Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 667

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Chapter 667: Their Nature

This was a very beautiful holy sword.

The body and handle of the sword were all made of transparent crystals. The whole sword about 1.2 meters long and was filled with glittering lights, like a natural perfect artwork, without a trace of defect.

Anyone who saw this sword would be immersed in its clear and transparent light with the law of the world engraved on its handle.

Every law of the world was woven from symbols that Yun Xi didn't know at all. It was not any language that existed in the world. It was the truth that they used to interpret the world.

Just holding the sword, Yun Xi had a sense of immersion in breathing with the sword.

The twin swords abandoned everything, and eventually transformed into this god weapon that only belonged to him.

Probably this sword was only a prototype, far away from its complete gesture in the future.

The power of the future Starwings was beyond even Yun Xi's comprehension.

But that didn't prevent him from loving the first god weapon he really had at the moment.

The feeling of the handle was like touching the soft skin of a girl. It was not cold at all, but very warm.

The sword was in his hand and in his heart.

Yun Xi could feel that this sword had a mysterious power, which he may not be able to release but a fraction of a percent of now.

He couldn't even figure out the type of the sword. Was it a holy sword or a demon sword? From this sword, Yun Xi felt the destruction of everything, but also the vitality of countless lives.

It could tolerate or destroy everything.

It could protect all things, it could also smash the stars.

This was not a sword that could be forged by any human, nor even the gods.

Only those special existences that surpass the world could forge such a sword.

Amongst the three swords representing the past, the present, and the future, Yun Xi caught a hint of the future. He saw the girls dancing in the stars.

They, in the distant future, would become masters of the stars, and only at that time, would this sword be born.

That was what the stars saw, the certainty of fate.

Feathered girls.

Some of them had been born in this era, some were still sleeping in the cradle, but in the future they would surely step on the top of the stars, and become gods above gods, transcending all things.

It was the only sword that was comparable to the two strongest swords that represented the past and the present.

The red and black demon sword symbolizes the destruction and death of all orders.

The unknown demon sword represented chaos, disorder, and madness.

Starwings symbolized the order and rules, the trend of the future, but the wings of the stars wouldn't be bound by any force, because those figures themselves represented infinite freedom.

There was only one person who could grasp the wings of infinite freedom.

Starwings was the promise someone made with the girls with wings.

At this moment, Yun Xi didn't realize what kind of promise the Starwings represented, because it hadn't happened yet at this moment, it was just a "possibility" of the future.

Well, let's forgive this ignorant teenager who was so attached to the great stars.

Above the ruins of the palace, stepping on the transparent light halos, Yun Xi had a sword in his hand.


"This is... my sword..."

Yun Xi pulled out the sword from the dust of the stars.

At this moment, his eyes were full of glory and confidence.

Unlike the three Water God's gifts, unlike the light stove (GN-drive) from the Golden Crow Princess, this was a god weapon that only belonged to him and was forged by himself.

Whether in the star trials or in the real world, it would always accompany him to fight together, grow together and become his sword of strength.

"Now, let me see the power of this sword." He said, but still didn't know the nature of the sword in his hands, Yun Xi took a deep breath and took a step forward.

Incredibly, just holding the sword in his hand, his body had become as light as the air.

The whole world had become clearer and more real than ever before. Yun Xi even saw the blood-colored particles scattered on the edge of the Forgotten Ruins.

Starwings was like Yun Xi's eyes and ears, taking the place of a part of his body to observe and understand the world from a new perspective.

This kind of ability apparently didn't belong to the hero rank. Only the legend rank could observe the world from this angle.

The degenerated king, who was almost invincible in Yun Xi's eyes just now was full of flaws in Yun Xi's eyes at this moment.

Did the degenerated king weaken?

No, when Yun Xi chose and forged the Starwings, the king was still sacrificing his humanity, wisdom, and soul, he was still growing stronger, and the "air" from his body could even make the sky tremble.

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