Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 715

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Chapter 715: Dragon Roar

"Ha ha!" Looking at Red Stone, Desert Dragon Zaka dismissively reached out her left hand.

"What!" At this time, Red Stone found that things were not right. His skill had no effect on the little guy.

No, it's not ineffective, it's immune to it all.

Ten times of gravity absorption, additional magnetic field suppression, for her as if his secret skill does not exist!

What kind of physique is this? Does that tiny body contain such a huge power?!

"Pat!" It's the sound of something being compressed to the limit and then popping out.

It's not any magic, it's not magic, it's not even a secret skill.

Zaka simply compressed the air between the fingers and ejected it.

"Bang!" The huge chains on Red Stone's body were broken without any omen, which couldn't even be easily destroyed by common god weapons.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! " The air ejected by her, just like the invincible bullets, completely smashed Red Stone's arms.

"Ha!" Finally Red Stone realized how terrible his opponent was. He roared and launched the three basic secrets of the Red Steel Genre at once.

"Lava skin", "Red Steel Blood" and "Lava Breath".

Red steel can't be refined!

At any time, do not believe in the outside power. The ultimate power that Red Steel Genre pursues is to strengthen their bodies into god-weapon-like weapons and awaken the original giant power.

Fake Hard Body! This is a new skill he enlightened after the battle with Xiao Cao, and also the power pursued by the geniuses of the Red Steel Genre!

The ejected air bombarded Red Stone's body and made deep holes, which forced Red Stone to retreat continuously.

Red Stone couldn't believe his eyes, but his body told him that in less than ten seconds, his defense would collapse completely.

Even the fake Hard Body can't resist the seemingly random pinkie. What a terrible power!

However, because of this, Red Stone became more excited.

Yes, it's this power, this sense of oppression.

Red Steel Genre is eager for such a battle!

Now, he has burst out 100% of his power, but it is not enough!

More, more power!

The red muscle was bulging to the extent that looked frightening. Red Stone embraced his head with both hands, made a deafening roar, and launched a fearless charge towards Zaka.

Red Steel Blood, never retreat!

"Haha..." Looking at Red Stone, she slowly put down her small hand and inhaled.


That's ten times louder than the roar of Red Stone, which can be heard even by people in a far away from the city.

It's the roar of the most terrifying and powerful creature at the top of the pyramid of the world's biological chain.

Without any magic, this roar is the strength, the will incarnation of declaring and disdaining all lower creatures.

Dragon roar!

Red Stone, whose height was more than three meters and weight were ten times more than ordinary people, was blown away like a man made of paper in front of the roar of the dragon, disappearing into the sky.

This is the power of the dragon. Even in her human form, it can bring disaster.

"It's good as a warm-up." Zaka came down from the arena and sat next to Yun Xi with a little humming.

The whole arena became silent for a while, even half of the audience was stunned by Zaka's roar.

If it wasn't for the magic shield that was protecting the audience, the roar would have blood-washed the whole arena.

When Yun Xi stepped onto the arena, people still hadn't recover from the roar.

"Ask in advance, can you also use that skill?" Yun Xi's opponent was a civilian girl in the Starwing Knights.

After feeling the dragon roar at a close distance, she still had the courage to stand on the arena. Yun Xi is very proud of her as a member of the Starwing Knights.

Even in the face of a monster, she didn't lose her will to fight.

So, what reward should I give her? Yun Xi smiled and reached out to her.

He can also compress air and launch it, but that's too bullying.

The girl hasn't reached the hero rank, it's better to appease her gently.

"Whoa... I'm still immature, please don't be too violent." For some reason, the girl always felt that the mysterious man in front of her gave her a wonderful sense of kindness.

Why? It's the first time for her to meet him, but she naturally felt that she wouldn't be in danger.

"Then, I will choose the soft attack." Yun Xi's palm was raised slightly and then dropped slightly.

"Gee!" The girl felt as if she had been touched by something soft on her chest, and then her whole body was shocked. She lost control of her body completely and fell down uncontrollably.

Soft Water Palm!

Pressing one hand on the girl's shoulder, Yun Xi overwhelmed the girl's body.

This process was beautiful and gentle, and even didn't make the girl feel the slightest pain.

The talent of the Soft Body is now fully developed by Yun Xi.

"Hum... When you fought with me, you were not so gentle, Shaheen." Zaka puffed up her cheeks and remembers the fight before.

"Throw in the towel?" Yun Xi smiled at the girl who was pushed down by himself.

"I give up!" The girl had a fever on her cheek, especially where her chest was touched just now, it was like a high fever.

Yun Xi won.

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