Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 685

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Chapter 685: Astonished Robin

Under the bloody moon, on the throne of the giant stupid spider, the young queen's body trembled slightly.

The spiders around her began to wake up.

Instinctively, they realized that some changes were taking place in the underground lake, which had been frozen for a long, long time.

In the Forgotten Ruins, the Millennium Queen in a bloody wedding dress raised her head and looked at the growing blood moon in the sky.

Sealed time, sealed fate, sealed years, is beginning to thaw.

The once stagnant gear of the world began to turn again.

"Is that true?" Robin looked at the Queen of Assyria in Yun Xi's arms with an astonished look.

How could there be such a ridiculous thing!

The white skin, dark long hair, watery eyes, the blush on the skin, the arc of snow-white feet...

This is a puppet? Is there a mistake, my king?!

"Well, she is White Moon, the queen I'm going to marry." He didn't realize how powerful his words were to the queen.

Originally, the "wedding" with the kings was just a holiday for the young queen.

The "wedding" was just a symbol. It was just a way for her to come to the human world with the help of the ceremony. It was just a way for her to feel the sunshine, the streets and the crowds again.

Because every time the puppet she used was too shoddy, she didn't have any sense of substitution for the puppet. All the puppets were just a disposable tool.

But this time, it was different.

The "White Moon" made by Yun Xi was different from any other puppet used by the Queen of Assyria in the past!

This is the perfect puppet that only Yun Xi could make for the young queen. It is the only puppet who could fully carry her soul.

To some extent, White Moon has transcended the common sense of the world. In some sense, as Yun Xi said, she is his daughter and the Queen of Assyria.

This body is not a rigid puppet, it's "White Moon" who can breathe, stand, and be so perfect that no one can tell it is a puppet!

The Queen of Assyria couldn't tell what kind of dream she was dreaming!

There was only one thing to confirm.

She liked White Moon. She liked the puppet Yun Xi made for her.

In this world, there was no precious gift or treasure that could make her feel happier.

Compared to her in the underground lake.

Compared to her wandering in the Forgotten Ruins.

White Moon is a real existence here.

Being held, I can feel the warmth.

Being praised, I can feel happiness.

Although not under the blood moon, I can also move freely, speak freely, and even naturally communicate with others.

Such a world... she felt as if she had returned to the time when nothing had happened, when she was still a carefree little girl.

White Moon was unlike her. It was pure and flawless, like having all the beauty in the world.

As Yun Xi said, this was her daughter!

Now, she's going to use this puppet's body to get married?


My own wedding!

Is this too early?

Yun Xi's puppet technology was so fantastic that even the young Queen of Assyria was completely trapped inside, unable to extricate herself.

At the same time, in White Moon's body, a "little consciousness" was absorbing all kinds of intelligence and growing rapidly with the passage of time.

Like a small sapling, feeling a fatal crisis, desperately absorbing all the nutrients.


"Get married..."

"Bride... It's not me..."

"No way... Even if it's my mom... no way... I won't let go of you..."

Inside of the happy eyes of the queen, some confused thoughts flashed.

"My God!" Robin covered her forehead with her hand and shouted out.

How could this be possible! The king's handwork is so good?

It can move freely, show its own feelings, and have no different appearance from human girls. How can this miracle be made by my prince, the new king?

Even if it takes ten or a hundred years, it is impossible to create such a miracle! Not to mention that the king achieved it within one day!

It was not until she confirmed that the black-haired girl in front of her was really the "one" in the rumor by using her own secret magic, she could only choose to believe it.

It is true that his Majesty has really created an incredible miracle!

Give soul and wisdom to a cold puppet, and marry her.

In Robin's eyes, In the trajectory of fate, suddenly appeared a huge distortion.

From the moment when Yun Xi created "White Moon", the fate that had been predestined in Robin's eyes were suddenly all disordered.

It was like a thread with clear branches was suddenly caught by a stray cat and twisted into a ball of wool, which would make people feel despair to undo it.

The prince would kill his father and marry his mother, ascended the throne and gathered the girls of the Starwing knights to get the help of the witches. After that, he would challenge the dragon that ravaged the world.

Originally, this fate should never change. The prince would eventually become the same person as all kings.

Just like the passing on from generation to generation, the prince would become a king, a hero, and finally pass the throne of the king to the next prince.

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