Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 725

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Chapter 725: The Sword of the Mortal

Xiao Cao was as calm as ever, just like her name.

The power of the dragon can make the most bloodthirsty beast escape, but it can't make the most humble grass bow its head.

Whether you pay attention or not, value it or despise it, the grass is there, growing strong and tough.

She is stronger again.

Yun Xi could clearly feel the power of Xiao Cao at present.

His seed gave her talent, just like spreading the best soil on the barren land, which transformed Xiao Cao, who was originally growing slowly overnight.

Maybe even without Yun Xi's seed, Xiao Cao would still reach the legend

rank in the distant future with her efforts.

Yun Xi changed Xiao Cao's fate and opened her way to a higher world.

Of all the members of the Starwing Knights who have accepted Yun Xi seeds, Xiao Cao has the highest growth rate.

That's a change that can be judged by the naked eye. Every day, Xiao Cao is actually becoming more powerful. What makes Yun Xi feel strange is that this kind of growth has not stopped at all.

After the transformation, Xiao Cao, like lifting the upper limit of growth, is steadfast in the constant battle without any stagnancy.

She killed the giant scorpion summoned by Desert Dragon Zaka alone, and this was far from her limit.

Even Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwing Knights, might have been left far behind by Xiao Cao if she had not inherited the legacy of the Holy Knights.

"You... are very strong... " Holding her mortal sword, Xiao Cao looked at Yun Xi and said lightly.

This is the first time for her to speak to her opponent at the Championship Knight Competition.

It also means that Yun Xi is an enemy that needs to be treated with all her strength.

"You're good, too." Yun Xi knows all the data of Xiao Cao's body even without using his Soft Water Palm.

The soft skin, delicate body. Every corner had been presented in the moonlight in front of his eyes.

On the day when they were on the desert island, Xiao Cao appeared in front of him on a dolphin from the sea, and this fantastic scene had long been firmly engraved in his memory.

"I... I'm going to be serious... " Xiao Cao slowly raised the sword in her hand, and her eyes became extremely quiet.

It was like the calm before a storm, like the boundless silence before a thunderstorm.

The Battle God's Seed in Yun Xi's body released more energy of qi and blood than usual, which seemed to remind Yun Xi that this battle was extraordinary.

I know it. Xiao Cao's combat power will become stronger as she meets strong opponents.

Her fighting instinct may be superior to that of Kingfisher.

So, I will also more seriously take out the real stunts to defeat her!

Yun Xi's right hand raised like the wings of a crane, and there were invisible ripples around him.

The Water God Dance!

As one who had witnessed how Yun Xi defeated other members of the Starwing Knights with this skill, Xiao Cao showed no fear. Following a drum-like footstep rhythm of drums, she bravely attacked Yun Xi.

The first slash, from left to right.

The second cleave, from top to bottom.

Xiao Cao's sword looks so simple and ordinary.

Only Yun Xi who faced the sword could feel the strong will contained in it.

The Water God Dance failed for the first time.

The "circle" spread from Yun Xi as the center was cut by Xiao Cao's mortal sword. Although it recovered soon, it lost all of its special abilities.

This means that Yun Xi cannot predict Xiao Cao's attack exactly as before.

The power of the Sword of the Mortal perfectly restrained Yun Xi's Water God Dance.

Although this ability is just a prototype, it is enough to make Yun Xi feel its horror.

If he faced such a sword when he had just entered the world of dragon war, he might have been suppressed by such a mortal sword.

Fortunately, Yun Xi was not the ordinary bakery owner now.

He had obtained his own god weapon, Starwings, and made a puppet with its own soul. Yun Xi grew faster than Xiao Cao, which also had the credit of the Starwing Knights.

It's ok if you can't predict the enemy's attack. As long as you can be faster and stronger than the enemy!

With his fingertips moving, Yun Xi's palm touched Xiao Cao's mortal sword.

The Sword of the Mortal has a special effect of breaking all the extraordinary attributes.

Xiao Cao is the only one who can exert the power of the sword to this extent.

But in addition, it is not sharp, nor has any other special ability.

For Xiao Cao, this is the best god weapon for her, the most powerful weapon with unlimited possibilities.

Giving her enough time to grow up, Yun Xi was afraid that even God could be killed by her.

Of course, she doesn't have that power yet.

"Pat!" With faster speed and reaction ability than Xiao Cao, Yun Xi's palm hit her sword body from the side. The strange concussion force passed from the sword body. This is not magic or spell, but the high-level application of the Soft Body's force.

Other members of the Starwing Knights who fought against Yun Xi were completely defeated by this kind of attack, and they didn't even know how they got it.

Xiao Cao was obviously different. At the first moment when her body was invaded by the power of Soft Water Palm, her body began to shake in a strange rhythm, while the sword in her hand was as stable as ever.

The Soft Water Palm's force was dissolved for the first time.

The rhythm of Xiao Cao's body automatically analyzed the way of Soft Water Palm's invasion, and used the method she could use to resist the silent attack.

It's a terrible talent. Although Yun Xi himself shared Xiao Cao's talent, just like Hua Huo's talent, it's impossible to exert a stronger power of the seed than the girl herself.

The Sword of the Mortal is a god sword only belonging to Xiao Cao, her exclusive hero road.

Yun Xi's choice is not the path of the Sword of the Mortal.

The sea of stars is his final destination.

Xiao Cao's seed, now in the sea of stars, seems inconspicuous, but it has the greatest potential to become the most dazzling star.

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