Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 684

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Chapter 684: White Moon's Consciousness

After the gift exchange between Yun Xi and the young queen, the door was knocked on gently.

"Dong! Dong!"


It was Robin.

"Come in." He had a sense of expectation. He expected how surprised Robin would be when she saw the White Moon made by him.

It's probably like a father's mood when he introduced his little princess to others.

Even now, Yun Xi felt incredulous that he actually made such a lovely and beautiful girl as White Moon.

It seems that my talent as a puppeteer is very good!

"I come in." The mysterious royal augur, Robin pushed open the door of the puppet room and asked Yun Xi, "Have you finished making the puppet?"

As she said this, she began to look left and right, as if she wanted to find his masterpiece from a pile of wooden puppets that looked alike.

"Well, it's done. Look." Yun Xi confidently pointed to the Queen of Assyria, who was curiously looking at Robin.

"Your Majesty, you don't have to do that. I don't object to you having a date with girls..." Robin was speechless.

As a king, it was normal to have one or two lovers.

The king could only have one queen, which was the meaning of the existence of the kingdom.

It was an open secret that the king's children were all given birth to by his lovers.

Even some high-status lovers had held the position of acting king for a short time in some special historical period.

It's just that the age of this lover is too young. It's a crime!

"Well, what did you say?" He was puzzled.

"If it's your interest, your majesty, I won't say anything more." Robin sighed.

Well, the interest of the new king can be confirmed. He even didn't forget to have an affair in the puppet room. It can be imagined how bad the puppet he made was.

Fortunately, the queen has very low requirements for puppets. As long as he has made one, it should not be a problem.

"Where is the puppet?" Robin once again looked at the puppets.

Well, it looks like that bald puppet is very new!

But its size is too small. It not only has a bald head, but also has a pair of lifeless, dead-fish-like eyes. However, the proportion of five sense organs is normal.

If this is the work of the new king... well, it is not totally unacceptable.

It just seems that the proportion is too small.

"Right here!" Yun Xi once again pointed to the queen, who was smiling at him.

"This... who is this lady?" Robin walked to the bald puppet used by him to practice his skill, and tried to not look at the little figure the king was pointing to.

In this day and night, the little princess must have been put into various postures by his majesty, and every corner of her body is stained with the king's taste.

She could imagine that with her eyes closed.

The snow-white body struggled in his majesty's arms and was unable to resist.

During the time when she was far away from the puppet room, there must have been a lot of unspeakable things going on in this room.

But what can she do?

As the prince is about to ascend the throne, his majesty can really do whatever he wants!

What a poor child, you must be in agony but don't dare to show it on your face.

"This puppet is... has a special artistic style." Grabbing the bareheaded puppet in her hands, Robin praised Yun Xi against her will.

This bald head... At first glance, it looks like a dead fish, but maybe it's unexpectedly strong?

If it wore a cape or something, maybe it can be called "bald cape hero"?

Well, is this the so-called art style of "returning to nature"?

"Er... that is just a material I used to test myself. This! This is my work, the puppet I made!" Yun Xi couldn't help but look at Robin and point to the queen again.

"This... which one?" Robin's eyes crossed the queen and looked at the puppets behind, trying to find out the puppet that might be his work.

"It's her." He finally couldn't bear it.

It's unexpected that making a puppet too perfect would cause such a misunderstanding.

Between him and "White Moon" was the purest relationship. It was like the relationship between a father and his daughter.

Every inch of White Moon's skin, every joint, even every hair came from him.

"It's not my lover, it's my work, just like my daughter." Holding White Moon in his arms, Yun Xi proudly declared to Robin while ignoring the weak struggle of the Queen of Assyria.

Yeah! Happy!

This is a hug from my father!

The Queen of Assyria found that when she was held by Yun Xi, she did not resist at all, and even had an involuntary feeling of intimacy.

Just in the beginning, she felt a little bit of confusion, and soon stopped.

Obviously, there is no heartbeat in this body, and there should be no blood. This is the body of a puppet.

However, there is a kind of impulse overflowing from the heart and flooding the whole body.

Here is the warmest and happiest place in the world.

I want to stay here all the time and occupy this position.

I won't let anyone take this position away!

It belongs to me!

A strong feeling the young Queen of Assyria had never experienced before, feelings were overflowing in her heart.

Tension, uneasiness, excitement... a variety of feelings mixed together, and finally turned into fireworks.

It was like a certain consciousness was waking up in this body and making its own voice.

Even though the voice was so weak now, and no one could notice her, just like a little bud in the dark.

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