Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 703

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Chapter 703: The Prince who Secretly Left

Morning, strange ceiling, warm big bed.

The Queen of Assyria opened her dim eyes as if she had not recovered from her brief sleep.

For the queen, it's too luxurious to sleep comfortably, or even to dream.

From the moment she fell into the blood moon, there was only cold, dark, and sinking abyss with the queen.

In order to fight against the endless darkness, she entered long sleeps over and over again. Even so, she can not avoid the cold abyss.

The queen's dream has always been a nightmare.

Every time she opened her eyes, she saw only that round blood moon.

Time has been frozen forever in the queen's body.

Until now.

"Good morning." Yun Xi stretched out and kissed the bride beside him on the forehead.

"Ah... Isn't it a dream? " The queen's little face turned red.

Since when did the nightmare disappear?

Open her eyes and see the familiar face and feel the warmth.

Happiness is a too intoxicating poison.

She had only come out of the underground lake one day and one night, but the Queen of Assyria could not imagine what would happen if she returned to the darkness again.

Come to the sunshine world, have the body that can move freely, be watched by people, can smile and run freely.

For ordinary people, they are things that they have long been used to, but for the queen, they are so luxurious.

She can't go back anymore. Led by Yun Xi, she walked out of the king's secret room and saw the first ray of sunshine. When she first saw it, she understood.

Ushered in the first ray of dawn, the long night will never be forever silent.

The frozen time of the past thousand years is not as valuable as the person who holds her hand at the moment.

Guide her out of the dark.

Make a perfect body for her.

And will marry her at the coming wedding.

Last night's memory is a little fuzzy, it seems that she was suddenly afraid of sleeping alone, and then desperate to find him, slept beside him?

It's too long, too cold to sleep on the throne of the giant stupid spider.

"Do you want to continue that course?" He felt the warmth of White Moon's small hands. He didn't know if it's his delusion. After getting up, White Moon is more beautiful than at night.

It's a kind of magical charm, and it's a temptation that he can barely control himself.

The thin ankle, soft neck, white skin, and the small spots looming on the chest... It's just a 12-year-old girl's figure. How can it be so alluring?

"Well, there's a lot more to learn." The Queen of Assyria lowered her head. When she was fully awake, she was almost too shy to look at his face.

It's not in line with the rules of a lady to sleep together at night before the wedding!

In her mind, it seems that there are two little people arguing fiercely.

We are going to get married soon. It doesn't matter even if we sleep together, is the explanation of the seductive little black person.

No, how can an unmarried lady do such shameless things! She has to wait for the wedding night to do it. This is the point of view of the upright little white person.

You're such a duplicitous guy, you want it, just like I want it, don't you! The little black person shouted in anger.

Everything needs rules. Attacking at night is not a lady's etiquette, the little white person didn't give in.

So, as long as you get married, you can kiss him in the daytime or at night, in the bedroom or in the living room, indoors or in the wild, the black villain shows a sly smile.

Well, that makes sense. OK, the little white angel hesitated and nodded her head in agreement.

He he he, the black villain representing "desire" shows a triumphant smile.

Even so, we still have to abide by the pre-marriage etiquette. We can't come here before the wedding night, said the little white angel.

Then, the two sides reached an agreement, reconciled, and began to seriously discuss what kind of posture the prince would like.

In yesterday's lesson, the little black person preferred the posture on the top, while the little white person preferred the posture on the bottom.

Black is a bold and unrestrained color, like get happiness from an "attack".

White is a sacred and quiet color, likes to cooperate with each other to get happiness.

Both black and white like Yun Xi and are looking forward to the wedding night.

"Whoa, whoa!" Finding that her mind was full of new knowledge learned in the bride course, the queen waved her hands in panic.

"What's the matter?" He looked at the Queen of Assyria, who blushed like a small red apple.

"I, I went to class!"

At last, the Queen of Assyria couldn't look at Yun Xi's face anymore. After breaking free of his hand, she trotted away.

The shy and lovely expression was just like a little white rabbit who had just escaped from the big gray wolf's mouth.

"It's hard to guess the girl's mind..." he sighed and decided to go out for a walk.

Today is the last day of his freedom.

Starting tomorrow, he and the Queen of Assyria will have to start preparing for the wedding.

The day after tomorrow, they will have to carry out the pledge.

Yun Xi can't imagine how he put on the wedding ring. When he thinks about the scene, he felt as if he was going to commit a crime.

Go outside and have a look around, while it's your last few times of freedom.

By the way, I also need to know how the wedding will affect the kingdom.

In order to fight against the dragon, we have to do more preparations.

Yun Xi did not forget what the main task of this trial was.

Put on the cloak which is often used by the desert tribe and hide his face under the hood of the cloak, Yun Xi secretly left the palace.

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