Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 655

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Chapter 655: Dark Garden

"Ding!" The Crane Wings Twin Swords circled in the air, turning into two flying streamers above the battlefield, which was originally a garden.

"Bang!" A Doctor in Black's whole body exploded.

"You are dead!" Yun Xi who took away his palm. He didn't even look at the Doctor in Black and sheathed the Crane Wings Twin Sword.

After being blown up, the Doctor in Black slowly stood up in an eerie manner. It was clear that his heart had been pierced, but the hole in his heart was being filled up with black granules.

This was a kind of parasite that Yun Xi didn't know, parasitizing on the human body. It could greatly increase the vitality of the body and could even repair fatal injuries.

However, in the face of Yun Xi's Soft Water Palm, these parasites could do less use.

Before the dense granulations could repair the monster's heart, they had all suddenly burst into a bloodstain.

Yun Xi's Soft Water Palm could even break Desert Dragon Zaka's defense, how could these parasites withstand it!

"Shuffle!" The twin swords drew smooth tracks in the air and three black doctor monsters' heads had been cut off.

After losing their heads, these monsters didn't die immediately but exposed their true faces.

It was a black wireworm that emerged from the wound on the neck and replaced the function of the cut-off head.

"Why are there these disguising parasites in the garden?!" Yun Xi looked at these weird monsters in a very bad mood.




Here came that sound again, the whisper of death! Wasn't this the patent of the Queen of Assyria?

The monster whose head was replaced by black wireworms fell completely into a state of insanity after hearing the sound, rushing madly towards Yun Xi.

"As I said, you're looking for your own death!" Yun Xi took a long breath and put his hands up and down on his right side.

Unlike the "Soft Water Palm" he just used, this time, he was going to use a "rigid body skill" Casina taught him.

"Boom!", "Boom!", "Boom!", "Boom!" The deafening sound of blood flew in Yun Xi's body and resounded in his ears, like the torrent of rivers and like the surging of waves.

At this moment, the blood in Yun Xi's body was flowing ten times faster than that of ordinary people.

Only with a "diamond-like" unbreakable body, a human could withstand this rigid body skill and not commit suicide.

Its name: Thunderbolt!

"Ha!" Gathering all the "qi" of his body into his hands, a ball of incandescent rotating light emerged.

As if thunder was exploding, a circle of shock waves was released and all the black monsters around Yun Xi were blown away, and then the light ball in Yun Xi's hand flew out.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! " The light ball turned into a continuous burst of light circles, blasting all the monsters in front of Yun Xi into pieces.

No matter how strong their self-healing power was, after being blasted to ashes, there was no way they could revive.

Soft Water Palm embodied the destructive power of "soft".

Thunderbolt demonstrated the destructive power of "rigid".

Only a "freak" who had both rigid body and soft body could master these two super fighting skills before even reaching the hero rank.

"Huh!" After releasing the Thunderbolt, Yun Xi took a deep breath.

Anyone who saw the power of Thunderbolt would be shocked, including Yun Xi himself.

This was the first time that he had really used the rigid body skill he learned on the battlefield, and the result was apparently outstanding.

Compared with the silent and lethal attacks of the soft body, the attacks of the rigid body were all straight and fierce.

"Well, soft body skills are suited for one-on-one fights, and rigid body skills are suited for battlefields?" Yun Xi had more insight into the characteristics of his body.

The two physiques were distinct, but once he could combine the two physiques together, their effect opened up a new world for him.

However, Yun Xi was still far from combining the rigid body and the soft body together. Whether it was the Soft Water Palm or the Thunderbolt, he could only use them separately.

"Ga!" After about 90% of the members were eliminated by Yun Xi's Thunderbolt, he quickly wiped out the remaining Doctors in Black by the twin swords.

These Doctors in Black were apparently weaker than the black axe monsters in the Forgotten Ruins.

The black parasites in their bodies gave them strong power and fast speed, but they didn't grant them killing skills.

If the black axe monsters were elites, then these Doctors in Black were just the weakest monsters Yun Xi had ever seen.

"Did I start in the wrong order?" Looking at the monsters, Yun Xi began to suspect that he had used the wrong strategy to pass this trial.

Basing on the difficulty, obviously, this garden was a novice area, and the Forgotten Ruins was the final area where the ultimate boss was.

"Ah... Ah... Ah... You're here..." A hysterical voice echoed in the dark garden, "My unfilial son!"

Well, Yun Xi thought that he knew who the master of the voice was.

"Why? Why did I give birth to such a rebellious son like you?"

"I am the king of this kingdom! I'm the supreme ruler!"

The king roared. From his voice, Yun Xi couldn't feel any traces of ill.

Your majesty, are you really sick? Aren't you full of spirits?

"I curse you!"

"You animal! How dare you want to kill your father and marry your mother!"

Wait! What kind of crime is this?!

I didn’t do anything! You are slandering me!

Even a third-rate novelist doesn't write such a story nowadays!

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