Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 658

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Chapter 658: Fatal Attack

"Boom!" Numerous black waves of light burst on Yun Xi's body. He spat a mouthful of blood, even His rigid body couldn't withstand the horrible destructive force.

As the ground exploded again, Yun Xi's body together with the twin swords was bombed into the ground, suffering the greatest damage since the battle with the king.

But it wasn't the end.

My body can't move? Yun Xi found that his body was full of unidentified forces similar to electric current, resulting in a short period of spasms throughout his body.

He remembered the introduction of the Sacred Revenge he saw in the library.

The Sacred Revenge had two parts.

The "Sacred Stick" could release the thunder of judgment and wipe out all darkness.

The "Revenge Armor" could absorb any attack and reflect it 200%.

Yun Xi finally knew how he lost.

His Thunderbolt was rebounded by the king's "Revenge Armor" and increased by 200%!

Even he himself couldn't withstand Thunderbolt after it was increased by 200%!




Unknown whispers hovered around Yun Xi's ear, and the king raised his hand with one hand. He first flew to the sky, and the next second he fell like a meteorite.

Knight's Martial Art: Justice Judgement!

The fierce impact from the sky hit Yun Xi accurately, penetrated his internal organs and turned his whole person into ashes and rose all over the sky. This was the fatal blow from the angry king, the Justice Judgement from a father!

Besides the bonfire in the garden.

"It's really tough." Yun Xi gazed at the burning bonfire and listed the mistakes he had made.

First of all, he looked down upon the king's battle power.

Although it looked like a corpse, it was definitely a corpse that was more powerful than the black axe monsters in the Forgotten Ruins.

Secondly, he neglected the power of the Sacred Revenge.

It could release the thunder of judgment and paralyze the target's body.

Rebound all damage by 200%.

Although the king had degenerated and the Sacred Revenge had been contaminated by the power of darkness, but the god weapon's power wasn’t being weakened at all.

Finally, the power that led to the king's degeneration.

His body looked like a corpse, but had essentially been eroded by unknown black substances. There was no flesh and blood beneath the skin of the corpse.

It seemed that human nature had disappeared from the king.

When Yun Xi's Soft Water Palm penetrated into the king's body, he felt as if he was hitting on a statue with numerous holes.

Soft Water Palm could do no harm to the king's body.

Thunderbolt would be rebounded by the king's Sacred Revenge.

Maybe the king had weaknesses when he was still a human, but now, he was completely invincible.

"Is he really invincible?" Remembering the feeling when his Soft Water Palm hit on the king's body, Yun Xi wondered.

Maybe the king still had memory and wisdom, Yun Xi felt that the seemingly infatuated king had embarked on the road of no return.

The power of the abyss was devouring his life.

The king now was like a torch burning his soul, releasing the last light of his humanity.

It was such a crazy and powerful king that Yun Xi would defeat.

"Give it a try." Once again, with the Crane Wings Twin Swords, Yun Xi stepped into the demon's palace.




Among the screams of crow doctors, Yun Xi once again went inside the palace, which had been covered by endless internal organs.

Sitting high on the iron throne, the living corpse stood up again.

"You're here, my unfilial son."

"Accept your father's verdict!"

This time, Yun Xi carefully looked at the king's face.

It wasn't his delusion. The darkness in the king's eyes had increased and the black paradises shuttling through the empty eye sockets had become more vivid.

The knight's shining armor was turning into the same color as the surrounding internal organs, and the stick representing the supreme power of the kingdom was shining black runes.

"Sacred" had lost, only "Revenge" remained.

"Bomb!" Without any words, the degenerated king charged towards Yun Xi again.



The two chose the same skills. Rigid Body vs Sacred Revenge! The scene before was repeated.

Relying on his Rigid Body, Yun Xi didn't fear the king's sidekick at all.

Since the Soft Water Palm can do no damage, then why don't I try to use pure strength?

Lava breathing? Lava skin? Iron Blood? Yun Xi didn't need to learn these at all.

Because he himself was a "Rigid Body", an ultimate fantasy!

This was the first time that Yun Xi really and truly applied this talent after he obtained it.

Obviously, the opponent this time had the characteristics that were strong enough to compete with his Rigid Body.

Although the king's wisdom, humanity and even memory were failing, the degenerated king was indeed one of the strongest opponents Yun Xi had ever encountered.

Without human flesh and blood, his weaknesses as a human had also disappeared. He was more powerful and terrible than when he was a hero ranked human knight.

In some sense, the king was a monster-like opponent.

No matter how he obtained the strange power and how long he could maintain it, power was still power, Yun Xi couldn't make the battle become easier.

This was a match of strength and strength!

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