Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 710

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Chapter 710: Spoils

"Tell me, what do you want?" After eating all the fish Yun Xi grilled, Zaka wiped her mouth and said in a natural tone.

The competition between the dragon and the dragon is bound to decide the winner and the loser.

The winner has the right to make any demands on the loser, and the loser can only accept these demands unconditionally.

Most of the time, the winner's requirements are wealth, territory and so on, and a few of them are other requirements.

The winner is the king, which is the general rule of the dragon race. It is also the rule that is true in the entire endless god's domains.

The winner gets everything.

And the loser loses everything.

Human rights? Morality? The dragons don't mind it.

If you want to be a dragon knight, you have to have the ability to defeat a dragon. Otherwise, the proud dragons will never let people ride on themselves.

The so-called Dragon Knights in the endless god's domains are mostly subspecies such as earth dragons, and bipedal flying dragons. Those who can really obtain a giant dragon as a mount are monsters in the hero rank.

Desert Dragon Zaka is a powerful dragon bred by the real original dragon, the disaster dragon in the desert field.

Yun Xi defeated her in a one-on-one battle, which means he has the qualification to become a real dragon knight.

Even in all the endless god's domains, this achievement is enough to be epic.

Unfortunately, he didn't realize this at all. He thought that he was just lucky enough to win.

"What do I want?" Yun Xi looked blank at her. He just wanted to verify his combat power after obtaining Starwings.

I didn't think about any spoils from the beginning.

"Don't go too far. I'll give you half of my treasure at most." For Desert Dragon Zaka, the treasure collected from the whole continent is her most precious treasure.

No matter what dragon it is, from the weakest white dragon to Yasha the Dragon God, dragons like all kinds of precious treasures.

Diamond, gold, emerald, ruby, sapphire.

A human's god weapon, the essence of stars, all kinds of legacy of mysterious power.

The dragon race has a natural habit of collecting these treasures, which is an incurable habit. Only the good dragons will collect these treasures by proper means, while the evil dragons will rob them by any means.

There is no doubt that Zaka is an evil dragon. When she sees something she likes, she will steal it.

This is her nature. Anyway, human beings in her eyes are ants, do you feel guilty for robbing the gem in the ant nest?

"I don't need treasure." He shook his head. He didn't know how rich the girl in front of him was, but he didn't lack money.

Well, at least in this trial world, he is not short of money.

"Then, do you want my land? My territory can be divided into half of yours." She frowned and began to talk reluctantly.

Her territory has now occupied about a third of the continent. There may be more gems in her territory than in her treasury, but they have not been discovered.

However, the short-lived species do not have the time to excavate minerals and collect gems slowly. Only long-life beings like her can enjoy the process of digging gems.

"No need." Yun Xi shook his head. He is about to ascend the throne. How can he rob a girl's money and territory?!

"Why... You want none of them?" For Zaka, this is a very novel experience.

Amongst dragons, apart from treasure and territory, what can be the reason for fighting?

Her face suddenly turned red.

"Do you want to..." From the dragon's way of thinking, no treasure, no territory, then his intention is...

"You... do you want to marry me? " Zaka stuttered and looked at him in disbelief.

The male announced his power to the female, indicating that he had the ability to breed excellent offspring with the female, and had the ability to protect the wealth and territory of both sides.

This is the general marriage proposal method of the dragon race.

However, the only problem is that most of the time, males can't beat females.

Because of the preference of Yasha the Dragon God, most of the female dragons in the endless god's domains are stronger than the males.

If a male dragon wants to propose to a female dragon by force, the success rate will not be even one-thousandth.

The male dragon is more likely to be favored by the female dragon by showing his wealth and territory.

Yun Xi beat Desert Dragon Zaka and showed his talent and fighting ability. If he is a dragon, he really has the qualification to propose to her.

"Get married..." He can't help but smile bitterly. He is going to get married. Yes, but he is targeting the terrible Queen of Assyria.

Unfortunately, His wry smile is regarded as the smile of acquiescence in Zaka's eyes.

"This... this... well..." Zaka looked left and right, and then seriously thought about whether to accept his proposal.

Probably from birth to now, Desert Dragon Zaka has never had such a complex thought. The temperature of her forehead began to rise in a straight line, and all of them produced steam on her head that could be recognized by the naked eye.

Well, power, good.

Physical fitness, also good.

The fighting skill, in terms of human beings, is absolutely outstanding and superb. Not everyone dares to fight with the dragon.

Lifestyle... it seems that the style of his clothes doesn't look bad.

But... isn't it too fast to propose now? They just met each other not long ago!

Even the Dragon wants to be concerned with love and romance!

Love at first sight... will it really happen in the real world?

With the poor thinking ability of Zaka, it is beyond her comprehension.

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