Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 702

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Chapter 702: Child Loved by the Abyss

Holding Yun Xi's hands and feeling his temperature, White Moon's eyes became firmer.

Anything else can be allowed, but no, only this position is absolutely not allowed to be taken away by anyone.

Even if it's mom, it's the same.

After coming here, hiding her identity and enjoying her father's love and gentleness, White Moon was irresistibly fond of it.

Only by her father's side can her soul be sublimated.

There is no need to go anywhere but here.

Mom, I'm sorry. White Moon is actually a bad girl.

Even if the world is used as a sacrifice, White Moon will realize her wish.




In the old secret room of kings, there was a disturbing whisper again. It was the temptation from the blood moon, a nightmare that none of the kings could escape.

"It hasn’t given up..." He listened to the melody and felt both funny and annoying. He had almost regarded it as a lullaby.

"Don't worry..." White Moon showed a mysterious arc on the corner of her mouth, which was a very dangerous smile.

She can do what her mother can do, and is better than mom.

Compared with the Queen of Assyria, her soul has a higher level. Even if she faces the abyss directly, she will only reflect the dark scenery of that abyss.

When Mortals, even heroes, gaze into the abyss, they are also gazed at by the abyss.

However, the perfect puppet will only reflect the truth of the abyss like a mirror.

The mirror will not degenerate.

Because the world reflected in the mirror is not real.

White Moon is such a special mirror that can become the saint of light or the devil of the abyss.

Because of the influence of the queen and the nature of the Forgotten Ruins, she has begun to evolve towards the direction of the dark witch, but will not be eroded by the curse of the blood moon, and will not go on the same road as the Queen of Assyria.

If we regard the power of the abyss as a virus that can erode and destroy everything, the people who accept the power will inevitably fall into the abyss themselves, just like the Queen of Assyria.

However, White Moon was born with a soul and an eternal body that would not be destroyed by any curse.

She can be the carrier of the abyss, but she is perfectly immune to the curse of the abyss, just like human beings who are completely immune to the virus, and is the favorite seed of the abyss.

She will not be eroded by the power of abyss, nor judged as an evil unit. She is immune to all divine forces, but she can perfectly carry more abyss power than normal creatures.

Her talent is so incredible.

If she enters the abyss, she can become a witch who carries the fire of the abyss.

If she goes to heaven and puts on the woven holy clothes, she can become the child of the glorious god of holy light.

Both light and dark are optional camps for White Moon.

She can even take the initiative to switch her identity between these two camps, and at the same time exist as the dark witch and the glorious child of God.

The problem is that there is not a camp of the god of holy light in this world.

Yun Xi himself is a swordsman, and his teacher is Casina the Battle God. Both of them have nothing to do with the holy light.

To put it bluntly, there is only Hua Yue, the leader of the Starwing Knights, whose White Golden Rose Bloodline has the power of the holy light.

If White Moon was born in this camp, she would probably become the king of knights.

Unfortunately, her mother was the Queen of Assyria who fell on the night of the blood moon.

White Moon has mastered the secret of the blood moon from the moment of her birth, and is favored by the power of the abyss.

He was inspired by the Queen of Assyria to create White Moon, so White Moon was born to be a child favored by the power of the abyss.

As at this moment, she walked into the king's room cursed by the power of the blood moon without any hindrance.

Compared with the Queen of Assyria who was captured by the blood moon, White Moon has a higher level of treatment.

Her every breath and every blink of an eye after she woke up would attract the attention of the abyss.

In order to lure White Moon to the abyss world, the whispers of the ancient god constantly reverberate in her soul, thousands of times stronger than that of Yun Xi's.

For White Moon, who can hear these whispers all the time after her birth, this is just a lullaby that she is used to.

The eternal soul never degenerates because of these whispers.

White Moon was born with the gift of the abyss walker.

She steps into the abyss, into nightmares, but will not be swallowed by the abyss and the nightmares.

On the contrary, the abyss will open the door for her, and the king of nightmares will smile for this eternal flower.

This is the most precious gift he gave to White Moon.

"If You really want me to be your spokesperson... " At a realm that he couldn't perceive, White Moon was in some crucial negotiation with the endless darkness around him.




A blood moon rose from the dark abyss, which was the root of the fall of the Queen of Assyria, the one behind all the miseries of the world's historical trajectory.

For White Moon, the blood moon even came to this world with parts of its power.

It is the king of the abyss.

It's the monarch of the nightmare world.

In different worlds, it has different names.

Some people regard it as a shortcut to the root, sacrificing millions of creatures just to let it come to the world.

Some people worship it and praise it as an ancient moon god. Every blood moon day is the biggest sacrifice.

In the endless years, it has long been one of the biggest mysteries.

Human beings can not even say its real name, or even see its real body.

Only a very few chosen sons can accept its power, just like the Queen of Assyria. They can still keep a clear mind and not go mad after degenerating.

But compared with White Moon's noble soul, which never degenerates or corrodes, even the Queen of Assyria is far inferior to her.

It is waiting for a historic moment.

It will satisfy White Moon's wishes, no matter how capricious those wishes are.

"My condition is... let dad and I love each other." White Moon gazed at the blood moon, the ruler of the abyss, one of the kings of nightmares, and said her wish.


The huge blood moon showed a very strange shape, looking like a flattened potato.

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