Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 727

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Chapter 727: More Wings!

"Oh, you finally drew it out, Shaheen!" Zaro looked at the Starwings in Yun Xi's hands, which was also the cause of her defeat not long ago.

Without Starwings breaking Zaka's indestructible defense, Yun Xi would not have had a chance to defeat her at all.

Seeing Starwings once again, Zaka couldn't help but reach behind and hold the gravel colored sword.

This sword didn't even make its debut in the battle with Yun Xi, that is to say, Zaka didn't make every effort in that battle.

The sword seemed to feel the pressure of Starwings and started to rotate spontaneously. The surrounding wind started to appear at an abnormal speed.

This is Zaka's god weapon - the Star of the Sand. It was forged from the fantasy crystallization of the original dragon. It's enough to prove how terrible Starwings is to make the Star of the Sand have such a reaction.


Getting stronger? Yun Xi was aware of this.

Can't imagine that this is really a god weapon melted and recast by the Crane Wings Twin Swords.

It's terrible enough that he can use the sword's skill "Sword Aura" infinitely. Now there is another feature that the sword will become stronger with the passage of time. Is this really the god weapon that belongs to me?

Yun Xi has a bad feeling that some unknown changes are taking place in the god sword that the stars sent to him.

Looking carefully, the veins on the sword body seemed to be more detailed and complicated, just like the wings were originally projected, and now they were slowly approaching him in this world.

"This is the prince's god weapon..."

"What a powerful, terrible sword..."

Xiao Cao looked at Starwings in Yun Xi's hand with excitement in her eyes.

This sword looks like a gorgeous work of art. No matter the clear and transparent color of the sword body or the armguard with the hilt extended like wings, it presents a unique "beauty".

Especially when the sword is held by Yun Xi, the lines of the whole world seem to crisscross into different melodies, playing around him.

It's the music of non God, non devil, and non-human. It's the sound of nature that stirs the strings of the world.

Unlike the whispers of the ancient gods, the voice from Starwings is more like some kind of ballad.

That ballad across the long river of time and space, echoes in Yun Xi's ear with the world as a tool to transmit sound.

"Lovely, happy, sad, distressed, all these constitute the melody of love, I will definitely carry out this love to the end. In the overflowing spring of love, this feeling transcends everything. Even time and space, life, and death, can't stop my love for you."

"Make an appointment under the blue sky. This is my song of love. The love for you weaves the melody and song of love for me. Love me well, my love."

"The sweet, the joyful, the sad, the painful, even the regret, and the anxious are the melody of love."

"Whenever and wherever, this missing accompanies you, because that is my song of love. I was born to love you and sing to pass it on."

"When I met you, the melody flowed and still reverberated in my heart. Listen to my voice of love, my love."

The eyes of the masters of the wings following the path of certain destiny, start to gaze at the distance through the endless Star River with the Starwings as the medium.

That's what the stars see. It's destiny.

Girls with wings on their backs.

Green wings represent infinite vitality.

Black wings represent cold and death.

Mercury wings represent sanctity and nobleness.

The wings represent the merciless destruction.

The wings represent the creator.

The golden wings burning above the 33 heavens.

Yun Xi counted and was 100% sure that the number of wings reflected in the Starwings increased again.

Is this the way to gather all the colors of the wings?

Why do I feel that the more I use the Starwings, the closer I'm approaching my death?!

Delusion! It must be a delusion!

Starwings is a god weapon evolved from the Crane Wings Twin Swords. It's not an unknown god weapon.

Yun Xi firmly believes that no matter how many young girls with wings are reflected in the Starwings, he can bear it!

Anyway, it's a long time before he can use the real power of these wings.

He has not yet broken through the hero rank as a swordsman. Just looking at these wings, he can feel the power of infinite rules they represent. That's not something the hero rank can hold.

Yes, don't worry. As long as you become strong enough, you can ignore any side effects. Starwings belong to you.

So draw your sword!

In response to Yun Xi's will, Starwings immediately released the light of wings which once made Desert Dragon Zaka suffer a great loss.

It's not the sword aura that human beings can understand. It may not even belong to the concept of sword aura.

Each Starwings' light of wings is independent and even has the instinct to automatically track the opponent's attack.

This gorgeous scene is just the simplest attack of the Starwings.

Xiao Cao wielded the Sword of the Mortal in her hand, fighting against the light of the Starwings.

One thousand, two thousand, three thousand! Xiao Cao was driven into a desperate situation by the Starwings' light of wings, and stepped into a field that she had never reached before.

In contrast, Yun Xi raised the Starwings in his hands and took a deep breath.

The next second, Xiao Cao's body, like the straw swept by a merciless storm, was blown out of the arena.

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