Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 729

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Chapter 729: The Star of the Sand

"No, I can't control it!" Yun Xi was relieved to see Desert Dragon Zaka come on stage.

Xiao Cao can't take this attack at any rate now. Her growth speed is really extraordinary, but this one is from Starwings.

He even felt that his sword could raze the whole city to the ground.

He had completely lost control of Starwings.

If this is the power accumulated from his own cultivation, there is no such problem naturally. Even the Battle God's Seed will naturally stop after reaching a certain limit.

But Starwings is different.

The power that this sword summons easily exceeds the limit that Yun Xi can control.

At this moment, Yun Xi even has an illusion that his body has become a little sun.

All the time, his body radiated high temperature, and even the stone slabs of the arena began to melt.

"What a comfortable temperature." Zaka stood comfortably in the arena which was almost to become a lava pool. She smiled happily at Yun Xi.

In her hand, the spiral blade had begun to rotate and accelerate, and even the clouds in the sky had been stirred.

The decisive battle, without any omen or notice to anyone, came so suddenly.

The so-called rules of the Championship Knight Competition have become a joke.

"Evacuate, evacuate!"

"If you don't want to die, all people who haven't reached the hero rank leave the arena!"

Watching the speed of the collapse of the magic shield of the arena, the captains of the Kingdom Knights roared wildly.

In fact, when Yun Xi's figure almost completely disappeared in the burning light and the whole arena began to melt, the audience had already fled.

No matter how good the duel is, they need to be alive to watch it.

Just like those knights said, people who don't reach the hero rank don't even have the qualification to see the battle at this level.

Now, everyone is worried about whether this battle will blow up the whole city.

"Come for me, hot Star of the Sand." Desert Dragon Zaka proudly raised the god weapon in her hand. The spiral blade summoned endless gravel and brought the desert storm.

These endless sands are entangled and compressed together to form a large sphere, which looks like a small planet.

Compared with the sandstorm summoned by Zaka's real body, this is more real and closer to the attitude of the planet.

If the sandstorm was just a large-scale strategic weapon formed by gathering numerous sands together, then the aggregate of sands is closer to the essence of "rules".

This is the ultimate weapon that Desert Dragon Zaka summoned with her god weapon, "Star of the Sand". Even the name of her god weapon is closely related to it.

The hot sand star, the incarnation of the god weapon field, which will bring endless pressure when it comes to the world. Its weight is more than hundreds of millions of tons. If it was smashed down, the sky of the entire continent would be covered by dust.

No flesh and blood can directly resist the power of this planet falling, which is also the strongest god weapon held by Desert Dragon Zaka!

As the earliest born, Desert Dragon Zaka has the weakest power, but also, she has been compensated for by her god weapon. Her Star of the Sand is the only super god weapon among the four god weapons held by the four sisters.

Yun Xi is worried about the control of Starwings, while Zaka has no such problem at all, because she won't control the Star of the Sand at all.

"Take it!"


"This is the last test!"

The eyes of Desert Dragon Zaka were shining. Yun Xi showed his strongest, Starwings and his unparalleled strength, so she naturally has to show the highest level of test to prove her mind.

Propose and be proposed.

Love and be loved.

This is the battle to decide who will take the initiative in passionate love.

The rules of the Championship Knight Competition were forgotten by Desert Dragon Zaka.

From the moment Yun Xi pulled out Starwings and showed his strongest side, Desert Dragon Zaka was so moved that she had long forgotten the original purpose of making a big kill in the city.

What prince? Get out of the way.

Now, it's time to propose and test. It's time to follow the dragon's love rules, show each other their strongest side, and reach a tacit agreement.

"Good!" Yun Xi didn't know what Desert Dragon Zaka was talking about at all, but when he saw the Star of the Sand, his eyes suddenly brightened.

There's a goal!

At least, if I take this as the object of attack, it will not cause too much damage to the royal city.

If Desert Dragon Zaka hadn't jumped out to do this, he would have made an unforgivable mistake.

Who would have thought that using the Sky Flying Sword would cause such a disaster!

This sword is absolutely enough to burn the whole city.

The flame of the wings of the sun is not for killing, but for the real doomsday.

The power of Starwings is a hundred times more terrible than his imagination!

He really belittled this sword, which represents the god sword among the three swords in the "future" world line.

The golden wings spread freely behind Yun Xi, and the whole arena ground has evaporated, leaving only a crater.

"I'm not going to be lenient." With her feet on the hot Star of the Sand, Zaka said haughtily.

Maybe in a one-on-one battle, she is not the rival of her three unborn sisters, but in the most simple "destruction", she deserves the name of the dragon that ravages the mainland.

Among the four sisters, she is the only Zaka who holds the "world-against" god weapon, she is the great Desert Dragon Zaka!

The wings behind Yun Xi suddenly shrank back, and endless solar wind particles began to emerge crazily.

Next second, in Yun Xi's vision, there are only endless golden-red flames.

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