Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 714

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Chapter 714: When the Battle Is Going On

This session of the Champion Knight Competition was hailed as the highest level in the history of the kingdom.

Xiao Cao, the most popular candidate, is recognized as the number one in the Starwing Knights.

Maybe she is inferior to Hua Yue in team battles, but when it comes to one-on-one combat, no one can dare to say that they are stronger than her.

The second most popular candidate is Lvluo, the strongest mercenary in the whole kingdom. As the only elf in this world, his strength is unpredictable.

Just in time, Yun Xi also knows who Lvluo is. He is the beautiful elf who he once met outside the White Lotus Sword Palace, a mysterious elf from the Western God's domain.

His real name, oh, Yun Xi remembered that it is Kingfisher. He's the first elf he met in the real world, who has a beauty beyond race and gender.

The last one, well, Yun Xi is also known.

Quran, a transfer student from a remote god's domain.

These three people all have the strength to become the champion knight.

However, there are monsters in this Championship Knight Competition.

It's a monster that can crush everything with her physical strength. She has not even pulled out the god weapon she carries.

Yun Xi, just looking at her, he can almost imagine that this mysterious girl swept her opponent all the way to win the competition with overwhelming strength.

As for the fact that he is also a monster... it is naturally forgotten selectively by him.

In fact, it's the same as he inferred.


"Oh!" Quran brandished his black threaded long lance and skillfully stirred up his opponent, and then smashed his opponent to the ground.

"Bang!" Accompanied by the sound of broken bones, this blow makes his opponent completely lose his combat effectiveness.

It's this feeling! It's this momentum! Quran raised his long lance high with excitement!

As the great dark fury beast, bloodthirsty hunter, it's never a problem for him to be the champion knight.

Only that elf is qualified to be his opponent.

He will create his own hero legend here!

He will become a more powerful hero than that prince. He will kill the dragon, marry the princess and achieve the peak of his life!


The elf hung the sharp bowstring on his opponent's neck and announced with a soft voice.

"It's over! You lose!"

"So fast..." The knight in heavy armor failed to capture the elf's figure from the beginning to the end. His sword and shield were totally vulnerable to the elf's elegant attack.

This battle, from the beginning to the end, took only ten seconds.

Looking at the elf's breathtaking face, the knight suddenly put down his sword, knelt on one knee, and sent a bold message to the beautiful elf,

"Marry me, and I will give you all I have!"

Lvluo showed a helpless expression. He had met too many similar scenes.

"I'm not a female!"

"Ah... How could... " The knight gaped at the elf's sharp ears, slender figure, and the beautiful face that enchanted all living beings.

How could such a beautiful person be a man!

"I'm sorry, you should leave." Kingfisher waved his longbow and directly beat the knight down the challenge arena.

Why do humans always make the same mistakes?


"Ooo... I must have drawn fake lots!" A girl in white deerskin armour looked at her opponent. She only wanted to cry at this moment.

As a member of the Starwing Knights, she clearly knew that she had no chance to win this opponent!

Xiao Cao, the deputy leader of the Starwing Knights, and the first genius of the Starwing Knights!

Apart from Hua Yue, all the other members have been beaten up by this extraordinary deputy leader for many times in training.

"I'll be gentle." Xiao Cao nodded first, then held the god weapon in her hand with a charging gesture.

"Shuffle!" With a flashing light throughout the arena, she solved the battle in one second.

"Deputy leader, that's not gentle at all!" The girl who had been beaten to fly in the sky cried before landing.


In the penultimate round, Desert Dragon Zaka's turn finally started.

"At last!"

Zaka licked her lips and warmed up.

Her opponent is also known to Yun Xi.

Red Stone, the man of Red Steel Genre, who once forced Xiao Cao into a desperate situation for a time in the Battle God's Championship Contest.

In this world, he still has a huge body that can make people feel fear. Three meters tall body gives people a sense of terror and oppression.

On the reddish red skin, the lava-like lines are clearer than when Yun Xi first saw him. Obviously, after the battle with Xiao Cao, his "lava skin" has been further improved.

"Well, he looks similar to you, Shaheen." She looked at the big man with great interest and jumped into the huge arena.

"Ah... Why is it a little guy? " Red Stone looked at Zaka, whose height doesn't even reach his waist, with a disappointed look on his face.

In any case, this little woman is not a strong warrior he wants to fight against.

"Little?" Desert Dragon Zaka had an evil smile on her lips.

Just because she's gentle with Yun Xi doesn't mean she'll be so nice to other people.

Don't forget where the name of "evil dragon" came from.

"I'll beat you down in one stroke!" Red Stone's skin instantly warmed up, showing a red similar to that of cooked prawns, and the fists suddenly stroked each other.

Huge metal boxers emit white smoke, and the gravity around them begins to twist.

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