Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 677

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Chapter 677: Pafu's Use

When Yun Xi was using Pafu to do the test, the Queen of Assyria opened her eyes in the underground lake.

Strange feelings invaded her body and mind, as if, her body no longer belonged to herself, confusing and disturbing the young queen.

She turned away her head and her little face turned ruddy little by little.

"Ah..." Even though she tried to suppress her voice, she could not help making a lovely low sounds.

Her hands tightly grasped her skirt, and her eyes were dazed.

The snow-white feet under the skirt seemed to be licked by something, which made the young body of the queen tremble.

The feeling started from the round arch of the foot, extended from the toes to the instep along the white skin, and then from the instep to the calves...

There was no one, but the queen's skirt was removed, and her white and fragrant legs could clearly feel the feeling of being touched and kissed...

"Ah... Woo... " Sweet gasps echoed in the silent underground lake, adding a special color to the silent world.

"Woo..." The Queen of Assyria closed her eyes, and suddenly had an unexpected fantasy.

It was the dream of her being with the prince whom she had just met in the moonlight.

In the fantasy, she was held in the arms of her prince. Her small body standing on his knee, looking at his face.

She raised her reddish face and looked at the prince. She snuggled up in his arms under the prince's careful and gentle touch.

She closed her eyes quietly and her soft lips trembled, waiting for something.

The prince raised her little face and kissed her lips tenderly.

His tongue gently pushed open her lips, while tasting the soft lips, while going deep into her mouth.

And she stretched out her tongue tremblingly, and entwined with his tongue.

Warm fragrant tongue made her consciousness become confused and fascinated, making her involuntarily fall into the taboo she shouldn't touch.

Her body was slightly stiff, and her joints were stiff like a puppet.

She looked at him uneasily. He smiled and touched her skin gently, as gently as touching the moonlight.

Her cherry-like lips gave out wonderful gasps, the skin stained with some sweat showed beautiful white, and the petite body trembled because of overstraining.

What a beautiful and attractive body! Pearl-like sweat drops! White skin dyed with pink!

"Ah... no way... not there... " The queen's body temperature was rising rapidly.

Even though her snow-white feet completely shrunk into the skirt, it couldn't let that kind of blazing feeling fade.

Obviously, there was no one there, but she had the feeling of being watched, occupied and ravaged by someone with burning eyes!

Why am I becoming like this? Why do I have this feeling?

The queen looked at her disobedient feet with aggrieved eyes, and waves of excitement came from there, making her body become limp and lazy.

The strange feelings came one after another, which made the queen unable to distinguish between her own fantasies and her own reality.

Under the bloody crescent moon, the breathing and whimpering of the young queen mixed into an incredible melody.

All the spiders around were motionless, as if they could not hear the Queen's voice at all.

With more stimulation and impulse, the young queen of Assyria couldn't help but raise her head. Her delicate body was shaking, convulsing and her beautiful voice was gradually becoming high, playing the highest wave of music.

"Whoa... Ah ah ah! "

Like the voice of weeping, with the notes of breathing and fragrance interlacing together, the white skin dispersed a forbidden charm.

It was the blazing melody played by the breath of a young girl, the excitement of the queen who had been lonely for thousands of years had never received in her life, and it was the sweet song of a young girl quietly played in the silent underground.


Among the puppets, Yun Xi's hands tightly pressed the emerald slime.

"Pafu, don't move."


"Pafu!" Almost completely turned into the shape of the young queen, Pafu whined in the puppet room together with the queen in the underground lake.

Yun Xi took Pafu as the perfect material and almost exactly reproduced the queen's lovely posture.

Apart from its transparent green body, Pafu was the epitome of the queen, just a naked version.

In this process, Pafu struggled. Unfortunately, Pafu's strength was too low, which made it effortless for Yun Xi to suppress.

"Well, that's probably how it feels." Not only the appearance, Yun Xi perfectly modeled the touch of the skin of the queen.

Pafu is useful!

The queen's soft and smooth body has appeared precisely. It's wonderful!

He has touched the snow-white feet with his hands more than once, which were smooth, fragrant, soft and wonderful.

The scallop-like, cute white toes were the focus of his attention.

Even Yun Xi himself felt perfect when he touched it, especially the reaction of being touched was just like a real person.

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