Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 721

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Chapter 721: Jealous Zaka

"I'm sorry." Yun Xi looked at Kingfisher.

Under normal conditions, with Kingfisher's physique, it was impossible for him to be knocked out after being strangled.

The reason for this unexpected result is that he was so confident, that he was hit by Yun Xi's Soft Water Palm continuously.

It seems that Soft Water Palm is far less impressive than the outbreak attack of the Hard Body, but the actual lethality is not low at all.

Kingfisher doesn't have the same monster-like physique as Desert Dragon Zaka. After being hit by the Soft Water Palm three times in a row, the only result was to be stunned.

"Your close combat skills are terrible... " Kingfisher shook his head, as his dizziness hadn't disappeared yet.

Although as an elf archer, his close combat ability is at the first-class level, however, Yun Xi's close combat ability is at the grand-master-class.

Probably only Yun Xi didn't realize how strong the Soft Body was.

Even Kingfisher, whose speed is so fast that people can't lock his position with the naked eye, is defeated by the Water God Dance.

"You're an archer, are you? I'm just good at close combat." Yun Xi was not proud at all. He didn't feel that he had won a great victory.

He just beat an archer at close combat, how could it be called a victory?

"I won't be within a kilometer of you if I meet you on the battlefield." Moving his paralyzed hands and feet, Kingfisher felt that the blood flow in his body had not returned to normal.

Now he realized how he lost.

He didn't expect that without the power of any god weapon, Yun Xi accomplished a great task that no demon could accomplish - beat him down.

If they encountered each other on the real battlefield... Kingfisher could imagine what would happen to him.

"Well, it's over?"

"Isn't the elf an archer? Why did he rush up to fight with his opponent? He was sure to lose!"

"Shaheen, that was a beautiful skill!"

"Oh, look at his leg, his body..."

Ah, Yun Xi seemed to hear some unexpected gasps from the audience. Why are you so excited?!

"It seems that the champion of this competition will be you or your sister." Kingfisher shook hands with Yun Xi with great grace.

It is his persistence to stand up from wherever he falls.

It is also his style to recognize the enemy's advantages and develop the most appropriate tactics.

Now, Kingfisher remembered it.

No matter what time, don't enter into close combat with the "Shaheen" in front of him!

If he really meets Shaheen on the battlefield, his best choice would be locking Shaheen's head with his god weapon from kilometers away and shooting at it.

Whether human beings or elves, they can grow up with constant setbacks.

"Ah, Zaro..." Yun Xi looked at Zaka, who was pawing at him from a distance.

He just wanted to go shopping and walk happily in the last free time before the wedding.

Even if he won the mysterious girl Zaro once again, his wish was just to let her go shopping and walk with him.

Why did the original plan become to go to this competition here?

What's wrong? Why did I agree with her?

As a prince, the future king of this kingdom, I really failed.

Sure enough, you don't have noble grace and royal demeanor in your bones, Yun Xi. You are not qualified to be the prince.

"Humph, are you fascinated by that elf?" Yun Xi just came back to Zaka, the jealous girl pinched his cheek and questioned.

"No, absolutely not!" Yun Xi firmly denied.

"He's a man!"

"Yes, he's a man. Don't be fooled by appearances like those stupid people." Desert Dragon Zaka smelt the smell on his body. Humph, it's the smell of the forest.

If she didn't see the fight, she suddenly found that Yun Xi came home with such a smell.

The rage of Desert Dragon Zaka will be on soon!

"He is also troubled by this. Why don't people understand it? He is such an excellent man!"

"No, you are wrong, the Elf is a very dangerous creature. Shaheen, stay away from this guy in the future!" She was jealous.

As expected, never be careless with any elf!

She knew that elves didn't need sex to reproduce at all.

Because, the elf race is not viviparous or oviparous, they grow on trees.

The so-called elves are fruits, fruits! The beautiful fruits bred by the world tree of the elf race!

They only choose their own gender when they are in love. People must not be cheated by this!

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