Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 728

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Chapter 728: Out of Control

Yun Xi underestimated the Starwings sword and the Sky Flying Sword.

The Sky Flying Sword itself is a god sword skill that allows ordinary swordsmen to kill a hero ranked powerful monster.

Starwings is the future sword among the three strongest swords in the memory of stars, forging by using countless precious treasures and even gods and demons' lives.

The first time Yun Xi used Starwings, he only swung the sword and forever ended the sin of the degenerated king, who obtained part of the power of ancient gods.

The second time the Starwings was used, it was against the dragon that was ravaging the mainland. He only used a brandish and then the dragon scale was broken through, which was hard enough to block the attack of forbidden spells.

However, Yun Xi had never tried to perform the Sky Flying Sword with Starwings.

The Sky Flying Sword is not just a god sword skill that literally allows people to fly in the sky.

The Sky Flying Sword symbolizes infinite freedom, which is not bound by all rules.

When Yun Xi summoned the Starwings for the third time, and used the Sky Flying Sword, the strongest god sword in the "future" of the stars' memory finally showed its true power.

Now, he was using the second ability of the Starwings, a basic ability developed by the Sky Flying Sword.

Really, it's not a special power at all. It's the ability to use as long as it's a sword and is performed by a qualified swordsman.

It's just a little stronger than the most basic "normal attack" and a little more time-consuming, which is known as "charge attack".

Whether it's swordsmen, knights, or other professions using swords, charge attack is a required combat skill. It's a general skill to use more time and concentration to attack.

The problem is that the Starwings's "charge" and Yun Xi's understanding of "charge" are not the same concept at all!

He just held the Starwings in his hands, concentrated, and found out in horror that things were out of control!

A pair of giant golden wings appeared behind Yun Xi without any omen, which is exactly the law represented by the wings closest to Yun Xi, a kind of extremely hot power that seems to burn through heaven and earth.

Yun Xi just felt this power not long ago.

This is a unique attribute of the Sunwalker.

The sun burns and shines on everything.

The sun brings glory and destruction!

Of all the stars, the sun gives birth to the most life and destroys the most life!

The golden wings that emerge behind Yun Xi are a pair of true wings of the sun. Because the owner of the wings is the weakest and the closest to Yun Xi, they become the first pair of wings that come to the Starwings.

Normally, it is impossible for Yun Xi to let the two wings come at this stage.

It's the Sky Flying Sword that opens the forbidden door.

The Sky Flying Sword can break all the shackles and obtain unlimited freedom. It lifted the restrictions of Starwings, calling the golden wings of the sun to Yun Xi.

This series of accidents eventually formed an irreversible chain reaction, which showed a pair of wings in Starwings in advance.

The problem is, for Yun Xi, who has not even reached the hero rank, the wings are too powerful!

Hot, hot! Yun Xi never felt his blood so boiling, just like the hot magma in the volcano.

Xiao Cao is no longer in the arena. The light wings directly blew her out.

The golden wings, even if they are just projections, are beyond the limit that Xiao Cao can bear now. It was as easy as breathing to blow her body away.

"Well, is that your real strength, Shaheen?" At this time, only Zaka dared to jump into the arena.

The more power Yun Xi shows, the happier she is.

In the dragon race, if the male dragon can show the overwhelming power to the female dragon, it will definitely be a big bonus for the male dragon.

Two hundred points! Zaka didn't hesitate to give Yun Xi her score.

Some people can score 100 in the exam, that's because their limit is only 100.

Some people get 100 points because the limit of this exam is only 100 points. ,

Take the Sky Flying Sword as the key, summon the wings of the sun, there is no doubt that in the exam of a "proposal to Zaka", Yun Xi has obtained the super score that satisfies Zaka by 200%.

"Go away I... I can't stop...... " Big drops of sweat fell from Yun Xi's forehead.

Countless beautiful golden red elves were cheering, dancing, and laughing around him.

They are the spirits of light and fire, the only fantastic creatures that can survive beside the sunwalker. Where the sunwalker goes, the earth will melt, the sky will burn, and everything will collapse in the endless fire of the sun.

No, it's not a delusion, it's something that's going to happen.

What the sunwalker bears is such a lonely fate.

"No need to stop. It's time to fight!" Zaka held the Star of the Sand behind her and pulled out the god weapon for the first time.

The spiral pattern was rotating, whistling, releasing the same horrible atmosphere as Yun Xi's Starwings at the moment.

The power of the original dragon is not afraid of any foreign things. It is the power of the rules from the origin of the world.

Desert Dragon Zaka held the power of the whole western desert world.

The hot sand storm blew up, revealing the charming and lovely face under the cloak, as well as the tall golden hair horns.

"Come on, Shaheen!"

The final battle of the Champion Knight Competition started!

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