Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 704

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Chapter 704: Brown-skinned Girl

The streets were full of crowds.

"To celebrate the prince's wedding, our clothes are all 20% off, 20% off!"

"40% off, 40% off! Our gem is the best!"

"50% off, welcome to Sam's weapon store!"

The merchants along the street shouted louder and louder, and put out all the good goods they have.

"Come on! Come on! Guests from afar, beer is free, all free!"

"Bread, hot bread! The first 100 are free!"

"Juice, free juice!"

Normally, this scene could only be seen in the period of the Moonlight Ceremony.

During the Moonlight Ceremony, even the most humble beggars in the city were able to eat and drink for free every day, and they would not be driven out even if they were drunk.

Each king would only hold one such ceremony. In this way, people commemorate the lost king and warmly welcome the birth of the new king.

Now the prince who is about to ascend the throne is known as a rare genius. He led the Starwing Knights to defeat the Desert Dragon Zaka.

The kings of the past were all knights loved by the people, and the king of this generation is no exception. People are looking forward to a brighter era. The Moonlight Ceremony is a festival for people to welcome the new king.

From the moment when the bell rang, all the nobles and businessmen from villages and towns, as long as they were able to come to the capital, had come from all directions.

On the day of the formal wedding, the city will usher in an unprecedentedly grand occasion.

At this moment, the prince walking in the street saw exactly this bustling festival scenery.

"This is really... It's impossible to repent. " Looking at the bustling streets, the smiles on people's faces, and the businessmen who gave free gifts everywhere, Yun Xi showed a helpless expression.

It is totally inconceivable that a person's marriage will have such a profound impact on the whole kingdom.

Even he, who knows nothing about politics, can feel a huge power from people's eyes.

That is to look forward to a new era and a new king, which represents the expectation of the whole kingdom and the imagination of a better future.

People are talking about how the new king will behave when he ascends the throne, whether the dragon will be eliminated by the Starwing Knights, and which ancient family the mysterious queen comes from.

They are all convinced that life will get better and better. They support the new king and warmly expect Yun Xi to ascend the throne.

On the wedding day, they will pay the most gorgeous salute for the birth of the king.

Yun Xi felt the existence of "power" from people's enthusiastic expression and vital eyes.

Perhaps, each of them has a very weak power, but just like a great many grains of sand grouped together to form a pagoda, millions of such single weak power will also form a huge power.

"The People's will..." Yun Xi can't help but think of the mysterious Royal Augur's predicted future.

Kill the father and marry the mother, then control the power of the whole kingdom. With the power of the whole kingdom as the backing, eventually, defeat the evil dragons.

In theory, the royal augur is right.

Thanks to the performance of the kings, as a prince, he naturally has the legal principles and inheritance rights of the kingdom. As long as he married the Queen of Assyria, he could gather the power of the whole kingdom.

"I didn't expect to experience another Moonlight Ceremony in my lifetime."

"The previous king has lived a long life. It seems that he is the longest-reigning king of all generations. Let's drink, to this good king!"

"Yes, to the present prince, to the new king!"

Hearing countless similar voices, he had a deeper understanding of the traditions and customs of this kingdom.

Therefore, when Yun Xi heard a voice, he couldn't help but be stunned.

"Well, it's just a fool with a short life." It was a voice of gnashing the teeth, which seemed out of place in the street full of singing about the wedding.

"That person is..." he looked at the figure. It's a girl wearing a desert tribal cloak like himself, and she exuded the kind of breath that reviled one to get closer to her.

She is very strong... He instinctively realized that the girl was different from everyone around her.

She just stood there, and the people around her could not help but divide into two parts. No one could get close to her field.

Like the mighty boulder in the torrent, like the blade that separates the sea, she stood proudly in the crowd, but no one could approach her.

There is no doubt that she is very strong, far superior to ordinary people. A mysterious, and powerful girl? He immediately felt interested.

Why does he have no impression of such a strong girl? She is not a member of the Starwing Knights, nor is she any strong person in the record of the kingdom.

She is perhaps one of the strongest people Yun Xi met in this trial.

Her brown skin reminded Yun Xi of his teacher, Casina the Battle God.

Indeed, Teacher Casina was born in a desert tribe. It's said that she is the princess of a tribe.

Of course, as the Battle God and one of the Sky Swords, such an identity is not worth mentioning to her.

From the mysterious girl, he smelled the desert.

Well, since I will fight against the dragon as the king, it is also one of the king's missions to gather all the strength in the kingdom.

I should try to talk to her.

Yun Xi took a deep breath.

"Hum?" At that moment when Yun Xi walked to the girl, the girl immediately noticed his presence and revealed her small dragon tooth.

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