Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 737

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Chapter 737: Dawn of Terror (4)

"No way!" Ling Ling was the first to raise her hand and shout out.

"Don't let the prince marry her!"

The fool's action power is the fastest indeed. Mei Lan thinks the impulse of Ling Ling is so lovely for the first time.

"Yes, in my judgment, it is not right to marry the queen." Now that Ling Ling had said so, Mei Lan had immediately made the same speech.





There are first, second, third, fourth... in the end, almost all the members of the Starwing Knights raised their hands.

This is probably the fastest and most orderly meeting of all the meetings of the Starwing Knights.

"I know how you feel." Hua Yue took a deep breath, and her white cheeks even glowed a little red.

Everything is worth it. She never thought that there was such a big secret in the Queen's identity.

This secret has been hidden for thousands of years. Even if someone occasionally finds out about it, it has never been revealed.

Including the king's lovers who finally cracked the queen's secret, no one has ever told the secret to others, only leaving the truth in their most secret diary.

For the queen is the king's choice and the king's agreement.

Thousands of years later, the nonexistent queen has become a part of the kingdom.

They can't reveal the secret, let the king lose his reputation, let people know that there is such a dark side to the wise and great king in their eyes.

Even if they knew the secret, they had no power to change their fate.

No one forced the king to marry the queen. Every generation of the kings voluntarily performed the oath with the Queen of Assyria, and was finally swallowed up by the ancient god.

As lovers of the kings, they can't stop the secret agreement between the kings and the Queen of Assyria. The only thing they can do is try to bear the king's children and continue the bloodline of their loved ones.

This is their only salvation.

Because they love the king so much, they can't say even if they know that the king will fulfill the promise of death.

Besides, apart from this secret agreement with the Queen of Assyria, the kings have never made any mistakes because of their selfish desires, have they?

In the eyes of all people, including those who love them, they are all great kings and heroes of this kingdom.

Perfect heroes don't exist in the world. Even if they have such a secret, they are still outstanding kings, aren't they?

Silently guard the secrets of their loved ones, and take them to the grave. It's also their duty as lovers of the king.

After discovering the secret, they would even prefer the king born with a tragic fate, guarded him like their own children, and watched him to the end.

If in the end, their loved ones will only become tragic heroes, then at least they can help them continue their family's bloodline.

If you can, it's better to have more children.

This is their tenderness to the one they love.

However, Hua Yue does not recognize such gentleness, let alone such a fate.

"Everyone, can you watch the prince die?" Hua Yue has never felt what a great mission she has undertaken.


"Absolutely not!"

"We're going to stop him!"

The answer of the Starwing Knights is exactly the voice of Hua Yue.

That kind of fate should be abandoned!

Why did the Starwing Knights gather around the prince?

They are all looking forward to falling in love with the prince, and developing a hot, intimate relationship with the prince.

Yes, just like those lovers who write down diaries and give birth to children for their king.

But the girls of the Starwing Knights were decidedly different from these lovers of the king.

The Starwing Knights are not weak aristocratic girls. They are the most powerful knights in the kingdom with steel discipline and tactical ability. They are super armed groups that dare to fight against the dragon.

Anyone of them has the potential to be a hero!

They are all the elites among the elites. They are all gifted talents.

Before they joined the Starwing Knights, they all had absolute confidence in their own strength.

The Starwing Knights, from the day of its official establishment, are knights belonging to the prince alone. They are his sword, his shield, and his steel, Knights only obeying his orders.

"Remember the oath to join the Starwing Knights?" Hua Yue put her right hand in her heart and repeated the vows that every girl who joined the Starwing Knights would make:

"No matter where the prince is, I will be with him."

"Where the prince's sword points is our battlefield."

"We don't need to ask who the enemy is, we just need to ask where the enemy is."

"The Starwing Knights fights for the prince!"

The voice of Hua Yue is getting louder and firmer.

"The Starwing Knights fights for the prince!" Xiao Cao pulls out her god weapon and takes an oath.

"The Starwing Knights fights for the prince!" Ling Ling holds up his full chest and vows bravely.

"The Starwing Knights fights for the prince!" Mei Lan bites her lips.

"The Starwing Knights fights for the prince!"

"The Starwing Knights fights for the prince!"

"The Starwing Knights fights for the prince!"

One voice after another joined in, like a stream converging together, becoming a mighty river, and finally becoming an unstoppable wave, echoing in the residence of the Starwing Knights.

Yes, we will not succumb to such fate!

We want to change the outcome of this tragedy, we want to save the people we love.

No matter what the cost is, even if it's to launch a rebellion, we will not hesitate!

Don't sacrifice the prince's life for peace!

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