Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 711

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Chapter 711: Yun Xi's Requirement

"Don't get me wrong, we can't get married." Looking at Desert Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi quickly explained.

This is the trial world, not a place to talk about love.

The wedding with the Queen of Assyria is only a "ceremony", at least, Yun Xi thinks so.

"Then what do you want?" She became more confused.

He doesn't want territory, treasure, nor proposal, so why did he fight?

"I don't want any spoils..." He sighs helplessly as he looks at Zaka's confused face.

Which isolated tribe is this girl from? She is too lacking in some common sense!

"Ah... Then, stay with me for a day. This is the booty I want." He shrugged his shoulders and said a condition that anyone could simply do.

"I see... I will stay with you for a day." Her little face turned red instantly as if she misunderstood something.

Well, that's good. Yun Xi thought it was over, and the other side was really a sensible girl...

Yes, it's too urgent to propose at the beginning. It's better to start with a date.

Zaka looked at him with expectations.

Well, it's a little misunderstanding, based on the difference between the morality of the dragons and that of human beings.

After buying two sets of almost identical desert-style cloaks, he and Zaka once again stepped into the city.

"Haha." She accepted his invitation and put on the desert-style cloak, then smiled like a child.

Isn't this the legendary couple outfit?!

Well, sure enough, they have a good understanding. This is the first step of a perfect date.

He didn't think so much about it. He chose this kind of cloak just because it can hide his identity.

Two people walk together in the street, and the people around will subconsciously separate the way for the two "monsters".

"Why did you come to the capital?" He asked her with curiosity.

"I'm for the prince..." Zaka bit her tongue.

She almost exposed that her intention was to destroy the city.

Well, for the sake of the person beside her, she decided to forgive the ants in the city generously.

But the prince must die!

"My sisters have some interest in the prince."

Oh, what a perfect topic shift! She cheered for her wit.

"Your sisters are interested in the prince?" Yun Xi had an odd look on his face.

"Yes, they are all interested in the prince and are ready to have a warm exchange with him."

It's mainly the interest of killing that prince thousands of times. Haha, it's a perfect excuse.

"In fact, the king is very popular." Zaka licked her lips. For thousands of years, the prince was the first person who dared to break into the dragon's nest.

"Are you interested in the prince, too?" His mouth was twisted.

Sometimes, it's not a good thing that he is so popular. Has his reputation already spread to the isolated desert tribe?

"Well, I'm interested." There was a dangerous light in the eyes of Desert Dragon Zaka.

"If that prince comes to my house, he will be treated with the highest hospitality." She was full of malice.

"Do you really like the prince so much?" Yun Xi looked at Zaka with a strange look.

If her sisters are all monsters like her, they may have the power to fight against the dragon with him.

"Of course, I like him very much." Zaka showed her tiny fangs. As long as the prince dares to come to the dragon's nest... oh, she hasn't decided whether she should steam him, fry him, or eat him with sauce.

Somehow, Yun Xi suddenly had a cold wind behind her.

He looked around doubtfully and found no abnormality.

However, he understood that the girl beside him was admiring the prince very much.

From his point of view, this is just the fantasy of the innocent girl to the so-called "Prince Charming".

His identity as a prince is purely set by the world background.

He didn't learn any royal etiquette or have special charming abilities. In fact, he was just the owner of a bakery a few months ago.

Sorry, I'm not the Prince Charming you imagined. He said sorry to the girls in his heart.

After that, he and Zaka began to visit the city.

"What's that? It looks delicious!"

"How can I eat this fruit?"

"Whoa... It's delicious. I remember it, this food is called ice cream!"

The tour with Desert Dragon Zaka can be summed up in three words, "eat, eat, eat".

Yun Xi watched Zaka sweep away a lot of barbecues and fruits. Calculating the amount of food she ate, the size of the food she had eaten is already more than her body size.

How can she eat so much food? Is her stomach linking with a black hole?

Sitting on Zaka's opposite side, he seriously pondered the mystery.

"Ah..." After finishing half of the eighth ice cream, she noticed her image.

"Give you half!" In a hurry, she picked up the spoon and sent half of the remaining ice cream to his mouth.

"Ah..." Yun Xi ate this scoop of ice cream that Zaka sent to his mouth.

Vanilla, sweet taste.

"Well, that should be enough." After feeding him three spoons of ice cream, she continued to enjoy the rest with satisfaction.

Well, she seemed to forget that all the food was bought by Yun Xi.

However, that kind of silly and lovely appearance also makes him feel relaxed.

Contrary to her strong power, Zaka's character is imprudent.

This time with her is like walking with a curious dog, full of joy.

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