quietly.

In the fifth mural, the queen showed a sad expression. She had trouble.

One by one, the knights rushed to raise their swords and shields to show the queen their strength.

The princes from the desert tribe sent the most precious animals and treasures just to meet the queen.

A young priest wearing a golden robe, but with bloodstained traces behind him, boldly sent the scepter of divine power to the queen and said something to the queen.

In the end, the queen shook her head and refused everyone.

The lover she wants is not any of them.

The most loyal knight, the richest desert prince, and the most intelligent genius priest were not chosen by her to become her lover.

In the sixth mural, the blood moon comes.

The priests in golden robes went mad one after another.

The chief priest, holding the sacred scepter, laughed as his beard turned into twisted tentacles and his face into an octopus.

The millennium queen turned the wand in her hand into a seven color dagger, killing the once-powerful priests one by one.

The scarlet blood stained the queen's robe and mingled with the blood around her eyes.

The bloody queen killed all the fallen knights who betrayed her and the priests who became monsters, but could not change the fate of Assyria.

The once prosperous city has become a piece of ruins, full of sacrificed corpses, as well as unknown creatures born from the corpses.

Under the blood moon, no one lives forever.

The queen desperately grasped her broken sword and ran through her belly.

There, a newborn baby is slowly opening her eyes, showing deep and dark eyes.

The giant stupid spider falls from the blood moon, guarding the bloody queen, the witch chosen by the ancient gods.

She who gazes at the abyss is also gazed at by the abyss.

In the endless killing and blood, the queen who lost everything eventually became a part of the blood moon and put on the wedding dress with countless blood.

The Queen's wedding, not to marry anyone, but a symbol of the Queen's fall in the blood moon.

The ancient king city has become a ruin. The living creatures who died in the city can't rest in peace. They transformed into monsters who looked like black swords and axes, wandering in the ruins where they used to live.

The millennium queen fell into an eternal sleep, but she was not dead. As the years passed, even death seemed to disappear under the light of the blood moon.

Until this dawn.

The sun is coming.

Even if she can't see the sun rising from the horizon, the millennium queen standing under the blood moon still stares at the far east.

There is a wedding going on there.

The dawn is coming.

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