Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 656

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Chapter 656: King

"You must die!"

"You and the Starwing Knights you formed will be buried by me!"

"This kingdom is my kingdom, my thing!" The king who should have died long ago, shouted with a voice so loud that Yun Xi wondered if he was really sick.

"I'm sorry, but I don't want to do so." Yun Xi had no will to be such a prince.

He was coming to fight the dragon, not to play in this family-ethics drama!

The identity "prince" was worthless in his eyes.

No matter how Robin advised him to murder the king and ascend to the throne of the kingdom, Yun Xi himself wasn't interested in it at all.

But that's what he thought, not what the king thought.

"I should have strangled you in the cradle when you were born!"

"It was the greatest mistake of my life to have pity on you for the death of your humble mother! I shouldn't have left you at that knight's house and let him raise you."

Hum? Was there such a setting?

My real mother is dead... Although it was only the "background" of the trial, Yun Xi still felt a little sad to hear it.

Hey, this really is a standard family-ethics drama!

But if my mother was dead, what did she mean to "kill your father and marry your mother"?

"I won't give her to you. She's mine. She's mine!"

"Even if I'm in the coffin, I'll climb out and stop you!"

"Grant me the power of eternal life, great god!" The king fell into a franatic and prayed to an ancient existence.

Wow, this is... Yun Xi smelled the same thing again.

That invisible thing in the Forgotten Ruins!




It seemed to be a soft twittering sound, and it seemed to be the sound of bubbles breaking out of the deep sea. From the deepest part of the garden inside the palace, there came with a creepy whisper.


"That's it, that's the power!"

"My unfilial son, you can never take away my kingdom and marry my bride!" The king roared with great excitement, making a deafening roar.

The sky became dark, and a bloody crescent moon revealed half of its body.

"Crescent Moon?" Yun Xi looked at the weather worsening and recalled the huge red moon he saw in the Forgotten Ruins.




Under the bloody moon, more crow doctors poured out of the garden. Their eyes turned red and their moves became more "hospitable".

"They went berserk?" Yun Xi was too familiar with this situation.

Crane Wings Twin Swords! Let's fly!

Soft water palm!

Even though these doctors' strengths were strengthened three times after going berserk, they were still nothing in Yun Xi's eyes.

Apart from their exuberant vitality, they had nothing good.




The Crane Wings Twin Swords flying over the crow doctors' heads. Every time the sword flashed, there would be a head flying into the sky and bursting out a pile of parasites.




Every attack of the Soft Water Palm would blow up a bunch of such black parasites, ensuring that none of the doctors could revive.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

With the support of the Battle God's Seed, Yun Xi killed hundreds of doctors within just a dozen seconds.

Yun Xi didn't even leave a corpse of the doctors, not even a living parasite.

Stepping in a pool of blood, Yun Xi entered the palace, which used to be the core of the whole kingdom.

But now, under the shining of the bloody crescent moon, the palace looked as if it had been smeared by some kind of internal organs, giving off a foul odor.

Looking carefully, there were obvious biological lines on the walls, which were like living intestines, liver and lung mixed together.

Anyone could see at a glance that the owner of this palace had completely degenerated.

"You're here at last."

"Come to kill me and rob me of my most precious treasure."

"Come on, I'll kill you with my own hands!" The king's voice became hoarse. Just listening to it, Yun Xi could smell the breath of the abyss.

Yun Xi shook his head. That was what happened. The king he had never seen before was hopeless.

Stepping on the floor of the most magnificent palace in the kingdom, the plants on both sides of the corridor were all turned into black and weird vines, which made him feel creepy, let alone the vines were still alive!

Walking into this palace was like entering the interior of a terrifying creature. The deeper Yun Xi walked inside, the more disgusted he felt.

It even gave him a delusion that he was moving further into the abyss.

Perhaps this was not a delusion.

Because the owner of this palace had completely deviated and entered the darkest world.

A few minutes later, stepping on the blood of crow doctors, Yun Xi finally saw the man who was supposed to be his father in this world.

The king who guards the kingdom is the king who inherits the blood of ancient knights.

However, no one could believe that this king was once a good king.

No. It was even hard to believe that the king was a living person.

Sitting on that iron throne was a living corpse.

The visible part of his skin was as dry and weak as a corpse that had been dried for decades.

On his head, he wore a metal-cage-like weird decoration.

Only the knight's armor on his body, as well as the stick beside him still retained a trace of the past fair and incorrupt king.

At this moment, there was only jealousy and madness on his withered face.

"My son, are you finally coming to kill me?"

Well, his persecutory delusion is hopeless. Your Majesty, you really do like to play the family-ethics drama too much?!

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