Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 680

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Chapter 680: White Moon

Finally, a puppet girl in a black Gothic long dress appeared on the desk.

She closed her eyes, as Yun Xi first saw the young queen sleeping on the throne of the giant, stupid spider, as if waiting for someone to wake her up.

He himself didn't think that just making a puppet would make him almost run out of energy.

His face was pale, but his eyes were shining. In that day and night, he did not eat any food and drink a drop of water.

Putting everything into the process of making the puppet, he forgot the time, the limit of his body, and even overdrawn the power of the Battle God's Seed in advance.

Making this black-haired puppet girl, cost more energy than when he was fighting the degenerated king.

However, just looking at the peaceful appearance of the sleeping puppet girl, he felt that everything was worth it.

Even he can't believe that this perfect puppet girl was really a work created by himself.

The smooth long black hair, white and tender skin, warm and fragrant feet, and small buds on the chest.

It was exactly the same as the queen of Assyria, and there was no difference in the smallest part of the body.

Even the most difficult part, the joints of the puppet were well handled by his hands, which looked not like the ball joints of a puppet at all.

No matter how he looked at it, the girl in front of him was a real person, a sleeping little princess, which made him feel pity.

However, Yun Xi was not satisfied.

"That's not enough." Even though it was almost perfect, he still couldn't stop.

There seemed to be a voice in his mind telling him that the perfection of the shell was meaningless, which was far from the acme of a puppet girl.

The most perfect puppet girl should have her own soul, that is, essence.

No matter how perfect the shell was, it would disappear as time passed by.

Only a girl with a soul can touch "eternity" and become a charming flower in eternal bloom.

That's what all puppeteers dream of, just as Cyber Elf Alpha symbolizes the ultimate fantasy in the field of science, the puppet with the "soul" represents the ultimate fantasy in the field of puppeteering.

In the real world, there were such puppets with their own "soul", which were by countless incredible accumulation coincidences.

Such a chance was even rarer than the birth of god weapons!

It was the ultimate fantasy of all puppeteers, and was also the final subject of one of the most mysterious trials in the seven towers, "the City of Puppets".

To create a puppet with soul means to go deep into the forbidden area of the soul and explore the world that even gods dare not go deep into easily.

Countless puppeteers have fallen into the darkness and become mad, which makes the puppeteer career stained with a strange and mysterious color.

"If you want to make a puppet with soul, you have to be prepared to pay the price with your soul."

"Those who step into this door, once you enter this world, you will never have a way to turn back."

"There are only two choices: to live a normal life as an ordinary puppeteer or to sacrifice everything for the ultimate puppet."

Yun Xi was not a puppeteer, and he didn't know any of the famous sayings among these puppeteers.

He just followed his original intention, just like playing chess happily on the Starry Sky Chessboard, he did his best to create the perfect puppet that was most suitable for the queen.

Just as children don't know what taboos they will violate when they do something, Yun Xi, who didn't know the pain and madness of puppeteers, directly opened the door of the taboo.

"Well, sacrifice the soul... can I use my seeds as an alternative?" Yun Xi thought about three seconds and then began to create seeds.

So far, the concept of the soul has been the focus of many scholars and even gods.

People can observe the existence of the soul, but they can't understand what kind of existence the soul is and why it symbolizes the essence of intelligent life.

The soul is everywhere.

But you can't recognize it.

Yun Xi's seeds were the embodiments of the power of the soul, the blessing given by stars to Yun Xi, and the unique talent that Yun Xi can hold.

Yun Xi planted about 20 seeds in a row into the puppet girl's body and finally felt the birth of wisdom from inside of the puppet girl’s body.

He was totally unaware of how rebellious it was.

Even his teacher, Casina the Battle God can't do it.

Not through the precipitation of the time of thousands of years.

Not through the curse or blessing from gods and demons.

With only 20 seeds, Yun Xi had given the puppet girl her "soul".


In the dark, the puppet girl opened her eyes and saw a pair of warm hands.

These hands were putting black hair knitting decorations on her chest.

"Your skin is as bright as the moonlight."

"Your mind is as flawless as white paper."

"So I'll give you a name and wish you to be the closest to the sun and the closest to perfection."

"Your name is White Moon."

Ah, I see.

This person is the one who created me and gave me the meaning of being in the world.

This soul, this throb, this feeling of being warmed and blessed will never be forgotten.

My name is White Moon, the blessed puppet, the luckiest in the world.

Thank you, my father.

"Well, in this way, I can marry the queen!"

Yun Xi looked at the beautiful puppet girl who sent out faint breath with satisfaction.

Then, he said this forbidden sentence.

For the girl who was just born and thought that she was the happiest and most loved puppet in the world, she heard the words from her "father".

Like a thunderclap on a sunny day.

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