Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 706

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Chapter 706: Thunder Walk

"I will show you what the real rage is... " Zaka licked her lips, and the dust began to swirl under her feet.

In the Grand Canyon, the temperature rose at an amazing speed.

"As expected, she is very strong... " Yun Xi felt as if he wasn't facing a girl but facing a huge monster.

Stimulated by the Battle God's Seed in his body, his body temperature was also rising, and the huge blood force was running and roaring in his body like mountain torrents.

Now, even if he wanted to stop, he can't do it.

Once this combat is started, there must be a winner and a loser!

"Be careful not to be run over by me." Desert Dragon Zaka sneered.

The dragon's attack has always been stronger, stronger and stronger.

Even if she becomes a human, Desert Dragon Zaka is also a dragon. Her strength won't be weakened by this.

"Ha!" There was a trace of gravel on the ground. Desert Dragon Zaka raised her slender finger and made a distant stroke towards him.

"Boom!" A huge fingermark of more than 10 meters long exploded in front of him, which is a strike containing the power of dragon claw. If he was a common hero ranked fighter, he would have been torn to pieces.

Yun Xi's fearless boxing shows the bullying characteristics of the Hard Body.

You are strong? I'm stronger!

No matter what kind of attack she uses, he will fight back!

This is the essence of the Hard Body!

On the red ground, a punch with a depth of up to 10 meters was blasted, which was the most favorable reply of his to the provocation of Desert Dragon Zaka.

Controlling the consumption to the most accurate level is also the talent given by the Battle God to Yun Xi.

"Oh... my feeling is right." Desert Dragon Zaka was satisfied to see that he didn't even step back.

Dragon mother, this opponent is worth a fight!

"Click!" After releasing the most powerful fist in his life, he stepped forward and his blood became more restless.

The Battle God's Seed runs faster in his body, releasing a steady stream of explosive power.

Speed up! Speed up! Speed up!

Break out! Break out! Break out again!

Releasing the power of the Hard Body!

Just like the sound of thunder, he rushed to Desert Dragon Zaka in an instant, and gave Zaka a left to right spin kick, which hit her arm firmly.

The intense collision of the Hard body and the body.

The dragon body and the Hard Body face to face.

The powers of both sides surprised each other.

How can it be so hard? It's even harder than the degenerated king's armor! - Yun Xi.

Is he really a human being? Is this guy also the incarnation of some kind of monster? - Desert Dragon Zaka.

With her arms raised, Zaka bounced his feet back.

In terms of strength, maybe I'm a little weaker than her!

He was surprised to find that there is actually a girl whose own physical strength is not inferior to the Hard Body.

However, the gap is still within an acceptable range.

This gap in power can be made up through combat techniques.

Taking back his right leg, Yun Xi gathered his whole body's strength into his shoulders, and hit Desert Dragon Zaka's body heavily.


The girl's strength is even stronger than his, but it seems that she is not used to close combat, which has become her weakness in his eyes.

"Ga!" Desert Dragon Zaka had never fought close combat with her opponent at this distance. Her whole body was knocked back several steps.

What a shame! As a giant dragon, she was knocked back by a human! Although she is in her human shape now, her strength is still a 50-meter-long dragon's strength!

Is this guy's real body a 50-meter-tall giant?

After breaking her balance, he swept her feet without hesitation.

After that, he grabbed Zaka's body as soon as she fell to the ground due to her balance breaking.

In the next moment, a column of black ash and steam rose over the canyon, which was the trace of him dragging Zaka's body forward and tearing the earth.




As if there were thunder falling, it was the roar of wild thunder!

With each step, his speed will be faster and faster. This is a skill that can only be formed by the perfect combination of speed, strength, and skill.

"Boom!" Desert Dragon Zaka's body was swung and hit hard into the front of the cliff at the end of the canyon. The solid cliff was torn apart by her!

Countless boulders rolled and fell from the top of the cliff.

The mountains are falling apart, this is the scenery at this moment.

Different from the long-distance attack skill, Thunder Explode, this is another Hard Body Secret Skill with a different style, which is a ground throwing skill used to completely suppress and smash the opponent - Thunder Walk.

The one-kilometer long track runs through the whole canyon, which is the mark left by Yun Xi after launching this secret skill.

The longer he drags his opponent, the more powerful the final impact will be.

The greater the opponent's resistance is, the stronger the strength of being torn apart is.

Borrow the strength of the opponent, and launch a deadly strike. This is the most terrible point of this secret skill.

Fast as the wind!

Wild like thunder!

Its origin is the terrifying Thunder Monster who only appeared on the night of thunderstorms. People saw its trace left on the ground and imitated it, creating this skill.

So it's called Thunder Walk. It's a unique skill that can only be used by the masters of the Red Steel Genre.

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