Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 723

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Chapter 723: Traitor

"No matter how many times I see it, you are still so powerful." Looking at Prince Quran was solved with a light and easy dragon roar, Yun Xi confirmed once again that Zaro was very strong.

"Haha, It's a pity that I didn't pay attention to my clothes." Compared with the victory, Yun Xi's praise made Desert Dragon Zaka a hundred times happier.

She giggled without a bit of tyranny that ravaged the mainland.

Come on, praise me more.

Look at me, listen to my voice, and dance with me.

The time with you is so happy, so simple.

"It doesn't matter. I'll sew it for you." Since awakening to the unexpected special ability of "making puppets", Yun Xi has found that his hands have become more dexterous than before.

White Moon's puppet dress, the complicated skirt, and lace were all hand-made by him.

It's just a few tear marks. The difficulty of sewing is not worth mentioning compared with making White Moon's puppet dress.

"Um... Please... " Zaka never thought that she would sit next to a man and watch him sew clothes for herself.

The delicate and skillful hands are so fascinating.

No, I'm getting in deeper and deeper. The more I am with him, the more I can't leave him.

At this moment, the fierce heartbeat is more intense than when the battle is most intense.

Why does fate until now let me meet my chosen one?

Did he know long ago that as long as he took the initiative to date her, he would make her like him so much, so hearty?

Alas, what should I do? I've never been in such a mood.

"All right." In less than five minutes, Yun Xi sewed all the broken parts of Zaka's cloak, and now she could not see any traces that had been torn.

Well, it seems that even if he stops being the owner of the bakery, he has new skills for making a living.

If he runs out of money on the way to escape marriage, he can he also consider becoming a tailor or making wooden puppets to earn money?

Yun Xi wondered if he could reach the passing level when he meets the test of the "puppet city" in the seven towers again.

"Hum? It's over?" Zaka was still immersed in a sweet mood. After returning to her mind, her cloak has been repaired like a new one.

That stupid dog has weak claws! Doesn't he know how to tear her clothes? It's unforgivable!

The next time I meet the next opponent, I will break this cloak a little more, so that I can enjoy the sweet moment of only two people again.

OK, that's what we decided to do! Desert Dragon Zaka praised her own wit.

Happy times always pass so fast. The second round of the Championship Knight Competition is over unconsciously.

Two of the three favorites before the match have been sifted out in this round, the names of Zaro and Shaheen have shocked the whole audience.

Especially Zaro, who roared at the opponent with absolute crushing advantage twice, won the exclamation of "Is there really a person who is a match for her?".

She has replaced Xiao Cao as the No. 1 favorite of the Championship Knight Competition.

Kingfisher and Quran's failure made a lot of gamblers lose their money, while Zaro and Shaheen's appearance was to make the profiteers happy.

Gamblers began to make a final fight. Almost all of them put the rest of their money on Zaro, who showed her crushing strength.

"Sealed, sealed!"

"The current rate is the final rate, and it will not change!"

"Come on, it's the last chance, the chance to turn over!"

"Don't miss it!"

In the roar of the profiteers, a mysterious figure appeared in front of the gambling place, quietly pressing down a large amount that can make people scream.

"The end of blood is coming!"

"Warning! Warning! Away from the prince, away from the prince!"

"Look at him. The building is going to collapse!"

Two red birds screamed out at the top of their lungs and cursed some bad bastard.

The Championship Knight Competition, the fourth round, the last 16 games.

Yun Xi sighed.

Why do I meet the girls of the Starwing Knights again?

It must have been unfortunate for the girl to meet him in the last 16 games.

"Hello, I'm Xiaomi's friend. I will do my best!" It was a timid girl. She raised the cross sword in her hands and made a special assault gesture for knights.

This was a girl who had stepped on the way of her own knight's creed.

In the future, she will definitely become an outstanding knight.

Looking at the girl with a perfect posture, Yun Xi nodded and recognized her efforts.

However, she still has confusion in her heart, so she can't see through her weakness.

Treat her gently.

Yun Xi raised his hand.

Oh, it's that skill! The girl had known what skill Yun Xi was going to use.

However, it's one thing to know that Yun Xi will use, but it's another thing to be able to prevent it.

Yun Xi stepped toward her, just like the water lily swaying in the waves, elegant and mysterious, soft and hazy.

By the time the girl drew out of the sword, Yun Xi's hand had skillfully passed through her defense and gently pressed on her chest.

The girl's height, weight, even the length of her toes, and the softness of her body were reflected in Yun Xi's mind.

Hum? Her breasts are pretty... did she bind her chest with bandages to prevent others from finding out about this?

Although the size of her breasts can't be compared with the noble ladies of the Starwing Knights, it's apparently far away from the average!

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