Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 651

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Chapter 651: Fall

"The Starwing Knights!"

"It's the prince and his knights!"

"We have hope!"

The appearance of the Starwing Knights greatly inspired the morale of the people in the city.

As mortals, they couldn't fight against a real dragon, the only thing they could do was to pray for the prince and the Starwing Knights.

"Glory, turn into my shield and my sword!"

"In the name of the white golden rose, Starwing Knights, move out!" As the owner of one of the noblest bloodlines in the Knight God's Domain, Hua Yue finally showed the extraordinary power of her white golden rose bloodline.

Unlike Xiao Cao, Hua Yue brought together all the forces of the Starwing Knights.

The attack that shattered the giant sandworm's body just now was the masterpiece of all the members of the Starwing Knights.

The entire Starwing Knights rushed into the battlefield like a storm, showing no fear.

This was also the first time that Yun Xi had seen the real combat ability of the Starwing Knights.

"Defensive formation!"

"White Golden Shield!"

After blowing up a giant sandworm, Hua Yue raised the sword in her hand, and all the members of the Starwing Knights were concentrated behind her. All the Knights breath almost merged into one.

Several red dots appeared on Hua Yue's body, and then the dark red ray attack reappeared.

Yun Xi's heart beat fast. The death ray could kill most hero ranked beings in seconds, could Hua Yue dodge it?

Fortunately, the deep red ray was blocked by a transparent shield with white golden color halfway.

The shield engraved with the mark of the cross and the rose emblem was precisely a secret art from the Knight God's Domain: The White Golden Shield.

The white golden shield was shaped by all the strength of the girls of the Starwing Knights.

This was the special secret art of the Knight God's Domain. An excellent leader of the Knights could concentrate all of the force of the Knight members and display all kinds of incredible secret arts.

The power of the secret art depends on two factors.

The talent and the will of the leader of the Knights.

The trust of the members of the Knights for their leader.

For the Starwing Knights, both factors were perfect.

Hua Yue's talent and will were absolutely first class. She was undoubtedly a genius.

The members of the Starwing Knights had 100% confidence in Hua Yue, and among the members of the Starwing Knights, there were special bonds that other people couldn't imagine.

With "Mei's Blessing" (seed), the tacit understanding amongst the girls of the Starwing Knights was enough to make any other Knights feel inferior.

"Raise your swords! Charge!" The protection of the White Golden Shield was almost invincible. Although there was a time limit, it was still a secret art that was enough to subvert the situation on the battlefield.

"Splash!" Another giant poisonous scorpion had its tail cut off and its blood sprayed ten meters high. It was Xiao Cao, the deputy leader of the Starwing Knights who killed the scorpion.

As one of the few hero ranked members of the Starwing Knights, Xiao Cao chose to move alone, targeting directly on the giant scorpions that could threaten Yun Xi.

"Humph, useless struggles! No matter how many humans there are, humans can't defeat the great Desert Dragon Zaka!" Zaka shook its dizzy head and showed a grim smile.

"Taste this! Dragon Spirit..." It was a unique all-range attack of the dragon, the death declaration for the people who dreamed of slaying dragons.

However, before it released this magic, one of Zara's eyes exploded and magic was forced to stop.

The breath of blood and death slowly emerged before Zaka. It was Robin, the ominous bird of the Starwing Knights.

She didn't attack Zaka's eye, but watched quietly, waiting for this unfortunate fate to happen.

"Ouch, Ouch!" The Desert Dragon tightly covered its eye with its claws. This time it was seriously injured, but it didn't see any attacks aiming at its eyes!

It felt like something was wrong inside its eyes, then its eye exploded itself!

Is it a curse? What kind of curse is effective for a dragon?

These damn bugs! I was too careless!

"Ha!" While the Desert Dragon Zaka was distracted by Robin's curse, taking this advantage, Yun Xi rushed to its head, on the side of the eye that just exploded!

Soft Water Palm!

His palm pressed on the exploded eye with full strength!

"Roarrrghhh!" Under the double attacks and great pains, the Desert Dragon's huge body fell to the ground and blew up dust from the ground into the sky.

"Not finished yet!" Yun Xi's hand hit on the Desert Dragon's wound again.

"..." Robin looked at the Desert Dragon's twitching body and shook her head.

"Charge!" The girls of the Starwing Knights had killed three sandworms in succession. They began to speed up and rushed towards the Desert Dragon.

"I'll be back!" The Desert Dragon realized that if it didn't escape, it would probably be left here forever. It immediately held its head in its claws and displayed its ultimate skill: Desert Dragon's Roll!

Its fifty-meters-long huge body began to roll, roll, roll on the ground! In just a minute, it had rolled away from the sight of Yun Xi and the girls of the Starwing Knights.

The four Desert Dragon's Eyes also flew away with their master. The desert disappeared in a twinkling of an eye, and the earth restored its to its original color.

"Its rolls are really fast..." Yun Xi wiped the sweat from his forehead. In fact, he had been exhausted.

He couldn't use the Soft Water Palm infinitely. Even with the support of the Battle God's Seed, his energy and blood were almost exhausted.

If the battle continued, he really didn't know if he could still stand up. Before the Desert Dragon was killed, he would die first.

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