Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 716

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Chapter 716: Mutual Affection

"I... I'm Xiaomi... " For some reason she herself didn't know, the girl held by Yun Xi couldn’t help but tell her real name.

"Doesn't it hurt?" He asked with concern.

"It doesn't hurt at all..." Xiaomi looked at Yun Xi shyly. She has a really good character. Will she be the next companion of the Starwing Knights?

"Nice job, Shaheen!"

"Shaheen, cheek up!"

Yun Xi raised his head and looked at the audience clapping for him.

Are you mistaken about something very important?!

"Why are you so gentle when you hit her?" Desert Dragon Zaka pouted and looked at Yun Xi, who had just come down from the arena.

"If it was you..." Yun Xi carefully considered and came to the conclusion that -

If he uses the Soft Body when they fight, he will be killed by her in less than a second, and his end will be a hundred times worse than Red Stone faced just now.

You are too strong for me to be merciful.

"You are too strong. The attack just now can do no damage to you." This is Yun Xi's answer.

"Ahem, that's right..." Zaka complained and felt happy in her heart.

Well, he said she was strong.

Of course, she was the dragon that ravaged the continent, the master of the western desert, and the great Desert Dragon Zaka.

In his praise, I'll forgive him a little bit for such a trifle.

But if he goes any further, she's going to kill a lot.

He has proposed to her, how can he be good to other girls? It's a foul, a foul!

If he knows it, he will call out loudly:

"I never proposed to you!"

The first round of the Championship Knight Competition ended in the whispers of Zaka and Yun Xi.

Unsurprisingly, all three of the top favorites were promoted, and there was also a black horse turned out!

Zaro, a completely unknown name before the competition, has become the fourth most popular name tied with Xiao Cao, Lvluo and Quran.

As for Yun Xi, because of the way he won seemed too gentle, many people completely mistook his strength.

People saw only the gentle posture Zaro holding him actively, and Xiaomi's emotion when she was hugged by Yun Xi, which didn't look like the expression of the defeated.

Plus Yun Xi's real body was hidden under the cloak, most of the people regard him as Zaro's sister.

It must be said that this is a big misunderstanding.


There were 157 participants in the Championship Knight Competition, and only 79 were left at the end of the first round.

Amongst them, there were dozens of people who were seriously injured, unable to participate in the second round of the competition, so the competition directly entered the second round of the top 64.

It has to be mentioned that the members of the Starwing Knights, in addition to Xiao Cao, and Xiaomi who accidentally met Yun Xi, all of the 17 girls of the Starwing Knights successfully entered the second round, letting many audiences see the strength of the knights with their own eyes.

Amongst the 64 candidates, the Starwing Knights occupy almost one-third of the places, which represents the highest level of force of the whole kingdom.

For some reason, including Ling Ling and Mei Lan, many noble girls of the Starwing Knights did not attend the Championship Knight Competition.

In the second round, contrary to the draw in the first round, Yun Xi was the first.

His opponent is one of the most popular candidates, Kingfisher, a mysterious elf from the Western God's Domain.

Now, he was looking at Yun Xi with a strange look.

"You are not a woman, are you?" The elf's sense is keen, or it's because he was mistaken to be a woman too many times.

"Yes, it's clear on my application form that I'm a male." Looking around at the crowd who were whistling and cheering, Yun Xi shrugged his shoulders.

Shaheen is obviously a male name. Why do you think I'm Zaro's sister?

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