Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 724

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Chapter 724: Final Four

"Ah!" The girl who was hit in the chest by Yun Xi was shaking all over her body.

Yun Xi approached her subconsciously, clinging to the girl's body, and then turning to the girl behind.



It was almost exactly the same as he did to Kingfisher just now, but it was faster, and the power was reduced to a negligible degree, almost by using the other's weight.

Unlike the Hard Body, the Soft Body always looks so beautiful.

Before the fallen girl could resist, Yun Xi locked her hands and feet with Straight Armbar, then raised his fist and knocked her small head symbolically.

"Ahhh..." The girl looked at Yun Xi with tears in her eyes.

The gap is too big. It's not a gap that any skill or talent can surpass.

This is the difference between the hero rank and the mortal rank. Yun Xi used his power carefully to avoid hurting her.

"Throw in the towel?" Sitting on the girl's body, Yun Xi smiled calmly.

The whole process was just like playing with children.

"What to do... to be as powerful as you are?" The girl was unwilling to look at Yun Xi, who suppressed herself and made herself unable to move.

"Your... you will be stronger soon... " Yun Xi could feel that the girl in front of him had the aptitude to be a witch.

In her body, there is an extraordinary magic bud, which is the "magic source" of the witches.

Being a common girl, she had the aptitude to awaken the talent belonging to the witch. This is naturally the effect of Yun Xi's seed sharing.

It means that she is more suitable for the rank of a witch than a knight.

Of course, it doesn't mean that she can't use the sword. Many witches are also good at using their magic wands as "large siege weapons".


"I can be as strong as you?" The girl's eyes began to be full of hope.

"Yes, you have a different future." Yun Xi also wondered why she, as a member of the Starwing Knights, had awakened the magic talent of the witch.

"I'll try!" The girl put up her chest and began to be confident again.

"I'm Xiaoye. Thank you for your advice."

Ah, whether it is Xiaomi or Xiaoye, my Starwing Knights have so many talented girls!

Watching the girls grow up like flowers in the garden, showing their charm, Yun Xi has a sense of achievement.

Maybe that's how horticulturists feel.

"Don't let me say it again! Don't talk to other girls in front of me!" Desert Dragon Zaka gnashed her teeth and looked at Yun Xi. Her dragon teeth were almost exposed as anger boiled in her eyes.

Feeling the horror of Zaka, the people around her are frightened away like birds and beasts. Not everyone can be the same as Yun Xi, who can have a peaceful heart facing the dragon.

"It looks like we'll meet each other in the arena soon." Yun Xi came down from the arena and didn't notice anything wrong with Zaka at all.

"Yes, this is our stage!"

"The names of Zaro and Shaheen will make the prince sleepless with fear." Desert Dragon Zaka proudly raised her head.

Yes, that's it.

Except for her and Shaheen, other contestants of the Championship Knight Competition are just a bunch of weak chickens.

There is no need to worry about the short-lived species. Except for the elf, who is a little dangerous, the others are not even qualified to be her opponent.

The treasure Zaka wants must be occupied in every way!

"Let me beat down all of them!" Being praised by Yun Xi, Zaka had an impulse to smash the competition completely.

She wants these stupid people to know what a real dragon is.

"Don't exaggerate. Show your real strength in the final." Yun Xi had a headache. He looked at Zaka, who was so full of energy.

If it's Hua Huo, she won't have such a strong desire to attack. She is like a bad version of Hua Huo.

"Ha!" With another roar, Desert Dragon Zaka triumphantly blew her opponent away.

Everyone who saw this scene had no doubt about the last winner of the competition.




The name of Zaro has become a symbol of despair. At least other contestants of this competition have given up their hope to be the champion.

Other people are aiming at the top three at most. In the eyes of many people, the top three of the Championship Knight Competition has been decided.

The strongest contestant - Zaro.

The second favorite one, may also be the only one who has the hope to challenge Zaro - Xiao Cao.

The third favorite one, the person who showed his strong close combat ability in the competition - Shaheen.

In fact, the situation was developing as people expected.

The final 16!

The final 8!

The final 4!

Zaro, Shaheen, Xiao Cao, and a knight of the royal household became the last four people of the Championship Knight Competition.

As a result of drawing lots and grouping, Zaro took the lead in the attack. The hero ranked royal knight was specially dressed in the ancestral armor and had a big shield. Unfortunately, none of the equipment had any effect on resisting Desert Dragon Zaka's roar, and he was instantly blown away.

The next battle was between Yun Xi and his deputy head of Starwing Knights.

“Xiao Cao……” Yun Xi looked at Xiao Cao who came up from the arena opposite him and felt a little nervous.

Only her, even in the face of the overwhelming crushing victory of Zaka, never showed any wavering.

Without Desert Dragon Zaka and Yun Xi, the Starwing Knights would have been the biggest winner of the Championship Knight Competition.

Half of the people of the top 16 belong to the Starwing Knights.

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