Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 717

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Chapter 717: Kingfisher's Smile

Is it because he was a little too gentle?

But they are all the girls who have seed connections with him.

They all have a part of him in their bodies.

He has changed their fate and naturally has to take responsibility for them.

"I understand, I understand!" Kingfisher felt the same way. It is clear that the name "Kingfisher" is a male name, why do all people doubt his gender?

Every year, every year! He receives five times more love letters from men than from women. The problem is that elves can't fall in love with short-lived human beings at all.

Can you imagine the possibility of the elven race, who can spend decades just to forge a beautiful dagger, marrying a human who has only a hundred years of life?

Elves can spend ten years just thinking about the response to the other side's proposal. Human beings don't have such a long life to waste.

Only the darling of the world rules can have so much energy to study art and think about the truth of all things, and spend thousands of years for a promise.

If you want to fall in love with an elf, you have to live as long as an elf.

According to the approximate estimation of the elven race, the average time taken by elves to fall in love is about 500 years.

It may take more than ten years for human beings to realize that they have developed into a romantic relationship, and that's long enough. However, love of the elves started only after three hundred years, and a one-thousand-year long-term relationship is not uncommon.

What bothers the elf race is a different kind of annoyance from that of the short-lived species.

If we regard the life of intelligent creatures as a race, most of them will die before they reach the end. Only a few of them can step on the bodies of countless people, come to the end, and open the door of the legend rank.

The situation of the elven race is that they run faster and more steadily most of the time. Even if they never practice, just staying in the elf's forest, their strength will grow slowly.

Then, without exception, their strength would stop completely at some time and never move forward.

Just like the race between the hare and the tortoise, it is clear that the rabbit can run faster than the tortoise, but before the end of the race, the rabbit will fall asleep stupidly and let the tortoise win.

For the elves, this fable is just right.

The end of all intelligent creatures, or the beginning of the road to eternity, is the legend rank.

In the endless god's domains, the legend rank is the highest rank, at least the pyramid vertex within the range of human understanding.

Only legends can last forever.

However, the elves are the most difficult race to have someone reach the legend rank.

In the Sky Sword God's domain alone, dozens of human Sky Swords have been born.

No one knows how many legend ranks the elves have, but the absolute number is not large, totally out of proportion to the many hero ranked individuals of the elf race, and this is the number accumulated by the elven race in ten million years.

At the extreme point, all elves can grow to the hero rank, but the elf that can eventually surpass the hero rank and step into the legend rank can be counted on one's fingers.

The more powerful they are, the more likely they are to fall into a state of indifference to the world, and even the power to live will gradually disappear.

Many hero ranked elves will neither grow old nor stronger for thousands of years, just like the sleeping hare, who can no longer reach the end.

Kingfisher is the hero who is believed by the elders of the elven race to be the most likely one to reach the legend level.

He is different from other elves in essence.

Perhaps, his absolute power is inferior to the elders who have stagnated for more than a thousand years in the hero rank.

However, he has all the characteristics that the elders of the elven race do not have.


The impulse to fight.

In the war with demons, he always marched forward bravely and never feared the blood and killing. Countless powerful demons were killed by his arrows.

He doesn't hate human beings, and even takes the initiative to approach humans, and be responsible for training human disciples.

Any of these is not in line with the policy of seclusion held by the elves.

He is an elf archer who doesn't behave like an elf.

At the same time, he is also at the hero rank who has the most hope to break through the limit of elves and embark on the road of a legend.

Because, he has the most of the missing things of the elven race - vitality.

Just like at this moment, he can smile cordially when facing Yun Xi who had similar experiences.

It was not a polite smile when dealing with human beings, but the sincere and enthusiastic smile.

When he smiled, Kingfisher was like a warm figure painting, giving off elegant temperament.

Although Yun Xi knows that he is a man, he can't help but feel his heart beating faster.

This smile is so easy to be misunderstood!

"Ah ah ah, no, no, that elf is so beautiful!" This is the scream of the female audience.

"No, I really want to push this elf..."

"Stop, brother! I also think that my sexual orientation is a little..."

"Is he a man or a woman? He is so hot!"

"It doesn't matter if he's male or female. I'm going to fall!"

It seems that Yun Xi heard many very dangerous speeches.

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