Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 708

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Chapter 708: Zaka's Unique Skill

Don't imagine that it is possible!

Yun Xi realized that there might be some terrible power hidden in the sword, he wouldn't give her the chance to use it.

Before Zaka pulled out the sword, he had grabbed her right hand.

Her weakness is close combat, which is the flaw he detected after the fight.

Although he wondered why her physical strength is so strong, her weak point is her close combat technology, he didn't hesitate to take advantage of it.

Without giving Zaka any chance to touch the sword behind her, Yun Xi gave up the chance to use Starwings to attack her, but turned her right hand over and then crushed her to the ground.

For ordinary people, this joint skill has already announced her defeat.

But Zaka's body structure is obviously abnormal. Her right-hand joint was turned over and even made a chilling sound, but she didn't want to give up. She gave her left hand a full blow to the ground and started to roll on the ground.

Yun Xi didn't expect this. Rolling in this situation... does she really want to lose her right hand?

What's more, how can her rolling be so skillful!

With a roar, Desert Dragon Zaka rolled into the deep of the canyon with Yun Xi.

For the first time encountering such a move, Yun Xi grabbed Zaka's right hand, and grabbed her neck and entangled her legs with his legs.

Even so, he still couldn’t prevent Zaka's crazy rolling. Even though her whole body can move freely with only the left hand, her rolling is still powerful and crazy.

In the whirling of the sky and the earth, Yun Xi was also rolled with her. If it wasn't because of his Hard Body, maybe he would be killed by her rolling.

Desert Dragon Zaka wants to turn the balance, so she rolls continuously.

Yun Xi must continue to suppress the opponent, so he can only roll together with her.

One person rolling becomes two people's rolling!


The gravel hill was knocked over by them!


One side of the canyon was run over by the two people!

It's no use to lock her throat?

He silently looked at Zaka's neck, which looked so thin, but felt like a giant dragon's neck when he tried to choke her. It's totally wrong!

"Hey!" Looking at the hand on his neck, Zaka opened her mouth and bit down.

No human can withstand the bite of a dragon's tooth!

Unfortunately, she forgot one thing.

She is in her human shape. It's impossible for human beings to bite the part under their neck! It goes against the limit of human structure!

So, she just bit the air, plus her own tongue.

"Gawai!" Zaka gave a scream, for the first time, she was bleeding in this battle.

No way to choke her! I have to fight!

He had to give up his plan of choking her. He waved his fist and smashed it on her head.

"Bang!" The effect is immediate. Although Zaka's physical strength is powerful, her head, to be exact, the part inside the head is not so invincible.

She felt a sharp pain on her head and her sight became dizzy.

It's effective! He kept smashing after realizing it!

"Ah ah ah!" Her sense of direction was totally confused, and she crazily rolled in all directions on the ground!

They broke through the cliff of the canyon and rolled away into the distance.




A quarter of an hour later, with a crash, and the couple fell into the water together.


Zaka made a scream and the strength of her rolling was greatly reduced. Plus the 1356th blow from Yun Xi, she finally fainted.

Desert Dragon Zaka is not good at fighting in water, which is a secret that no one knows.

After all, she is Desert Dragon Zaka, not Water Dragon Zaka.

There is no way to breathe in the water, how can there be creatures living in the water?

Zaka totally doesn't understand this.

The invincible Desert Dragon Zaka on the land is actually a landlubber in the water.

"Guru guru!" Although Yun Xi was exhausted, he still dragged Zaka's body when he climbed up from the river.

"So hard..." This is his deepest impression of the girl's head.

His fists were swollen and he still hadn't defeated the mysterious girl. If she didn't faint in the water, he had no way to win.

He even doubted whether he was cursed and his attack power had been weakened by 99%.

Yun Xi tentatively punched the river in front of him.

"Boom!" The huge river was cut off halfway, and even some areas had been turned back. This is the power of the Hard Body, which is as unstoppable as thunder.

"Oh, my attack isn't weakened." Yun Xi looked at his fist and the mysterious girl's head. He really admired the defense of her head.

If he didn't use his god weapon, Starwings, he was afraid that even if she let him punch her, he couldn't beat her to death. What an amazing vitality this is.

Fortunately, she didn't pull out the sword in the end, otherwise, she may really be able to defeat him.

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