Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 719

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Chapter 719: The Secret of the Soft Body

With a small and inaudible sound, a force around the fingers was pushed into Kingfisher's body by Yun Xi, and his palm was also tightly attached to Kingfisher's chest.

Well, it's very flat. It's certainly not a girl's chest.

However, the softness of this body is unbelievable. It's difficult to believe that this is a man's body.

Through the touch of the palm, he had almost measured all the information of Kingfisher's body.

Height, weight and even the speed of blood flow are detected by Yun Xi's Soft Water Palm.

This is also an absolutely impossible task for the Hard Body. The Hard Body will only crush the opponent.

But the Soft Body can measure everything of the opponent, and then defeat the opponent in various seemingly inconceivable ways.

After hitting Kingfisher's chest, Yun Xi didn't directly press Kingfisher's shoulder and push him down as he did when dealing with Xiaomi, because he felt a huge power coming out of Kingfisher's body in an instant.

That's the counterattack of this hero ranked elf, the counterattack of a martial arts master at the sixth rank.

"Ha!" Yun Xi pushed Kingfisher away.

"Shuffle!" As sharp as the blade, the shadow of the leg passed in front of his cheek. If it wasn't for Yun Xi pushing Kingfisher away, he would be killed by this attack immediately.

Quick, ruthless, and accurate, this is what Kingfisher is good at as a "demon killer".

There is no superfluous gimmick, and the move is deadly. In the shortest time, he launched the fastest counterattack.

This is the combat skill Kingfisher tempered in the fierce battlefield of the demon's war.

In the hundreds of years after the demon's war, Kingfisher practiced this killing technique to the limit. In his adventure life in the endless god's domains, he defeated countless enemies by using this skill.

However, this can't hurt Yun Xi.

The power of the Soft Body is far beyond the limit of killing skills that can be obtained through exercise.

The upper limit of Kingfisher's killing skill is just the starting point of the Soft Body.

Yun Xi just hit Kingfisher once, and had mastered even the most subtle part of his body. Before Kingfisher launched a counterattack, he had known where his attack would come from and what his move would be.

After the counterattack failed, Kingfisher supported his hands on the ground, and immediately launched the next attack.

His legs whirling up from the ground like the whirlwind rising. All the archers of the elf race knew this ground counterattack skill called Whirlwind Foot.

In the past, elf archers kicked off innumerable people's chins with this skill.

However, this move was also predicted in advance by Yun Xi.

His head slightly tilted back and flashed over the small foot that was enough to break his chin, and at the same time, Yun Xi's body made a step to the left obliquely and he suddenly reached out and grabbed Kingfisher's ankle.

It's like a goshawk catching a rabbit in the field.

Grasping Kingfisher's ankle, he gently pressed and rubbed the fingertip, which made half of Kingfisher's body fall into a strange state of crispness and numbness, and even the blood circulation in his whole body was broken for a second.

If he wasn't an elf but a human, he had lost his fighting power at this moment.

Kingfisher bit his tongue and forced the interrupted blood circulation to recover. The once interrupted Whirlwind Foot rotated at a faster speed, forcing Yun Xi to loosen his ankle.

His body rotated up from the ground, rushing into the sky with the shadow of green leaves, then turned around in the air and jumped away from Yun Xi, which almost violated the physical rules

"Hoo..." Kingfisher's forehead quietly dropped transparent sweat.

It's though. It's too tough. It's an opponent he has never met before.

From the moment he was approached by Yun Xi, the whole rhythm of battle was out of order.

It's hard to imagine what kind of cultivation method can possess such an ability, he felt as if all his counterattacks were seen through by Yun Xi in advance, and his every move was under Yun Xi's control.

For him, the rhythm of the fight is mastered by the other side is tantamount to declaring that he has lost.

"Um... I think I have found the knack." For Yun Xi, this was also the first time to perform the Soft Water Palm to this level.

Different from the secret skill of the Hard Body, the secret skills of the Soft Body consume very little, but its effect is surprisingly good.

Take the Water God Dance as an example. It's a magic skill that can bring the power of rhythm into full play. It can't be cultivated without the Soft Body.

Once the Water God Dance is started, Yun Xi can completely master everything around his body. No matter what the environment, he can conserve and recycle his strength freely.

Kingfisher was unable to resist his attack, because his rhythm was completely controlled by the Water God Dance.

The Yun Xi in the state of the Water God Dance is like an elf standing on the water. Every step and every action will be integrated into the endless water waves.

Every attack of Kingfisher has caused a huge ripple in this water wave, which makes him feel it in advance, and the body naturally makes a perfect response.

This is not a deliberate response, but a purely natural, subconscious response.

It's a natural response to all muscle, nerve and even bones in the whole body, many of which completely violate the rules of human flesh and blood.

So this is the Soft Body.

This is comparable to the infinite explosive power of the Hard Body - the Water God Dance.

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