Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 705

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Chapter 705: Fights the Dragon Again

There is mutual induction between "monsters".

In the past, although Yun Xi had possessed the special ability of the seed system, he could not accurately understand his combat power level due to the short cultivation time.

One of the most important factors is that his reference objects are too abnormal.

The twin witches, White Lotus and Red Lotus.

His childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo.

Yun, who holds their seeds, instinctively takes them as the reference of his own strength.

As a result, he greatly underestimated his own strength.

It was not until the battle with the degenerated king forced him into a desperate situation that he had to break through and liberated the Sky Flying Sword, that he finally made a little affirmation.

I'm not weak. Although I can't compare with Hua Huo, White Lotus, and Red Lotus, I can catch up with them at least.

"Oh... It seems that human beings are not all insects... " He felt the power of the mysterious girl. The mysterious girl also felt the power of Yun Xi not far away.

Now he doesn't have the ability to restrain his breath.

He didn't have time to understand the method of astringent breath engraved in the Battle God's Seed.

Two monsters met in the flowing street.

They were surrounded by people, but people subconsciously took a detour around them.

Wearing the same cape of the desert tribe and having the same powerful breath, there is no doubt that these two people are the same kind or even related by blood in other people's eyes.

Of course, this is a big mistake.

The girl's pupil began to change, and the camouflage was removed. It was a kind of palpitating vertical pupil, just like the eyes of some large predator.

Dangerous and beautiful, this is his feeling for the girl in front of his eyes.

Compared with Teacher Casina, this young girl presents a more vicious atmosphere.

"Do you want to have a fight?" The mysterious girl twisted her neck and licked her lips.

Now, let's kill!

Her blood is boiling.

The dragon's blood is making a warlike sound.

Yes, her real body is the dragon that ravages the world. The Desert Dragon Zaka, one of the four Dragon Shadows!

She came to kill and destroy, and was ready to take revenge on the Starwing Knights and the prince who forced her to retreat.

In order to achieve unexpected results, she turned into a human, put on a cloak to hide her identity, and came to the human city.

The plan is very simple. Wait for the prince to get married. At that time, he will show himself, and she will destroy everything and massacre all the human knights.

Blood for blood!

She wants the prince to know the price of provoking her!

"Yes, but not here. Let's go out of the city." He looked at the mysterious girl with a little excitement.

After defeating the degenerated king, he is also eager to know his own strength.

It's like a kid who gets a new toy for the first time. Anyway, it's a world of trial. Let's fight.

"Great." Desert Dragon Zaka nodded happily.

One on one, that's the Dragon rule.

That despicable prince doesn't have the courage to fight with her one on one, so she is so disdainful of him!

Force may not solve all problems, but it can solve your opponent.

When you have solved all your opponents, the problem will not be a problem!

Well, this is the simple outlook on life and the world of Desert Dragon Zaka. It is also a rule that many dragons are used to.

About 20 kilometers away from the city, in the Grand Canyon.

Yun Xi took a deep breath to stabilize his heart rate. The little Battle God's Seed slowly contracted and expanded in his body, releasing the strengthened energy.

The Battle God's Seed can store, compress and strengthen his power, it is like a huge engine running in Yun Xi's body, delivering power to him all the time.

This engine is almost perfect. And there is only a little small problem.

Well, it's not a big problem, because it will only arouse the emotions in his heart, making him more aggressive.

"Hoo..." Feeling the expanding power in his body, Yun Xi's eyes began to burn with flames.

Since acquiring the Battle God's Seed, he has always been bothered by the excess energy. There are not so many places in the world to release the pressure.

Fortunately, there is the trial world, where he can act without thinking about the consequences.

Nothing in this world is true.

"Good, good!" Desert Dragon Zaka also wants to vent her pressure.

One side is the prince who just broke through his combat power limit and got his own god weapon.

The other side is the dragon who is preparing to make a comeback and complete revenge.

Prince vs the evil dragon, the second round, start!

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