Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 678

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Chapter 678: Sketch

Yun Xi carefully examined every corner of Pafu's green, transparent body, which had become the Queen of Assyria's body.

From fingernails to armpits, toes to legs, all parts are confirmed with both hands. He can't help admiring.

Pafu's transformation ability is really great!

If it wasn't for the limited size of Pafu, it would really be the same size as the queen of Assyria. It would be great if it could!

"Well, I can't ask too much. Pafu is great. " Shaking his head, Yun Xi dispelled some evil ideas from his mind. He looked at Pafu's naked and beautiful posture with pure artistic eyes.

Art, this is art!

If I can't reproduce such art, it's really a waste!

If I do it, I must do the best I can, even if I would spend ten times more time than others.

This is the only way the "stupid" Yun Xi could choose.

"Pafu, don't move." With the same energy as the time when he designed the wedding cake, Yun Xi began to draw a sketch of the puppet girl to be made according to Pafu.

He must do his best, and even the length of a finger can't be wrong.

He pulled up Pafu's little hand, one finger after another, and even reached over to lick it a little.

Well, the taste of Pafu was sweet, and even this perfectly restored the taste of the queen.

Even this kind of detail had been restored so perfectly. Pafu is so wonderful!

This was not the first time Yun Xi had made such an exclamation.

"Pafu!" Being tasted by Yun Xi, Pafu's petite body trembled gently.

The size of the chest was really interesting. He gently pressed the pair of soft and elastic little white rabbits.

"Pafu!" Pafu's transparent little face turned red.

"Ahhh!" The face of the queen, who was far away in the underground lake, was even more embarrassed. She held her chest with both hands, and was about to cry.

At the end of the measurement, Yun Xi gently pulled off Pafu's legs and put her feet in an attractive posture.

The snow-white feet were not only the end of Yun Xi's measurement, but also a core part of making the puppet.

Lovely puppets must have lovely feet, which was the key to supporting the weight of the whole body. He must be careful at this point.

For this reason, he carefully observed and recorded the queen's feet.

Round and beautiful white toes, well-balanced and smooth calves, everything was the same with Yun Xi's impression.

The delicate skin was like pearl powder, which was extremely smooth. No matter whether it was kneading or pinching, the hand feel was almost perfect.

"Again!" On the throne of the giant stupid spider, the queen held her feet. From the sole of her feet to the tip of her toes, all in lovely pink.

This dream was so strange!

"OK, that's all." The first step of making the puppet was finally done.

Pafu looked at its master with tears in its eyes.

"Pafu, thank you. You were working hard." After sketching, Yun Xi touched Pafu's head, and Pafu's fragrance was still on his fingertips.

"Pafu!" Pafu bit Yun Xi's fingertips and looked very dissatisfied.

Of course, Pafu's whole body was soft. Even if it was biting, it was also soft, without any strength.

"I'll take you out to hunt 300 slimes after the work is finished." Yun Xi also felt strange. Why Pafu liked to eat all kinds of slims? Isn't it a slime too?

"Pafu!" After hearing Yun Xi's promise, Pafu finally released its mouth from his fingertips.

"The next question is what kind of main material to use to make the puppet." Yun Xi looked at all kinds of materials in the room and was lost in thought.

No matter what kind of art the kings had, the materials here were really top-notch. No matter what kind of puppet he wanted to make, he could find the right materials.

The wood with fragrance could make a puppet suitable for long-term worship. With the passage of time, the puppet would emit a better smell, which was very suitable for accompanying children.

The puppet made of moonlight branches would have particularly white skin, and would emit light under the moonlight.

The puppet made of dragon blood tree had a very high hardness. It was the most suitable for making a bow shooting target.

The puppets made of black wood would have a special power of curse. Some kings chose this wood for their puppets. It seemed that it could let them get closer to the queen's dark side?

"The main material can be the moonlight branch." Compared with other materials, there was nothing more suitable as the main material than the moonlight branch.

However, the processing of this material was very difficult. Only one of the kings chose this material. As a result, the final puppet he made was... too ugly!

The body of the puppet carved by the king was full of potholes. The materials that should have reflected the delicacy of the puppet's skin looked almost the same as the chew of pigs.

"And pearl powder. I need pearl powder." After selecting the main materials, Yun Xi needed to decide the auxiliary materials.

Including nails, toenails, and hair, he needed to consider a lot of things.

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