Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 683

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Chapter 683: Blood of Ancient Gods

"White Moon, that's her name."

"The body material is mainly moonlight branches. I think the moonlight branches are more consistent with your temperament."

"The material of the hair gave me a headache. Fortunately, I finally found the right material, the hair of the blessed black haired girl." Well, Yun Xi told a little lie. After all, it was too shameful to say that he used his own hair.

"Eyes are also a problem. The material of black crystal is sufficient, but it took me a lot of time to carve the eyes with spirituality, which almost failed."

"In the end, though, it was done."

"This is the most beautiful puppet made for you, our White Moon."

Paranoia is sometimes incurable.

He had never made a puppet before, but for the wedding that shouldn't have happened, Yun Xi went all out to do the best he could.

Even he didn't realize that he had such a hopeless side.

He could not understand how tempting the gift called "White Moon" was to the young Queen of Assyria, who yearned for pure love in the book of fairy tales.

It's a gift that even the gods would be excited about. For the Queen of Assyria, it's a treasure that can't be dreamt of even in her sweetest dreams.

"White Moon, that's a nice name!" The queen of Assyria firmly remembered all the names of these materials.

Moonlight branches!

The black hair of the blessed girl!

Black crystal!

"Oh, I'm sorry. You shouldn't be interested in that." Yun Xi scratched his head embarrassed.

He was too keen on one thing and even forgot the time and didn't know how to stop. This was a small shortcoming of his.

"No, I'm interested." From the fingertips to the tiptoes, the queen raised her skirt and turned around, showing a happy smile,

"This body... It's so beautiful... "

Yes, there is no dirt at all, nor is it polluted by the power of the blood moon. Compared with the Millennium Queen immersed in the old memories, White Moon is the purest and most flawless princess.

She never thought that someone could offer her such a perfect puppet!

This dream! I really don't want to wake up!

"What do you want to be the reward for making this body for me?" Sitting on the long table, the young queen looked at the young man who presented her "White Moon" with appreciative eyes.

Such a perfect figure deserves the most extravagant wish.

Do you want to be immortal? Do you want the right to rule the whole continent?

Do you want to become a dragon knight, ride on the dragon's back and fly in the sky?

All of these, she can help him achieve.

When receiving a gift, you have to give the same gift back. This is the royal etiquette. The young queen has cultivated the habit since she was six years old.

"My wish? For now, I only want to defeat that terrible dragon." Yun Xi sighed. The main task of this trial was so difficult.

The trial in the Water God's world was difficult too, but at least, he had the power of a million brides, the patronage of the Water God, and even the help of Casina the Battle God, so that he could defeat Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword.

It's impossible to gather so many advantages in this trial world, the Dragon's War World.

"This wish... I cannot do it." The Queen of Assyria showed an expression of distress.

Only this wish was beyond her ability.

The dragon was a very dangerous creature. The green light on the top of its head could destroy everything.

In this dream, there will probably be no stronger creature than the emerald dragon that was still sleeping.

When she wakes up, it will probably cause chaos in the world.

"Then, I have no other wish." He never expected that the queen would really help him.

"How about the blood of ancient gods? I can give you that." This was the most precious treasure that the Queen of Assyria could give.

That was the essence of the blood moon, the power gained by the queen after sacrificing the whole of Assyria.

Even ordinary people have the right to enter the nightmare world as long as they inject the blood of ancient gods.

However, as a price, the human being injected with the blood of ancient gods will never be human again, and even have to drink blood for a living, and have to resist the knowledge that makes the mind crazy all the time.

"What is that?" Yun Xi looked at his task list, and the line "The whisper of the ancient gods" was shining.

"It's terrible and filthy."

"You can choose to use it or not." The queen took out a small bottle of blood and put it into Yun Xi's hands.




Yun Xi once again heard the eerie and low voice, the voice recounted the wisdom of the ancient gods, the knowledge that the human brain could not bear.

Any ordinary people who listened to this voice will go crazy.

"Drink it."

"There's everything you need in it."

"Only nightmares are eternal."

Inconceivably, he really heard the voice. It was temptation and guidance.

It seems that as long as he drinks the ancient god's blood, he can immediately gain the power to face the dragon.

And some instinct told him that this was not a delusion. This bottle of ancient god's blood really had that power.

Well, one of the side quests had been completed. Yun Xi took over this bottle of ancient gods' blood and had no plan to use it now.

Maybe it can be used as a trump card.

The side quest, "the Whisper of the Ancient God" was successfully completed.

Along the way, the favorability of the queen had also been greatly improved.

The exchange of their most important treasures is also a very important thing for the Queen of Assyria.

That means that both sides have established an unbreakable relationship, not between the knight and the queen, but between the two sides that are in the same position.

Watching Yun Xi carefully put the blood bottle away, the queen's little face suddenly turned red.

Because the so-called blood moon is actually... and the blood of the ancient gods is naturally...

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