Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 730

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Chapter 730: The Destruction of the Star of the Sand

This is not the power Yun Xi, who has not reached the hero rank, should use.

The sunwalker is a legend ranked creature at the top of the starry sky.

Every sunwalker has the power to incarnate as the sun, to shine and destroy everything.

Now, Yun Xi is experiencing the taste of becoming a light furnace.

The power that could not be used by him at this stage came directly to him through the Starwings.

Yun Xi can only force himself to adapt to and accept this power by using the drawings of the light furnace in his mind; although he didn't know whether it is correct or not.

It has to be said that the gift left by Princess Golden Sun Crow played a crucial role at this time.

It's because of the light furnace forged with Princess Golden Sun Crow that Yun Xi didn't burn himself when he summoned the wings of the sun.

"I'm a light furnace!"

"I'm a light furnace!"

"I'm a light furnace!"

With this seemingly unreliable but unexpectedly useful self-hypnosis, Yun Xi wasn't lost in the fire of the sun brought by the wings of the sun.

This time, it is different from the battle with the Princess Golden Sun Crow. There is no golden sun crow as the core controller for Yun Xi. He can only pretend to be the light furnace, so that the coming of the wings of the sun does not turn into a disaster that destroys the whole kingdom.

Yun Xi never thought that Starwings, that he had prepared to use to defeat the dragon, was more dangerous than the dragon who had not actually appeared.

It's just the weakest and youngest pair of wings in the Starwings!

What would it be like if all the wings appeared from Starwings?

He can't imagine what it would be like. It's too far away for the boy who was the owner of the bakery not long ago.

It's like letting a young man who is still learning "Nine Chapters of Arithmetic" and "Geometric Principles" design a Quantum Computer. It's too unrealistic!

All the people in the city saw that horrible scene on this day.

With a diameter of more than one kilometer, an object suspected of meteorites appears in the sky without warning. A few people who are close to the arena and have good eyesight can even see the figure on it.

In the next second, countless golden red particles rose from the earth and formed a light column that ran through the sky and the earth.

It's Yun Xi's Starwings, the sword of the sun that comes out of the wings of the sun.

Hundreds of millions of light and fire spirits danced between heaven and the earth, letting the elf on the ground hold his heart, showing the expression of intoxication.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!" Oh, the "meteorite" weighs hundreds of millions of tons, Desert Dragon Zaka tightly holds the sword.

Now, more than anyone else, she can clearly feel how much earth-shaking power has been released from the wings of Yun Xi and the god sword.

Over a million degrees! It not only melts the ground directly, but also causes the plasma phenomenon.

If she hadn't pulled out the Star of the Sand and shielded the surrounding area with the desert field, the high temperature would have burned the whole city to ashes.

Such power... it's a weapon to destroy the world!

Yun Xi couldn't control the power of the sun's wings well. He just compressed the flame of the wings in one direction and had done his best.

The high temperature of more than a million degrees can burn through the whole crust in an instant, and even make the earth's core boil.

The sun lightsaber condensed at this temperature bombards the meteorite, which makes the whole hot meteorite melt and evaporate in a few seconds.

If it wasn't for the Star of the Sand to continuously provide the energy to repair the melted part of the meteorite, in a moment, the meteorite which could destroy the world would have been destroyed.

Even so, the meteorite weighing over hundreds of millions of tons was shivering in this endless solar storm.

How can the Star of the Sand be compared with the power of the sun?!

In the fifth second, the smile on Zaka's face turned to amazement.

No, this power is extraordinary!

In the seventh second, Zaka's clothes began to burn, and soon exposed her healthy skin.

The 10th second, the whole meteorite began to enter the countdown of its destruction.


In less than 15 seconds, the whole meteorite disintegrated in the endless solar storm.

"Whoa, whoa!"

With a diameter of more than one kilometer, only a core less than 10 meters was left to Desert Dragon Zaka, and then was blown away to the sky by the sunlight stream.

From the time Yun Xi drew out the sword, to the collapse of the meteorite, it only took about 13 seconds.

In the short time of 13 seconds, the temperature over the whole continent has risen by more than 10 degrees. The golden-red track even extended beyond the atmosphere.

On the ground, Yun Xi carefully put down Starwings and scrunched his face.

There had never been such a victory, which made Yun Xi so frightened.

If it wasn't for Zaka, who had launched an unknown field around here that constrained the power of the wings of the sun.

In addition, the meteorite she summoned consumed more than half of the power of the solar light flow.

Yun Xi was afraid that he wouldn't have to wait for the dragon to come. He would have eliminated his own kingdom in advance.

The power of Starwings is so terrifying.

"Crap." This is the first time Yun Xi really felt how terrible Starwings was.

Is this the sword that represents "the future", really the god weapon he can forge?

Is there something wrong with this sword? It's terrible!

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