Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 652

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Chapter 652: Booty

"We won!"

"We won!"

"The dragon escaped away!"

The guards on the walls of the city were the first to shout the glad tidings. With their message, many people hiding in their basements, churches and even palaces began to walk up the walls and witness the battlefield after the battle between the Starwing Knights and the Desert Dragon.

It wasn't until they saw for themselves that the Desert Dragon had left and that there were still mutilated bodies of monsters lying on the ground, that they believed that the disaster of the kingdom had finally been diverted.

The dragon was completely repulsed.

At this moment, nobody cared that the dragon was only one of the four heavenly kings, one of the minions of the real dragon.

All they knew was that the Prince and the Starwing Knights had won!

Soon, the cheers rang throughout the sky, and people ran out of the city gate one by one, watching the bodies of giant scarlet scorpions and sandworms.

"Have we really won?" Not only these ordinary people, but the members of the Starwing Knights also showed an incredulous look on their faces.

When did they become so strong?

Not long ago, many of them were still ordinary first ranked swordswomen.

But now, they could already frighten away a dragon?

"Yes, we won." Hua Yue showed a confident and sunny smile.

How can they win? Because the Starwing Knights trusted a man and had the consciousness of sacrificing their lives to protect him.

Their prince was the core that connected all of them together.

Any teams with such a firm belief could be strong.

Without firm beliefs, in the face of giant sandworms and poisonous scorpions, the number of people was only number. It couldn't be turned into combat power.

Only by adhering to their own inner will and willingness to pay all costs for it, can the white golden shield shine brightly and let the beautiful rose open.

The Starwing Knights will certainly become stronger!

"One, two, three..." Xiao Cao counted the bodies of poisonous scorpions on the ground.

As a girl from an ordinary family, “careful calculation” was her instinct.

Before she reached the hero rank, she often didn't have the money to repair her equipment. She used the newbie iron sword for a long time until she joined the Starwing Knights.

After joining the Starwing Knights, although she became much richer, the belief that "waste is shameful" had long been incorporated into her mind. No matter which world she was in, this belief wouldn't change.

"Well, the body won't disappear." Yun Xi curiously watched the girls of the Starwing Knights cut off and carry the bodies of giant poisonous scorpions.

He found the decisive difference between this battle and the battle in the Forgotten Ruins.

In the Forgotten Ruins, the monsters he killed would leave corpses, but these corpses would soon be revived by the mysterious Queen of Assyria.

However, the minions of the Desert Dragon didn't seem to have this characteristic. These bodies wouldn't suddenly revive and attack the people nearby them.

It seemed that the Desert Dragon didn't have a relationship with the Queen of the Forgotten Ruins.

This also meant that the Queen of the Forgotten Ruins was probably stronger than the Desert Dragon Zaka.

Maybe she was also one of the four heavenly kings?

If the four heavenly Kings were ranked according to their strength, Yun Xi felt that Desert Dragon Zaka was probably the weakest.

"Come on, everybody, the meat of these monsters are useful. Eating them can improve our physiques." Xiao Cao stood on a scorpion's tail and commanded all the members of the Starwing Knights to carry the whole body of the scorpion.

At the same time, the palace armies also arrived on the battlefield at last. They cut the giant sandworm's body with ready tools and cut it into hundreds of half meter chunks of meat.

Like what Xiao Cao said, whether in the infinite god's domains or in this world, the bodies of these monsters were rare treasures. Just like no matter how rich you were, you couldn't buy the meat of male fiery dragon, the meat of the sandworms and scorpions couldn't be bought in the mortal world.

The taste of the meat was a secondary consideration. The enormous energy contained in the meat was the most important.

Even so, the girls of the Starwing Knights were curious about how the monsters tasted.

"I haven't eaten the meat of a giant sandworm yet. I want to know how it tastes!"

"Isn't this scorpion poisonous? Can its meat be eaten?"

"Well, what's the flavor? Chicken or beef?" Ling Ling was deeply troubled.

"According to the records, the meat of giant sandworms is delicious, and the protein is more than ten times that of ordinary beef. After eating, our endurance to high temperatures would be strengthened. It's a very rare food ingredient!"

"Because giant sandworms generally live in the desert, hundreds of meters below the ground, it's difficult for humans to find and kill this kind of monster. Their meat is very expensive."

Mei Lan recited the knowledge she remembered from books, satisfying the curiosity of other members of the Starwing Knights.

"Yeah, ten times better than beef! I thought the roasted veal steak was the best thing in the world!"

"It's great that the meat contains so much protein. My mother always said that my chest flat is because of undernourishment. If I eat the sandworm's meat, can my breasts grow again?"

"Mei Lan, is that the same with the poisonous scorpions?"

Mei Lan pushed the glasses on her nose and nodded, "The scorpion is poisonous, but the poison is confined to the scorpion's tail."

"Therefore, after we cut off its tail, its meat can be eaten."

"I heard it tastes like chicken."

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