Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 726

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Chapter 726: The Sky Flying Sword

Shaheen's fight against Xiao Cao finally showed people the fierce battle of the real hero rank.

As the last battle of the final four, it is the most enjoyable, heart beating and blood boiling battle that can be understood by ordinary people.

Fast, faster, fastest! Without a reason!

Xiao Cao's sword is just like her own cultivation process, showing a step-by-step growing process.

Limbo Rock, this is the most remarkable skill of Xiao Cao's Sword of the Mortal.

Add up the attack over and over again, and each attack will be stronger than the last one. After a thousand times, it shows a potent effect.

If Yun Xi didn't use the Water God Dance, he would have lost long ago if he only used his halftone melee skills.

In terms of battle intuition, Yun Xi is slightly inferior to Xiao Cao, who has the Sword of the Mortal.

As a hero rank Baker, Yun Xi's mentality is slightly better than Xiao Cao's.

Speed, strength, and reaction are nearly equal, but Yun Xi's Soft Body is better than Xiao Cao's swordsmanship.

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the two sides, Yun Xi and Xiao Cao were able to draw - if Yun Xi didn't use his god weapon, Starwings.

There is no doubt that this is the most exciting and fierce battle since the beginning of the Championship Knight Competition.

Both sides fell into a wonderful rhythm.

The two sides changed their moves at the same time.

Xiao Cao was trying to avoid being hit by Yun Xi's Soft Water Palm, while Yun Xi was trying to find the flaws of Xiao Cao's Sword of the Mortal.

Yun Xi didn't switch the Soft Body to the Hard Body, although by using this he could force to interrupt Xiao Cao's Limbo Rock.

Xiao Cao didn't stop the dance, but under the pressure of the Soft Water Palm, the speed of sword waving became faster and the trace of the sword became more changeable.

After losing the Water God Dance's prediction skill, Yun Xi was using his stronger constitution to capture Xiao Cao's attack route, not with eyes, but with feelings to fight against Xiao Cao.

At last, Hua Huo's sword skill seed has grown up in such a high-speed and fierce battle.

Although Yun Xi was not fighting with the sword, it was just because he was facing Xiao Cao's strongest Sword of the Mortal, and the arrogant Hua Huo's sword skill seed was willing to release its power so actively.

Compared with Xiao Cao's Sword of the Mortal, Hua Huo's sword was a sword skill judging everything from a higher level.

In front of the Sky Flying Sword, all the ordinary creatures are as insignificant as the ground insects.

Only creatures that are loved by the rules of heaven and earth, like fantastic creatures, are entitled to witness the dance of the Sky Flying Sword.

This is not originally a sword skill used for human beings, but a god sword skill. It and Xiao Cao's mortal sword are almost at two extremes.

In theory, it is possible for anyone to cultivate the Sword of the Mortal.

Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword is born as a sword skill in the field of God, with the characteristics of surpassing everything.

Even though Yun Xi does not have a sword in his hand now, he has a sword in his heart.

It's a sword that can cut the world.

Perhaps, the fields that both eventually lead to are the same, but in the initial stage, there is no doubt that the Sky Flying Sword is stronger.

It's reflected in Yun Xi, who gradually understood the mystery of the Sky Flying Sword, was that the Soft Water Palm he waved casually brought with a touch of elegance and pride.

There is no sword in the hand, only because the sword is in the heart.

"Pat!" For the first time, Xiao Cao's Sword of the Mortal didn't eliminate Yun Xi's palm power. The sword body was lowered, and Xiao Cao, who was infiltrated into the body by the power of the Soft Water Palm, was knocked back three steps.

This was the first time that Xiao Cao had been forced back since the beginning of the battle, and her Limbo Rock had been forced to interrupt.

"Well done, Shaheen!" Zaka cheered loudly. From every move of Yun Xi, she felt a kind of breath called fate.

His movement, and that grace, fascinated her.

Obviously, he is a human, but he has a kind of air of looking down on everything.

Yes, just like Zakas, who are more powerful than any other intelligent creatures and born with the absolute power to dominate the world.

Naturally, only the creature who has the same power as Zakas has the qualification to be loved by her.

Yun Xi was now showing Zaka that he also had perfect combat skills in addition to his terrifying power.

What's more, this way of fighting can resonate with Zaka's blood.

Apparently, he is not the descendant of the original giant dragon. Can any human master this kind of temperament?

If it's not confirmed that Yun Xi has neither dragon scales nor horns, Zaka will think that he is her own kind.

It has to be said that the effect of this exhibition is excellent.

Zaka was very satisfied with Yun Xi's performance and gave him 100 points.

Just, why don't you draw out your god weapon?

If you use that sword, isn't it super simple to defeat the girl in front of you?

Yun Xi, of course, will not use Starwings on Xiao Cao. He will never take the initiative to pull out the sword that may bring infinite terror to his own Starwing Knights.

And even without the Starwings, he had the confidence to beat Xiao Cao.

The Sky Flying Sword is his greatest strength.

After the three thousand combos of her Limbo Rock were forced to interrupt, Xiao Cao slightly frowned.

Her speed, strength, and attack power once reached the strongest state when she reached 3000 combos in the Limbo Rock.

Even this kind of dance was broken by Yun Xi.

And the way Yun Xi broke it, was a way she couldn't understand and analyze.

It seems to be ordinary, and the attack speed is not fast, but it is forced to overwhelm and destroy her sword power at the strongest point.

The power of God.

This is the first time Xiao Cao has met the god sword skill, which is located at the top of the endless god's domains. Even though her Sword of the Mortal has the ability to break all the extraordinary attributes, the sword skill is not magic, Taoism, or divinity.

The Sky Flying Sword's just a sword skill. However, it's a god sword skill.

Xiao Cao's sword can reach the field of the god sword skill in theory, but it needs countless data and experience accumulation.

When Xiao Cao goes through countless battles and surpasses all enemies, the Sword of the Mortal can reach this realm.

Now Xiao Cao is far away from that realm, so facing the Sky Flying Sword of Yun Xi, she felt the limitation of herself for the first time.

The Sword of the Mortal, for the first time, met an invincible opponent.

This... this's so pleasant!

Xiao Cao smiled and saw the end of the fight.

I will lose.

"Shaheen, go on, use your sword to kill her. Take it out and solve her in seconds!" Zaka shouted.

Oh, sword, he hasn't drawn out his sword yet.

Although Xiao Cao doesn't know what the "sword" is, maybe it's a kind of extremely powerful god weapon.

So, is that how to admit defeat?

The Sword of the Mortal is never an invincible sword, but a sword that can accomplish the ultimate ideal of all people by accumulating experience with countless simple efforts.

Such a sword, of course, is not afraid of failure. Rather, a real failure can make the Sword of the Mortal grow better.

Just like the grass, who can't burn out wildfires, every defeat will make the Sword of the Mortal stronger and more unyielding.

"Don't be merciful. Let me see your strongest sword." Xiao Cao once again grasped her mortal sword, her eyes become more stable, even with a smile of expectation, quietly saying what shocked Yun Xi,

"My prince..."

"How do you know!" Yun Xi was stunned.

He had the confidence that his disguise is perfect. How could Xiao Cao see through it?.

"I smell it." Xiao Cao answered naturally.

"Are you a dog?!" Yun Xi was speechless. He looked at Xiao Cao. For the first time, he knows that his deputy leader of the Starwing Knights has such special effects.

"Well, just one sword." Since Xiao Cao was so requested, Yun Xi knew that he couldn't pretend that his sword was not a god weapon anymore.

Looking at Xiao Cao's extremely serious eyes, Yun Xi can't hide anymore.

Ah, Zaro. Why did you say it! If you didn't say it, she may not have noticed the sword!

"The name of the sword is Starwings." He held out his hand, Yun Xi closed his eyes and began to imagine that "cat".

Lovely cat.

Elegant cat.

The cat that exists and doesn't exist at the same time.

I like cats.

Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword.

Now that he has made a promise, let Xiao Cao have a look.

This must be the sword she expected.

The Sky Flying Sword that is beyond everything.