Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 657

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Chapter 657: Battle between Father and Son

"I have no interest in the throne."

Although Yun Xi knew that the king was already hopeless, he still thought that he needed to clarify this.

"Oh, I know you don't like the throne." Surprisingly, the king seemed to know that Yun Xi didn't care about the throne.

"But you want my queen!"

"She's so charming, so perfect! She's mine, nobody can take her away from me!"

"Especially you, you bastard! I know you want to kill me and marry her!"

Hey, hey! I don't even know who the queen is! Don't accuse me of this!

In this world, I will never do any things unrelated to slaying the evil dragon!

"Her snow-white skin, her smart eyes, her lovely, innocence appearance!

"I fell in love with her at first sight. I love her more than anyone else!"

"You want to steal her from me? Then I will kill you first!"

A great deal of black air rose from the king, and the sacred knight armor began to take on an ominous color.

"I curse you, curse why you are so young, so energetic!"

"My kingdom, my queen, are all mine, mine! I will never give them to you!"

"Unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable!"

"Accept the judgment from the king, the sinner who wants to kill his father and marry his mother!" The king stood up.

The long-withered body was infected by some weird breath and became strong and powerful again.

Black parasites swam out of his corpse-like eyes, declaring that the king had become a real monster.

When he was still alive, he was a real hero ranked knight. Now, infected by strange forces, he had stepped further into an unknown field.

He has a set of god weapons! He is a strong enemy! This was what the Battle God's Seed told Yun Xi.

The contaminated armor and stick were the parts of the set of god weapons, "Sacred Revenge". It was the legacy of the first king of the kingdom and had been handed down from generation to generation to protect the kingdom. After thousands of years, it had been recognized by the people of the kingdom as a powerful god weapon.

When the king was still a human, he was not just a king but also a famous knight. This was the characteristic of the kingdom. Every king would inevitably inherit the "Sacred Revenge" and watch the ruins of the Assyrian kingdom.

However, the last watcher, the master of the "Sacred Revenge" himself had degenerated.

Because of this, the "Sacred Revenge" also lost its glory and became a dark-type god weapon.

Gaining back his power, the king jumped into the air and struck the stick down at Yun Xi.

The black stick smashed on the ground, causing the ground to break. The rippling shock wave even smashed the wall several dozen meters away. The position directly hit by the stick collapsed suddenly and became an area covered by ominous black air.

Too fast!

Yun Xi barely dodged the attack and his heart started to beat fast.

After being infected, the king was really strong.

"Ha!" The king bent his right leg and gave Yun Xi a side kick.

"Bang!" Yun Xi's body twisted unnaturally, which avoided the heavy kick. It was the characteristic of the soft body.

"Ha!" The king once again kicked Yun Xi's waist!

Hey, you're a knight! What don't you use your stick? You’re only relying on your foot?

Unexpectedly, Yun Xi couldn't avoid a kick and had to withstand the kick.

"Ha!" The king kicked again.

"Bang!" Yun Xi's Soft Water Palm punched the king's leg again.

His Soft Water Palm could stun a dragon, but caused no effect on the king's black leg.

He did hit the king's leg, but after penetrating into the king's body, he couldn't find anything to destroy.

Yun Xi felt as if his palm hit on a decayed coffin with nothing inside.

"Ha!" The king was totally unaffected by Yun Xi's Soft Water Palm and stretched out his leg, and Yun Xi was forced to take a step back.

Undoubtedly, the King's kick skill had been practiced to the limit.



The king's side kicks seemed to never stop, giving Yun Xi no chance to take a break.

In this case, Yun Xi's Soft Water Palm completely lost any effects, and he could only rely on the characteristics of the rigid body to bear the hurt.

Your kicks just don't stop, hum? Then I’ll kick too!

Taste my side kick!


Side kick!


Side Kick!

Only then did Yun Xi and the king reveal a style that seemed to be closely related.

Foot vs foot! Rigid Body vs Sacred Revenge!

After a while, both of them realized that if this continued, neither of them could take any advantages. They changed their skills almost at the same time.

"Ah ha!" The king swung up his stick and roared. Three black turtle-shell-like obscurities appeared above his head.

"Taste this! Thunderbolt!" Yun Xi rolled back, put his hands up and down, and breathed in as much air as he could.

A strong whirlpool of air diffused around Yun Xi, continuously releasing the unique aura of the rigid body.

Gathering the strength of his whole body to a point, Yun Xi released a thunderbolt from his hands without hesitation!

Yun Xi wondered if it was his delusion, because he saw a contemptuous smile on the king's withered face.

A burning flash burst in the middle of the palace, and the three turtle shells that rotated above the king's head disappeared at the same time.

In the next second, Yun Xi was blown up by the rebounding thunderbolt's shock wave and was stunned.

Taking this advantage, the king jumped up with a heavy blow, slapping his palm on Yun Xi's body.

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