Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 666

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Chapter 666: Starwings

Yun Xi made a choice.

The past, the present, and the future was in different shapes. Amongst the three swords representing three different powers, Yun Xi chose the last one.

The reason for choosing the third one was simple.

Because this sword was the most beautiful one, and it released the most familiar atmosphere Yun Xi could feel.

Well, that's it.

Since even the dust of the stars thought that these three swords were the best, there was no need to doubt them.

While Yun Xi made his choice, the red and black demon sword disappeared first in front of him, and the unknown sword with numerous chains fled, just like what happened when he chose the three star spirits.

However, Yun Xi had a kind of vague foreboding that he would still deal with those two swords in the future.

The last sword left was the transparent crystal sword reflecting the girls.

On the colorless and transparent sword body were the feathery figures of the girls, weaving a seven-color dreamlike world.

Now, Yun Xi could see only three colors.

Green represents endless vitality.

Black stands for cold silence.

Silver represents sacred supreme silver.

Three colors were far from the limit of the girls, and more colors were hidden in the colorful world.

"Sword... Choose..." Countless dust of the stars began to spin, which was a big step on the way for the Starchild to grow up.

From this moment on, Yun Xi finally possessed the unique god weapon cast by the dust of the stars for him.

Reaching out and touching the revolving dust, Yun Xi saw the memories of countless stars.

That was the traces of thousands of years travel, the memory still was eulogized by the dust of the stars.

If it hadn't been for Yun Xi, the dust would have continued their journey.

If the Crane Wings Twin Swords didn’t meet Yun Xi, they would decay in tens of millions of years, return to their original materials and continue to fulfill the mission as the dust of the stars.

Only when they were cast into a god weapon could the dust of the stars really have a new life, weave new legends and new myths.

Only a god weapon is immortal. Even after thousands of years, millions of years, the god weapon would still stay and witness the changes of the universe.

Every god weapon had more or less the crystallization of the dust of the stars, so the dust of the stars could find so many swords for Yun Xi.

In fact, the number of the dust of the stars the twin swords had was not enough to make any of these three swords, and Yun Xi's own strength was far below the level of forging such god weapons.

These three swords had the power to transcend the world. To smash the stars was only a blink of an eye for these three swords.

The sword woven by the dust of the stars for Yun Xi was just a rough prototype.

This crystal sword would accompany Yun Xi and grow up together and witness the journey of the Starchild.

"Name... What's the name?" This sword had no name now, because it was a sword that belongs to the "future", a holy sword only existed in theory at this time point.

No, it wasn't enough to describe the sword with "holy" or "evil".

The girls dancing on the transparent sword represented the transcendent existence beyond the rules of the universe.

They could be gods above gods, or demons above demons. They could protect a world for thousands of years just for a promise, or they could eat a world as food when they wanted.

They came from the darkest places, but had the most gorgeous wings.

Somehow, the girls of the Starwing Knights suddenly appeared in Yun Xi's mind.

Without their support, without their talents, maybe now he was still a small time baker on the road of escaping his destiny.

The girls of the Starwing Knights believed in him so much that they still used this name in this dream trial.

Then, in return, he would dye the god weapon who would accompany him all his life with their colors.

He would name it --


When Yun Xi decided the true name of the sword, countless feathers flew out of the dust of the stars. That was the world's recognition of the god weapon, that was a poem woven by the laws of the universe.

They were not gods, but above gods.

They stood on countless worlds, their wings covered the sky, and their names shook the stars.

Their power interlaced, and eventually transformed into a sword because of a certain agreement, a sword that would shock the entire endless god's domains in the future.

At this moment, the god weapon came to Yun Xi's hand from the distant future and was given its only real name.


This was the end of the time of the Crane Wings Twin Swords.

This was the beginning of the time of the Starwings.

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