Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 659

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Chapter 659: Sacrifice




It sounded not like a battle between human beings, but rather like a natural disaster, an earthquake, or a volcanic explosion.

This was the battle between two monsters.

Like a blazing flame burning.

Like a wild thunder running.

Like the dry earth roaring.

Like a whistling storm raging.

Rigid Body symbolized the most original and violent force in the world.

Carry all before one! Because the Rigid Body itself was the strongest and hardest substance in the world.

What just hurt Yun Xi's Rigid Body wasn't the blow of the sacred stick, but Yun Xi's own Thunderbolt.

The king's armor of revenge could bound back everything, but it needed a special ceremony to launch it.

The three revolving black turtle-shell-like unknown objects were the signals of the launch of the king's Sacred Revenge.

Apparently, Yun Xi wouldn't step into the same trap again.

"Ha ha!" The king used the Sacred Revenge again, showing a mysterious smile on his face.

I won't be defeated by the same skill twice!

Yun Xi changed from the Rigid Body to the Soft Body.

This process took a little time, but since the king was using the Sacred Revenge, he naturally couldn't take this advantage to attack Yun Xi.

With clever footsteps, Yun Xi didn't retreat but directly dashed towards the king and entwined his arms around the king's neck.

Sacred Revenge could rebound all attacks, but it was only a linear reflection. If he was strangled to death, the Sacred Revenge could do no use to save his life.

With both hands pressing on the king's head, Yun Xi turned over in the air and rode on the king's neck.

It looked like a children's play "Knee Rides", but it was actually a true game of death. As long as the king showed a little careless, Yun Xi's legs could strangle him to death.

With a twist of his waist, Yun Xi displayed the death strangling skill that only humans who had Soft Body could perform, pulling the king's body down to the ground.

"Ga!" The king's neck was twisted into a strange shape. Even his powerful force couldn't break away from the deadly strangulation. Instead, it became an assist force for the strangulation.

If the king was still a human, the strangulation was enough to kill him.

The three revolving turtle-shell-like objects disappeared, and the time for the skill "Sacred Revenge" had passed.

The king got up in rage and lifted up the stick in his hand. The stick emitted the sound of thunder, the sound of verdict.

"Go!" Yun Xi's body turned over in the air and stepped on the palace's ceiling.

Switch the Soft Body to the Rigid Body!

"Boom!" With the king's stick as the center, innumerable lights burst apart and exploded.

Yun Xi had switched the Soft Body to the Rigid Body. He stepped on the ceiling with both feet and put his hands in an up-and-down position.

Oh, the Sacred Revenge entered its cool-down time, you can't use it now! Then take this!


The same sound of thunder echoed. Only one side relied on the strength of a god weapon and the other side relied on the power of the Battle God's Seed.

Countless electric currents broke out and the pillars that supported the palace fell one after another. In the continuous explosions, one figure was blown up into the sky while the other figure was bombed into the underground.

"Cough... it's still beyond imagination..." Yun Xi crawled up from the ruins of the palace.

This time, his Thunderbolt wasn't bounced back, but he was directly hit by the king's Sacred Verdict and his body was paralyzed for more than three seconds.

If he was an ordinary hero ranked being, he’d have been killed ten times!

The king was far stronger than the crow doctors!

"I won't admit it!"

"I won't let you have her!"

"She's mine! mine!"

From the ruins of the palace came the mad king's roar.

More black air was rising from the palace's underground.

"I sacrifice my legs, the great thing, give me more power!"

Yun Xi frowned. His Thunderbolt indeed hit the king's legs just now, but under the protection of the armor, the king's legs shouldn't have been broken.

Why do you sacrifice your legs so simply? Is that queen that I haven't seen really so important?

The blood moon shed a hazy moonlight to the king's body in response to the mad king's call.

"Arrrghhh!" The king howled even more wildly and crawled out of the ruins.

As he crawled, the armor on his feet began to be corroded and eventually turned into dust by a great stream of black air.

Yun Xi could even see one black hole after another appeared on the king's gray-black body as if an invisible flame was burning his body.

After losing his legs, the king didn't weaken but became more powerful. Even the size of his body was incredibly growing, from about one meter tall to five meters tall. Now he looked like a giant, and his body was still growing.

"Yes, that's the power. That's the power that even demons would feel fear! That's the power of gods!" The king was intoxicated with this immense power. The black paradises in his empty orbit became more and more vigorous, in sharp contrast to his withered body.

The armor of revenge, which once represented the glory of the kingdom, was peeled off bit by bit from the king's body, symbolizing that the last knight of the kingdom had fallen completely and wasn't even qualified to wear the armor "Sacred Revenge".

The Sacred Stick, which represented the glory and power of the kingdom had also changed from the shape of a stick to the shape of a sword stained with black flames.

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