Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 712

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Chapter 712: Martial Arts Competition

In the Starwing Knights, there is also such a bold girl who is always imprudent: Ling Ling, the Secretary of the Starwing Knights.

However, compared with Ling Ling, Zaka gave Yun Xi a kind of non-human feeling and she has monster-like strength.

Apart from him, she doesn't look at anyone, as if they are just ants.

Proud and pure.

Reckless and dangerous.

Her eyes are full of inhumane atmosphere, but when she ate ice cream, her eyes squinted with sweet happiness, as if they were going to melt.

She's so lovely.

He looked at Zaka, who was eating the 10th ice cream, and smiled.

When he stayed with her, all the pressures and troubles flapped away from his heart.

He has been missing this feeling for a long time.

By the way, her feelings for Yun Xi are similar to his first love, his invincible childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo.

If Hua Huo didn't meet him in her childhood, maybe her temperament will also be the same as Zaka's?

Looking at her, he seems to see another possible posture of Hua Huo in the parallel world.

It's really strange. It's their first time for them to meet, but just watching her eating ice cream like this could make him feel happy.

At the same time, Zaka's angel.

Ice cream is delicious! It's amazing that such wonderful food was invented by human beings.

I just wanted to have a big fight at this prince's wedding. If I could kill the prince, it would be better, now it seems that I need to add another goal - eat enough.

Well, for the sake of those human beings who can make such wonderful food, I may need to recruit some human beings to make delicious food for me every day.

Strange, why does he look at me like this?

What's strange about the way I eat? I just ate such little food. Isn't he out of money?

She licked her lips and tentatively asked Yun Xi, "I can pay if you don't have enough money."

"No, I just think you look lovely when you eat ice cream." He replied with a smile. In this world, money is just a number for him. He never needs to worry about this in this trial world.

"Ok, let’s eat!" She ordered a lot more ice cream, smiling happily.

It took about a minute before she realized what he had said.


Is that about her?

The tyrannosaurus dragon, which dominates the desert and will only bring fear and despair to people!

She never imagined that as a dragon, she would one day be said to be lovely.

This, this is really too shameful!

"Ah... Woo... " The delicious ice cream has another special taste in her mouth now.

It's the sour and sweet taste that she had never felt, which does not belong to any taste system.

In the dragon's nest, the green light reappeared on the head of the giant dragon.




One flash, two flash, three flash. It was expected to take some time to hatch the blue ice dragon egg, but now, the eggshell began to become thinner and thinner at the speed visible to the naked eye.

Even the outermost part of the eggshell has begun to crack.

The same changes have also occurred in the fire dragon egg and the black dragon egg.

"Delicious!" After eating about 30 ice creams, tasting all the flavors of ice cream in this shop once, Zaka finally put down the spoon with satisfaction.

It's not that she can't eat anymore. Compared with her huge true body, even if she eats all the desserts in this shop, she won't even feel full.

What makes her satisfied is the unforgettable taste, as well as the strange feeling of being watched by Yun Xi.

In other words, it wasn't ice cream that filled her belly, but something else.

Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to understand a person.

Sometimes, it only needs a date in the dessert shop.

"It's really similar..." Looking at Zaka, who was greatly satisfied by the ice cream, Yun Xi naturally came up with Hua Huo in his mind.

The more he watched her, the more similarities he could find.

"Where to go next?" She naturally extended her hand. Once she recognized each other, she would not care too much about physical contact.

"Hum... let's take a walk." Yun Xi doesn't have a fixed destination either. In the end, it's just a free trip before marriage. It's a day off for him.

"Then go to the martial arts competition." She excitedly called out her destination this time.

"Martial arts competition? What is that?" Yun Xi knew little about this kingdom's traditions, so he asked and looked at Zaka.

"It's a very interesting competition. In order to celebrate the prince's wedding, all the martial artists come from all over the kingdom. Let's go! Why don't we also register and enjoy it?!"

Beat down all the human beings in this kingdom by using her human shape, there is no more enjoyable activity than this!

"Hey, wait!" He was pulled by her all the way to the big arena on the west side of the city.

Before arriving at the arena, Yun Xi heard the voices of people.

"Come and sign up soon. The martial arts competition will begin soon!"

"There are many experts participating in this event. This is a once-in-a-century event!"

"If you bet now, you'll get rich overnight. Come on, this is the latest odds!"

"The number one player is Xiao Cao, deputy leader of the Starwing Knights. She is recognized as a superhero ranked martial artist!"

"The second most popular player is the mysterious elf mercenary, Lvluo!"

"The third favorite is Prince Quran, the descendant of the Assyrian royal family. Although he is not the real prince, he has royal blood!"

"Who will be the champion knight? Everything will be revealed today!"

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