Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 668

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Chapter 668: Sword Light of the Sky Flying Sword

Yun Xi had become stronger.

After acquiring Starwings, it was like obtaining a pair of wings that could fly freely in the sky.

The degenerated king was no longer fearful of Yun Xi who could fly in the sky.

The halos under his feet broke and Yun Xi fell like a meteor from the sky.

The power of the Sky Flying Sword launched!

"Ah ah ah ah ah, come on!" It seemed that the degraded king had foreseen something and became madder. Large holes appeared one after another in his bony body, and the long-shattered armor could no longer hide his terrible body.

Burning. In the final stage, the firewood named king exploded into its strongest strength.

Yun Xi could have completely ignored the roar of the degenerated king, as long as he maintained his position above the sky, he would have seen the king's self-destruction.

But he came.

Yun Xi accepted the final challenge of the degenerated king.

Sword vs sword!

Transparent halos spread at Yun Xi's feet in succession, like the notes of the world.

In Yun Xi's eyes, the world was so beautiful and clear.

I see it, the king's unwillingness, despair, and madness!

I see the constant loss of humanity from his body and the reflection of the blood-coloured crescent moon that constantly engulfed him.




The familiar evil whispers resounded around Yun Xi's ear, promised him an invitation.

Come on, if you are willing to give your most important things, you can get everything you want.

As long as you can complete the sacrifice, then any wish can be realized.

Starwings in Yun Xi's hands emitted transparent sword lights and become transparent flying birds. This is one of the characteristics of Starwings: "wings".

One transparent bird after another soared in the sky, then drew a mysterious trajectory and freely flew to the degenerated king.




This was the sound of the flying birds waving their wings, clear and melodious, like the notes played by Yun Xi.

The black sword swept and split, trying to strike down these beautiful birds, but these birds, as if they had their own wisdom, would automatically avoid the king's foolish attack strokes, and even change their trajectory and fly to the king from different angles.




Like butterflies flying, like bees shuttling, transparent birds broke through the blockade of the king's black sword one after another and broke apart on his five-meter-tall body.

Only a very small part of them hit the king's black sword, turning themselves into dust-like debris.

The birds that struck the king's body easily broke the king's long-broken armor, and then penetrated the king's body.

Abandoned the god weapon "Sacred Revenge", the degenerated king was no longer able to launch the god weapon's rebound ability and was penetrated by the special attacks released by Starwings.

Yes, these special birds are the unique attacks of Starwings, the most basic way of attacking.

They had basic self-will and wisdom, knowing how to avoid obstacles, and even take the initiative to sacrifice themselves to help peers break through the enemy's defense.




The king's five-meter-tall body was like rotten wood, and the body that was about to burn up began to break and crush.

"Unfilial son!"

"Take my last sword attack!" At the last moment of his life, the degenerated king seemed to have regained a little sanity, clasping his black sword in both hands and making a deafening roar.

Under the moonlight of the bloody crescent moon, the huge body with many holes once again released trembling power.

It was some kind of perseverance. Even though Yun Xi didn't recognize the king's inexplicable perseverance, but also respected the will of not giving up.

So Yun Xi brandished his sword.

This was his response to the king's final challenge. Even if he only needed to release the special birds, he could easily tear up the king's body, he still attacked.

The earth uttered an overwhelming cry, and the ruins of the whole palace were sinking, leaving only the king to unleash his last strongest strength.

The vast black air spread throughout the king's body, swallowing up all the remaining Sacred Revenge. In a moment, the king's body increased by one third and became a giant body about seven meters.




The birds that had drilled into the king's body exploded, and the king's riddled body was shaking. The king raised his black sword high in his hand and ignited his final body and soul.

In the bursting flame, the king turned into a burning sword. It even suspended in the air for a short time, locking on Yun Xi's body.

Undoubtedly, this was the strongest blow formed by the last persistence of the degenerated king, for which he even abandoned his human posture.

Stepping on the transparent light halos, Yun Xi rushed to the king's incantation, the burning black sword without fear.

"Boom!" The blackfire sword swung down, ten times stronger than the one that split the palace before.

The light halos under Yun Xi's feet were broken and his position was changed in an instant. That was the track that human sword skill is absolutely impossible to establish. That was the outline of god sword skill.

In front of the Sky Flying Sword, the rule of gravity completely failed.

No matter how strong the degenerated king's sword was, it was meaningless to face he who could change his position freely.

Limited to the human concept, even if the king's power had been increased ten times, he was only debris bound to the earth, unable to pursue the shape of the sword flying in the sky.

The light of the sword danced on the last remains of the king.

As if the strings of the world being struck, it was Yun Xi's Sky Flying dance, the light of Sky Flying which first appeared in the world of the Dragon War.

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