Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 669

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Chapter 669: Behind the Door

Each sword hit the huge black-fire sword accurately and correctly.

Every sword ran through the last burning wreckage of the king.

The overwhelmed "birds" burst out inside the black fire sword, tearing up the last resistance of the "firewood".

Sky Flying Sword vs Black Fire Sword.


This was the power of a god sword skill!


The black fire sword formed by the last wreckage of the degenerated king finally fell down and turned into black ashes.

The black sword, which was supposed to be the king's last weapon to fight back, didn't even burn the corner of Yun Xi's clothes.

This was the first time he personally felt the horror of the Sky Flying Sword.

This sword skill does not belong to the human world at all.

When performing this sword skill, he even had an instinctive impulse to fly up to the high sky, overlooking the earth and all living beings.

Compared to the creatures that can fly freely, human beings were as humble as ants or ground worms.

Who on earth can create such a god sword skill?

Unlike Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword, this is not an area that human beings can take foot in!

His mind was filled with questions when he landed from the air, standing in front of the wreckage of the king.

The king seemed to try to say something before his death, unfortunately, he was shattered by the Sky Flying Sword and didn't have the chance to leave a message.

"Sorry, I didn't want to fight you." Looking up at the bloody crescent moon in the sky, Yun Xi sighed.

If the king had not pushed him into despair, he would not have desperately lifted his strongest trump card.

Using the Sky Flying Sword is not without a cost.

After all, he's not Hua Huo.

The power to liberate the power of the Sky Flying Sword came from the Battle God's Seed.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have a chance to use it at present.

Perhaps even Casina who planted the seed in Yun Xi's body didn't think that Yun Xi could use the Battle God's Seed in this way, which wasn't something that could be touched upon at his level.

"In this state... Probably... this state can last a quarter of an hour?" This was the time from when he liberated the Sky Flying Sword to when he killed the king.

In this short moment, Yun Xi pumped out the energy stored in the Battle God's Seed.

This is the last trump card Casina prepared for him. With it, he can even escape from the legend rank.

Casina gave it to Yun Xi, because she wanted to protect Yun Xi. She didn't expect that Yun Xi could create a miracle even she couldn't calculate.

The system of the stars was so magical and incredible.

"What did you want to say to me at the last moment?" Standing in front of the black ashes of the king's body, Yun Xi sighed.

This was the world of the star trial, but the degenerated king was clearly not something created from nothing, but a reflection of someone in the real world.

In the end, he didn't know who the king reflected.

What did he mean to "kill your father" and "marry your mother"? What the hell is this about?!

With such a doubt, Yun Xi began to wander among the ruins of the palace. He had a strong feeling that the trial wasn't over yet.

Above the sky, the crescent moon still hanging there, seemed to have some unknown existence still gazing at this place that had long been a ruin.

"I'm afraid... Oh, here it is... According to the approximate memory, Yun Xi returned to the ruins of the palace.

Numerous building debris was piled up here, showing an unnatural superposition.

From a distance, it looked like a huge tombstone.

Yun Xi waved Starwings and instantly released dozens of transparent bird-like swords into the air.

The birds dashed into the ruins of the tombstone-like palace, turning the mess into dust.

Even though he had known their powers, Yun Xi still felt incredulous.

The strength of his own god weapon was too powerful! More importantly, these special sword airs wouldn't consume his own strength either. They were condensed by Starwings itself.

Yes, this was one of the characteristics of Starwings. The special "birds" released by this holy sword can track enemies, dodge attacks automatically and even form tactical formations, and they require no cost!

This meant that as long as Yun Xi had enough time to swing his sword, he could even destroy the world by himself!

He could feel that there were more terrible hidden abilities in Starwings. The "wing" ability was just the tip of the iceberg of Starwings.

What an amazing sword.

What a horrible sword.

Anyone who saw Yun Xi holding Starwings wouldn't believe that he was not a hero ranked swordsman.

Otherwise, how can he get the approval of such a strong sword?

"Door?" After smashing the tombstone made up of the ruins of the palace, Yun Xi saw a door hidden under the original throne, which seemed to lead to a dark place.

What's behind the door?

"Even if I die, I will never let you touch my bride!" In retrospect of the hysterical roar of the degenerated king, Yun Xi seemed to understand something.

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