Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 707

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Chapter 707: Sword



After performing this secret skill, Yun Xi breathed heavily, and the compressed air in his lungs was released.

Concentrate on it, gallop on the earth like a running thunder beast. Compared with the Thunder Explosion, which is a long-range attack, the Thunder Walk tests the strength and explosive power of the body and has a stronger suppression effect on the enemy.

Destroy the opponent's resistance with crushing momentum.

If you want to use it, you have to be crazy.




Under the ruins of the cliff, which was smashed by him, the earth and the mountains shook, as if there were some huge things turning over, releasing a dangerous atmosphere that can make people tremble.

"Errrrghhhh!" That's the roar of Desert Dragon Zaka, that's the roar of the soul frightening dragon.

The small mountain piled up with gravel was shaking violently, and a human figure rose to the sky.

Her clothes were ragged clothes, her arms and long legs were exposed in the air. Obviously, she was dragged for such a long distance, but there were still no scars on the sandy brown skin.

"You did well, it hurt me." Zaka simply pulled off her cape hood, and showed her true face.

She had a long pigtail that looked like a dragon's horn, and a pair of long, pointed ears. No matter the color of hair or the color of the eyes, they look like the color of endless yellow sand. This is the human posture of Desert Dragon Zaka, the overlord of the desert.

It is worth noting that her hands were covered with a pair of black claws. The sharp claw shapes are just as ferocious as dragon claws.

A pair of god weapons? The moment he noticed the black claws, his instinct warned him.

It's a pair of good weapons that can tear up his body easily. He must pay attention to them.

In addition to the claws, Zaka carried a long black sword behind her. The body of the sword was like a huge section of deformed steel, and it also bifurcates a secondary edge which looked like a dragon's horn.

The hilt of the sword is inlaid with a yellow pearl of the same color as her eyes and hair, in which he could see the reflection of endless sandstorms faintly.

Just looking at the sword, Yun Xi can judge that it is a higher level of god weapon than the degenerated king's black flame sword.

The level of the girl in front of him is far higher than that of the degenerated king. Even if the king burns himself to ashes, he can't be a match for her.

The fight just now can't even be called a warm-up for her.

Sure enough, even if he can use the power of the Battle God's Seed, he has just stepped into the threshold of the hero rank. Even a random girl he met in the street is so powerful.

"It's your turn!" At this moment, Zaka was already out of anger.

At her feet, countless sand gathered to wrap her body, and in an instant, a yellow sand giant of more than 10 meters tall was assembled.

Then, imitating his move, she ran into him recklessly.

There is no skill to speak of, and is not at the same level as Yun Xi's Thunder Walk at all.

However, After gaining hundreds of times of weight, Zaka becomes a desert giant. Even just her moving is equivalent to a small natural disaster.

Yun Xi blew and bombarded the body of the yellow sand giant, only scattering about one-tenth of its surface shell. Then he was pushed back by Desert Dragon Zaka.


The scene just now was almost exactly replayed at this moment. He was overwhelmed by the huge power and he could hardly use any skills in this situation. Once again, he felt a total suppression.

Fortunately, Zaka's head doesn't seem to be smart. She doesn't calculate the route at all and pushed him by brute force. It's not the same thing at all as Yu Xi's Thunder Walk.




He continuously punched and bombarded the yellow sand giant's body.

"No use! No use! No use!" Zaka shouted excitedly.

The power of gathering dust is Zaka's natural ability. No matter how many times he attacked the sand, it was useless.

I can't break it! Yun Xi also realized this. Bright red blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth, which was a sign of visceral injury.

Zaka's power is not something that the human body can resist. It is just like the brute force of natural disasters.

Only the same force of natural disasters can fight against it!

The force leads to the river of endless time, beyond the power of the world!


In response to his voice, the shadow of the god sword appeared in his hands.

"What's that!" The moment Starwings appeared, Desert Dragon Zaka felt a great crisis for the first time.

That sword is not right. It's too weird.

On the transparent sword body, what emerges is a color that can't be described by words.

When the blazing blade tearing the barriers of time and space and coming to the world, something ineffable seems to have also been summoned.

In the flying wings, Yun Xi waved his sword at Zaka.

The giant's gravel shell was torn like paper before the airflow released by Starwings.

Spread out the transparent wings, the birds coming from the long river of the time rush to hit Zaka's body and then burst.

Even Zaka's strong body can't stop the penetration of the indescribable force, and she instantly felt the fatal crisis.

The yellow sand giant didn't last for three seconds. It soon disintegrated and revealed the real body of Desert Dragon Zaka inside.

"Impossible!" Zaka screamed and her right hand stretched back, trying to pull out the spiral sword engraved with dust beads.

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