Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 670

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Chapter 670: Queen in the Moonlight

Perhaps behind the door was the king's bride, his nominal mother.

Hypocritical prince.

Hypocritical king.

Hypocritical queen.

But for the inhabitants of this world, all this is true, and everyone takes everything in the world for granted.

So Yun Xi had to bravely step into this strange door to see his nominal mother.

As for "kill your father" and "marry your mother"... of course, it is impossible, even though he has killed the king...

"Click!" The old dark door slowly opened in front of him, as if the arrival of Yun Xi had been anticipated long ago.

It's just that the door leads to a place where Yun Xi was shocked.

It was a very different place from what he had imagined, a deep and incomparable surface of water, as if leading to another world.

Why is there water behind the door?

Is there something wrong? And why is it that the water doesn't fall and completely blocks the door?

Yun Xi reached out his hand and touched the water wave. The wave of cold swept over his whole body in an instant.

It's cold, like infinite loneliness in the void. This water is not normal!

"Splash!" The surface of the water was automatically separated in front of Yun Xi, rippling with countless ripples.

In this instant, the door disappeared, and what appeared in front of Yun Xi was the passage to the endless waves of water.

Heaven and earth were completely reversed.

The ruins of the palace became the opposite, and the water became the front.

What happens in the garden was like a nightmare, and here was the real garden in the nightmare world.

The lake garden belongs to the great queen.

The ground here was a transparent, huge lake.

He looked around blankly and only saw himself standing on the surface of the water.

Under the bloody crescent moon, in the middle of the huge lake, he could see a black figure faintly.

It was a huge, ferocious black spider with outstretched limbs!

Around the enormous body of the black spider was a dense flock of spiders about 1 meter tall. Under the shine of the crescent moon, it seems that both the giant spider and the spider flock are sleeping.

On the body of the giant spider, a doll-like, black-haired girl was sleeping.

Her long black hair almost fell to the sole of her feet. She was wearing a black robe, leaning against the throne with closed eyes, and her tiny, shining fingers crossed together, as if praying for something and listening to something.

Apparently, she was sleeping on the horrible spider's body, but gave Yun Xi a feeling of wanting to touch her.

Under the bloody crescent moon, her beauty was fantastic and a little unreal, more like a spirit falling silently from heaven into the world.

The little white face revealed a touch of ruddiness, the pointed chin even more showed her vitality. What an amazingly inhuman beauty... He vaguely understood why the degenerated king would go mad for his bride.

But isn’t the bride a little too young?

In any case, she looks only about eleven or twelve years old. It's the same age as Mumu.

Her chest does seem a little bigger than Mumu's?

Yun Xi's sight moved to the slightly raised part of the black robe. The curvature of the lovely buds was beautiful, which was already above the standard of the girls of the Starwing Knights.




Suddenly, Pafu got excited. It jumped out of Yun Xi's clothes and ran to the spider flock in a fast jump.

Hey! Don't kill yourself, those spiders are dangerous monsters! Yun Xi watched Pafu who was in a brave charge, shook his head, and followed it.

Although he didn't know how strong these spiders were, they gave Yun Xi a creepy and dangerous feeling.

The king he just killed was like a harmless rabbit compared to them.

The amount of blood moonlight in their bodies was far higher than that of the king.

It's said that in the world of spiders, female spiders are stronger.

The Queen of the spiders is indeed stronger than the king.

"Huh?" With the arrival of Pafu and Yun Xi's footsteps, it seemed that the sleeping girl was awakened.

She opened her eyes slightly, as if she was still immersed in the sweet dream.

"Who?" The girl blinked as she watched Yun Xi come to her.

"Hmm?" This was different from what he imagined. Isn't the Queen the hidden BOSS of this star trial?

Looking at the giant monster and the dense spiders, Yun Xi was ready to die hundreds of times before he could clean this area.

How does it look different from his imagination?

To marry such a young bride? The king is a real pervert!

"Dream... It's been a long time since I had a dream." The girl stood up and stretched, looking at Yun Xi with innocent eyes.

"Do you want to touch my darkness?"

The soft voice, the pitiful and lovely face... well, Yun Xi felt that he could forgive the king. Not everyone could resist such a temptation.

"Your darkness? What is that?"

"It's the crescent moon tonight."

"You who can see the moon, you who are in the dream, poor man, this is the will of the ancient gods."

"May you have peace, and let the prisoner of this dream have a happy awakening."

"I hope that one day what happened here will become a beautiful and vague memory."

"Prince, what are you looking forward to?"

"Even in such a dark night, you can still see the moonlight."

"Have you decided yet? Is it the age of darkness or the age of fire?" The black-haired girl, the queen of spiders, gazed at Yun Xi and waited for his choice.

"Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about." Yun Xi thought that he was looking for the wrong person. Is this really the king's bride, the queen of this kingdom?

He had a feeling that if he promised her, everything would soon embark on a different road of fate.

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