Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 650

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Chapter 650: Participation in the War

"Fall, Sandstorm Star!" With the pride of the dragon race, the Desert Dragon raised its head and ordered the giant Sandstorm Star that had been formed.

The huge sand ball which was about one kilometer in diameter began to roll irresistibly towards the city not far away.

The transparent eggshell covering the city began to deform, little by little, under the bombardment of the giant Sandstorm Star. The horrible weight of the Sandstorm Star was fatal to all magic shields. It could crush almost all magic structures.

Just as Zaka was triumphantly preparing to crush the magic shield of the city, its head suddenly suffered a sharp pain.

It felt as if a sharp needle had suddenly penetrated its head. With an anguished scream, Zaka couldn't control his magic and the Sandstorm Star instantaneously and completely disintegrated.

The pained Desert Dragon couldn't even maintain its flying posture, it fell directly from the air and then rolled over on the ground.

"Bang!" Yun Xi was blown away by the strong airflow. He could hardly keep his balance on the twin swords and was swept in by the dust storms around him.

"Yes! Its defense isn't unbreakable!" It wasn't the Crane Wings Twin Swords which hit Zaka's head, but Yun Xi's hands. Precisely speaking, it was a fighting skill he learned from Teacher Casina: Soft Water Palm.

This was a fighting skill Casina specially created for her disciples who had the talent of "Soft Body". Only the owner of "Soft Body" could use this fighting skill.

Dripping water can wear through stone. Just like the waves that wash up on reefs, those waves seemed to leave no damage to the reefs, but in fact, the force of water has penetrated the reefs.

Hard reefs will eventually be completely wore down by the waves, and Soft Water Palm speeds up this process by tens of millions of times. It was specially created for destroying the internal structures of the creatures who had strong outside defenses.

Yun Xi recently experimented with its effect with the black axe monsters in the Forgotten Ruins. As a result, the attacks of his hands could easily break through the black axe monsters' bodies.

Now, this fighting skill had also worked on Zaka's body as well.

As long as he could break through Zaka's defense, he had the possibility of winning. Compared with the invisible weapons in the Forgotten Ruins, Desert Dragon Zaka was stronger, but it was easier to deal with.

"You damn little bug!" Zaka shook its dizzy head and roared. It staggered to his feet, ready to use the magic "Sandstorm Star" again.

Yun Xi wouldn't let go of his opponent's carelessness. From the Battle God's Seed, countless fighting experiences of Casina the Battle God flowed into his brains.

They were the experiences of a legend ranked fighter! Plus Yun Xi's own talent, the effect was far better than one plus one.

Regarding the twin swords as a point of borrowing strength, Yun Xi placed both feet on them with all his strength.

Quicksilver Motion!

Compared with the flying of the twin swords, such a straight line impact was faster and more powerful. The Desert Dragon had just staggered trying to raise its head, taking advantage of this, Yun Xi stepped on its wing.

Boom! His palms bombarded the wing.

As if the superphysical and magic defense of the dragon race didn't exist, without reservation, Yun Xi's palms tore apart the nerves of the dragon's wing.

"Ah!" The Desert Dragon once again toppled down on the ground and finally had to pay attention to this annoying insect.

Even if this human was a small insect, it was a fierce flying insect with sharp teeth!

The injury on its head plunged it into vertigo of about five seconds.

The wound on the wing made one of its wings break completely and lost its ability to fly in the sky.

Of course, these injuries were only temporary for the dragon, who had enormous vitality. They could be easily recovered after it used its own healing ability.

However, the truth of "it was hurt by a small insect" itself had represented the abnormality of this small insect.

Ordinary human beings, even if it was a hero ranked human being, couldn't do any harm to a dragon, unless the human was holding a sacred sword or demon sword.

Dragon scales were inherently immune to all physical and magical attacks. Even if a dragon was besieged by millions of people, it wasn't possible to hurt the dragon.

Yun Xi's attack was different. The impact of the "Soft Water Palm" penetrated the dragon scale directly and directly hit the dragons weak points straightly.

"My minions, kill this little bug!" The Desert Dragon shouted.

"Boom!" Countless sandworms dug out of the ground, and giant scorpions emerged from the dust.

"Crap!" Yun Xi could see one, two, three red dots appearing beside him, which were the beacons released by the giant scorpions' deep red tails.

In the next second, several dark red rays passed by Yun Xi. Only one of them touched Yun Xi's shoulder, but its damage was powerful, leaving a burning scar on his shoulder.

"Oooo oooo!" The sandworms got excited and chirped. Their huge bodies surrounded Yun Xi from all sides, making the situation on the battlefield reverse in an instant.

The desert was the home of Desert Dragon Zaka.

Above the yellow sand, it was the master of this land!

Just one hit and Yun Xi was plunged into a deadly crisis.

How could he survive in such a situation?

"Shuffle!" With a flash of the cold light, a sword cut off the tail of a giant poisonous scorpion without warning.

A beautiful white rose bloomed on a sandworm's back, spread out in the next second and blown up the giant sandworm's waist.

Yun Xi looked up and saw familiar faces.

Xiao Cao's expressionless face.

Hua Yue's smiling face.

And the faces of all the members of the Starwing Knights.

The Starwing Knights were taking part in the war!

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