Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 671

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Chapter 671: The Queen's Wishes

"Tonight, the moon is beautiful."

"Do you want to get my blessing?" The queen stroked the fluff of the giant spider under her feet. Her bare white feet gently stepped on Pafu who was rolling, and her eyes were gentle and peaceful.

The red crescent moon shone on her face, with a light crystal color. The spiders around seemed to get some signals, and began to be active.

Danger, danger, danger! See the spiders around her, Yun Xi's whole body was as cold as being dropped into an ice cave.

I see the runes behind these spiders!

Those are the weapons that let him die in the Forgotten Ruins!

There is no mistake about it! The so-called bride of the king, the queen of the Kingdom, is actually the queen in the Forgotten Ruins!

How long has the king kept this secret?!

However, it seems that the queen is in a good mood now. At least she didn't kill him like she killed him in the Forgotten Ruins.

Your majesty, how did you marry her? This is the queen of Assyria!

Is it because the king came into contact with the indescribable terror in the Forgotten Ruins that led to his degeneration?

"Are you not going to touch my darkness?" The queen smiled, picked up Pafu, who was being comfortably trodden on with "Pafu! Pafu!" sounds.

Yun Xi tried his best not to agree with it.

Strange, too strange!

This lake, these spiders, and the queen of Assyria were very strange.

The master of the Forgotten Ruins, the last level master of the dragon's nest, unexpectedly lives in the underground of the king's city.

What untold relationship does the royal family have with the queen of Assyria!

My win rate is zero! Big drops of sweat fell from his forehead.

If these spiders are the prototype of those weapons that killed him before, then the number of spiders dominated by this huge spider is more than 3000.

Even with Starwings, he wasn’t matched for the mysterious queen of Assyria's power, let alone that he had used up the energy in the Battle God's Seed.

"Prince, you must inherit history."

"If you don't want this country destroyed, marry me."

"At least let me have a good dream." The queen held Pafu and walked gently to him, stretching out her crystal white, soft feet.

"As in the past, answer me, the knight who was loyal to me. Be loyal to me again."

Yun Xi's mind was a mess.

Is this the truth of the kingdom?

It turns out that the royal family of this kingdom was not guarding the Forgotten Ruins, but the queen of Assyria.

The kingdom of Assyria has never disappeared, but has been inherited in this way.

Yes or no?

He had fallen into a huge contradiction. If he doesn't agree with it, this country may be destroyed by the queen overnight.

There was no doubt that the current queen of Assyria had this ability. The spiders around her could kill all the people in the Kingdom overnight, including the girls of the Starwing Knights.

OK, now he knew the difficulty of being the king. He had to marry the queen!

However, it seemed that his nominal father really fell in love with the queen of Assyria in the end, and even touched the dark side of the queen, which made him go mad.

Yun Xi didn't want to degenerate like the degenerated king, so he wouldn’t try to touch the queen's darkness.

"Swear to me, prince, then you will be my king."

"The world is still so beautiful." The queen of Assyria put her little foot in his hand.

"Every part of your body will be the Queen's thing."

"Even if you die, you can't get rid of the Queen's curse."

"If you want to touch the dark side of the queen, then listen to the sound of the blood moon."

"Only nightmares are eternal."

"Turn yourself into firewood and burn it."

This foot is so soft! Yun Xi felt the warm touch of the fragrant soft feet on his hands. It was not the feeling of the dead, but it was not the bone structure that humans should have neither.

The queen of Assyria was like an unreal dream in the moonlight, her body was so light that he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Pafu!" Pafu suddenly jumped off the queen's shoulder which made her lose her balance easily.

"Ah?" The queen's little body suddenly fell down into his arms.

She’s so light. Can human beings be so light? Holding the queen of Assyria, he felt like he was holding a soft and fragrant doll, which should not be the weight of a girl.

It was impossible for human beings to have such wonderful skin. The queen's body was just like that made by moonlight. Just by touching it, he felt that it was the collection of all the beauty in the world.

Your majesty, I misunderstood you. It's understandable why you had degenerated!

Yun Xi felt that he was about to degenerate in the moonlight, and never let go of the queen's light, warm, and fragrant body.

No, it's not a thing a gentleman should do! Yun Xi shook his head and carefully put the queen down, who looked surprised, she didn't believe that she would be held by others.

"What a mistake... " The little face of the queen had a faint blush. For thousands of years, no one had touched her body.

This dream is a little strange.

It seems that she herself had also become strange.




Under the bloody moonlight, the strange whispers echoed in the lake again.

"I know, it's just a dream, sweet and memorable."

"At least, please give me the right to dream."

With a trace of lingering sadness, the queen's eyes blinked.


In a flash, his heart began to beat faster.

No way! That expression! It's really foul!

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