Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 679

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Chapter 679: Moonlight and Puppet

Yun Xi had a problem.

Almost all the main materials for making the puppet girl had been selected.

Eyes, nails, clothes... even with a small moonlight branch, he roughly tried to carve a bald head.

The bald head was round, with only two eyes and one mouth, but it naturally exudes a strong breath, even if those eyes were funny.

The only remaining problem was the puppet's hair.

Yun Xi searched all over the puppet room, and didn't find the right hair material.

Your majesty, can you pay more attention to collecting hair materials!

These are all the wrong materials!

Flax, can the hair of the queen of Assyria be flax!?

Transparent silk thread, do you want to use this to fish?

Long blonde hair. Which noble lady did you get it from!?

No! None of them are suitable!

After searching the puppet room, he was shocked to find that there was nothing suitable for making the hair of the queen's puppet.

How can I do this? If I can’t reproduce the beautiful long hair, my bride will be bald!

How can a perfect puppet be bald? It's an insult to my craftsmanship!

"Hair, hair, long black hair!" Yun Xi was racking his brains to think about the solution.

"Pafu?" Pafu, who still maintained the posture of the young Queen of Assyria, jumped onto Yun Xi's shoulder and tilted its head with him.

Imitating Yun Xi was one of Pafu's favorite stunts.

"Pafu..." Hey pinched Pafu's chest and saw the material that met his requirements.



Good texture.

Ah! Yun Xi knocked on his head.

Where is the long hair of the cursed black haired girl?

It's right here, right within the reach of his hands!

Because this is his own hair.

"Well, let me think. It's this feeling."

When Yun Xi opened his eyes after switching a switch in his mind, his hair had become black, long, and straight. No matter the length or the hair quality, it was absolutely perfect.

This was the only certificate recognized by the Starwing knights, the legendary Mei's black hair!

"Well, I won't get bald if I go on like this?" Yun Xi vaguely remembered that there was a certain limit to the number of human hair, that was the reason why the vast majority of human men couldn't escape the fate of baldness.

Those who wouldn't be bald all their lives just die faster than their hair! It is said that as long as they live long enough, they will eventually become bald.

Don't you think that's what the Buddhists say: "You are all destined to join Buddhism!"

Well, stop! Don't think so much!

Yun Xi picked up the scissors on the table and cut off about a third of his black hair.

Compared with the queen's petite size, one-third of the long hair just met the requirements of the queen's puppet.

"Pafu, come here." After all the materials were selected, Yun Xi took a deep breath.

Finally, it's time to start.

It was his first time to make a puppet by hand. Even a real puppeteer had to figure out whether he could complete the complicated work, but Yun Xi had an incredible sense of familiarity.

It seemed that he had done similar work a long time ago.

"Pafu!" Pafu bounced and had long forgotten what crime he had committed to it. Its memory seemed to last only seven seconds. Once again, it fell into his clutches.

Again, in the puppet room, the cry of shame echoed.

The same scene happened in the quiet underground lake at the same time.

"Whoa... Ah... Don't... "

"There... It can't be there! "

"Don't bully me... Ooo, ooo... "

As if his soul was guided by something, Yun Xi's hands were very stable and without any tremor.

Like the carving of blooming flowers, like the depiction of a vibrant spring, on the selected moonlight branches, Yun Xi took Pafu as the prototype to reproduce the body outline of the queen little by little.

From the angle of fingers to the cute shape of toes, everything was 100% reproduction.

More than that, even the skin's smoothness and chest elasticity were exactly the same as that of Pafu, which was a perfect coincidence with the real queen.

Even so, Yun Xi was not satisfied.

It was just a physical similarity. Even if the similarity reached 100%, it was not enough.

The essence of making puppets is "soul", which is the step of giving cold puppets "human nature".

Only with the "soul", could a puppet really fake people's eyes, crossing the boundary between the real and the unreal.

That's the pride of being a puppeteer and the ultimate fantasy of puppeteers.

He didn't know what it meant for the puppeteers to make such a puppet. He just knew that he would do the best for the queen, and the puppet he was making would definitely surpass the kings'.

No one had ever told Yun Xi what a perfect puppet would be and what it meant to have a soul.

Just like stepping into the Starry Sky Chessboard, he lacked the most basic knowledge about the world of puppeteers.

He was just immersed in the happiness of creating his ideal puppet with his own hands.

It was natural in his mind to give soul to the puppet he made. He didn't even wonder about it.

In the process of making the puppet, he even forgot that this was just the wedding puppet for the queen.

One day and one night later, when the final finished product appeared in front of Yun Xi, he smiled.

Ah, what a beautiful child.

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