Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 720

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Chapter 720: A Clean Kill

"I'm going to be serious." Kingfisher's eyes became more and more persistent.

It is one of his characteristics that he climbs up from wherever he falls, which is the characteristic other elves don't have.

Like a flying dragonfly, Kingfisher performed his speed advantage to the limit.

Elves are born to be the darling of world rules.

When human children are still crawling on the ground, elves can fly in the forest. As the darling of the forest, they are born to be Rangers.

This kind of talent can make them gallop down a hundred-meter-tall tree and make them leap with a soft branch as their foothold.

The forest is always the home of elves.

Kingfisher can complete the two-stage jump and shift even in the air without any foothold, even amongst the elves, he is the most outstanding close combat master.

His attack was as fierce as a storm!

Yun Xi didn't care. Following the rhythm of the Water God Dance, he took the initiative to approach Kingfisher.

Elve close combat skill is different from a human's.

Kingfisher rotated. His feet turned into the rotating posture of the electric drill and drove hard to Yun Xi's footwall.

Yun Xi's body was shaking like a water bird, avoiding Kingfisher's attack.

"Pa!" Kingfisher's hands supported on the ground, and his legs directly twisted to Yun Xi's head.

Raising his right hand, Yun Xi slapped Kingfisher's ankle. His left hand pressed the void, drawing a mysterious track in the air, and cut Kingfisher's calf.

Again, this kind of sense of control!

No, never follow the rhythm of the other side! Kingfisher clenched his teeth. With a back somersault, he got rid of Yun Xi's pursuit and then almost instantly fought back.

The distance of ten meters between them changes to zero in less than one-sixth of a second, which is an assault that even most elves can't perform.

In the next second, there was a series of dazzling, continuous kicks.

Kingfisher's right foot locked the key points of Yun Xi's whole body and launched a deadly dance attack.

So fast! This is Yun Xi's first feeling. Kingfisher finally shows his strong physical quality.

If it was Desert Dragon Zaka, even she wouldn't be able to deal with such a series of instant attacks.

If Yun Xi was in the state of the Hard Body, he could only face the crazy dance attack and pray that his Hard Body could withstand it.

However, now Yun Xi was in the Soft Body state, and he was launching the Water God Dance.

Yun Xi had felt Kingfisher's attack route in advance from the waves around him.

This move is going to kick my neck.

This move is aiming at the temple on the right side of my forehead.

Yun Xi's body swayed with the water wave, just like a water lily moving in the wind, his eyes seemed to be sleepy, and entered into an ineffable and wonderful state.

The muscles, nerves and even bones of the whole body are slightly changed with the waves of the water.

Every kick of Kingfisher will be perfectly predicted and then avoided.

The reaction limit that humans can't do can be easily broken through in the Soft Body state.

It's something that can't be judged by the eyes.

Water, carrying everything.

Water, containing everything.

The Water God Dance is dancing on the surface of the water.

A thousand kicks in a row!

Even Kingfisher himself didn't expect that. He actually completed 1000 kicks that had never been completed in the past.

But even with such a crazy attack frequency, his foot still didn't hit Yun Xi once.

All attacks were completely evaded by Yun Xi in a seemingly understated way.

He felt as if he wasn't attacking the flesh and blood of a human being, but the reflection in the water.

How can this be? Am I attacking a ball of mist, or the reflection of the moon in the water?!

Yun Xi caught Kingfisher's fleeting trance and held out his hand.

The Soft Water Palm slaps Kingfisher's instep. Through his soft sole, the force of the palm penetrated directly into Kingfisher's instep, and then went up to his calf to his heart.

"Bang!" Kingfisher's heart suddenly made a strange drum sound, and his kick stopped on the 1008th combo.

The feeling of crispness and numbness swept his whole body from the heart, which wasn't something Kingfisher could resist by biting his tongue again.

He thought that he could use his will to offset the power of Soft Water Palm, which was just a beautiful fantasy.

Yun Xi's first palm attack revealed Kingfisher's height, weight, blood flow, and neural response speed.

The second palm attack intruded Kingfisher's whole body with an imperceptible posture.

After the third palm attack, Kingfisher lost control of his body.

Yun Xi reached out his hands, looking like he was going to hug his lover. He easily hugged Kingfisher's thin neck.


I'm caught!

Kingfisher's eyes suddenly showed a look of astonishment. It is undoubtedly fatal to be caught by his opponent.

The next second.

Yun Xi grasped Kingfisher's neck, quickly approached his body, and then turned to his back in an instant, and wrapped his feet around Kingfisher's body.

The whole process looked like a close interaction with him, but it actually contained enough skills to kill Kingfisher instantly.

Kingfisher's head was dizzy for a while, and then he suffocated because he was lacking oxygen.

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