Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 718

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Chapter 718: Water God Dance

"You are really... It's not easy to deal with such things." Yun Xi felt the same about Kingfisher's treatment.

In fact, in the White Lotus Sword Palace, he received love letters from some innocent teenagers too.

Hey, Hua Huo, it's all your fault!

Even so, he received more love letters from girls. Occasionally, there would be blue and white underpants, strawberry underpants, and bras of various sizes that appear with the love letters.

This problem seems to be more serious than receiving love letters from innocent teenagers.

"The same to you." Kingfisher smelt the same atmosphere on Yun Xi.

The world is so big, but few people are bothered by this problem. They are not cheaters who want to cheat people with beautiful faces. They are real hero ranked masters!

He was just looking forward to the Killing Princess' figure, unable to leave his eyes from the sad and powerful back, and finally chose the road doomed to be lonely and powerful.

After the Killing Princess died, he no longer had the idea of finding his other half.

Stepping into the legend rank, so that he can eliminate these damned demons, this is the biggest obsession in his heart.

To this end, he made a huge plan for himself, which needs to be completed in thousands of years.

Negotiation with human beings, going out of the Elf God's Domain, and even coming to this remote sword domain, everything is part of that great plan.

Well, at this point, he still has the traditional elven style.

An Elf's revenge won't be diminished even after a thousand years!

"What are you good at?" As a predecessor who is about ten times the age of Yun Xi, Kingfisher actively asked him what he was best at.

"Without my god weapon, well, it's probably close combat." Yun Xi didn't plan to take out Starwings before meeting Desert Dragon Zaka. He had a premonition that it's better not to use this god weapon casually.

Every time he uses Starwings, it gives him a kind of inexplicable premonition, as if there are some forces that shouldn't exist in the world that are being released.

Every time the flying of the sword's gorgeous wings is like opening an invisible door. Something is coming out of that door.

Now, the door just opened a tiny crack.

If the door opened more, what would Starwings become?

Yun Xi didn't dare to try.

Yun Xi decided to seal the sword unless it's necessary. The power of Starwings didn't seem to have evolved from the original Crane Wings Twin Swords.

"Good. I'm confident in the close combat too." After hundreds of years of adventures, from the Western God's Domain to the Dragon God's Domain and then to the Sky Sword God's Domain, Kingfisher had defeated countless opponents.

Many of them think that he is just an archer and can be killed as long as they approach him.

Well, the elven race's strength is weak, indeed. However, don't underestimate the combat skills developed after hundreds of years.

Kingfisher, as a "demon killer", is a rare "freak" in the whole history of the elves. He had even torn up many fierce monsters such as black magic dogs with empty hands.

At least, he has the confidence that it is almost impossible for human beings to have better fighting skills than him.

Unless it's a human with God's Talent.

God's Talent is a talent that can't be described in any words. Any intelligent creature had a very tiny possibility to have this talent.

Every God's Talent represents a path to the legend rank, that is to say, every awakened person of God's Talent has the potential to become a legend rank in theory.

The "God" of God's Talent is the same concept as the "God" of God Weapons.

But the "God" of God's Talent is more simple and direct. That's the talent to become a god!

All God's Talents go back to the beginning, all of them are related to "gods" and "fantastic creatures". There is even a saying that all the intelligent creatures who have awakened God's Talents are essentially Children of God.

Yun Xi took a deep breath, which meant that he would do his best.

The Hard Body, or the Soft Body? This is his biggest trump card besides Starwings.

Looking at Kingfisher, he made an easy choice.

His palm gently raised, and his figure became hazy.

It is clear that in the daytime, in the hot sun, in the center of the arena, a mist of water quietly appeared.

Soft Water Palm - the Water God's Dance!

Like a bird flying over the water, Yun Xi's body almost lost all of its weight, and flew over tens of meters, looking like a flying swallow.

When Yun Xi's palm fell, Kingfisher noticed how strange this palm was.

He felt as if countless water waves were rippling together, and the ripples arose to completely cover his whole body.

His breathing seems to stop for a short time, just like sinking into the deep water in an instant. What he can see are only endless waves of water, his consciousness and resistance are gradually swallowed up in the quiet water.

What's this attack?! Kingfisher bit his tongue hard, and his will tempered from the bloody battlefield of the demon war resisted the incredible erosion.

At this time, Yun Xi's palm had been pressed on Kingfisher's chest.

At the critical moment, Kingfisher regained his consciousness and retreated, trying to avoid his strange erosive power.

However, it didn't work. Yun Xi's palm was still firmly pressed on his chest.

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